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Why did I choose this topic?

Let see a modern definition of entrepreneurship:

“An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes innovations, finance and business insight in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods"

You should be asking yourself what is the links between Entrepreneurship and this video?

Today is the age of Entrepreneurship and innovation, with emergence of famous start-up like Facebook, Twitter, which earn huge amount of money.

Nowadays to launch a new product advertisement is essential, but very expensive: thanks to God poor people have Internet that allow them to advertise freely or at low cost.

That is the way used by Facebook, Google, YouTube to hit Jackpot: they advertise for poor and rich people.

This video which named “High Velocity Media: What's Next in Online Advertising Revenue”, show lot of opportunities that an entrepreneur can exploit by using the Internet.

1) In the video it is said that: “ 30-40 percent of our time engaging in media is spent online, then why are only 6-7 percent of all ad dollars going toward online media?”

That means, people use 30-40 % of their time consuming medias and contents on the Internet. And that is an average for all age bracket (from teenagers to seniors), in fact this is more bigger than 40% for the young people.

And only 6-7% of the ads budget is expenditure is on the Internet.

Following 3.8 percent growth in 2011, global advertising spending is expected to grow by 4.9 percent in 2012 to $465.5 billion, according to the latest Global Advertising Forecast from Strategy Analytics.

On an average of $450 billion ad expenditure per year Worlwide, it made only $27 billion for the Internet.
For US, on an average of $150 billion, it made only $9 billion for the internet.

We can see that there is big opportunity…...