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Effective as of the date shown below, approval for past use and permission for present and future use is being granted to Steven Good of 31 Hanover St., Charleston, South Carolina, 29403, (E-mail address:, to use a picture or voice recording of Lillianna Makenza. Permission is being given by the undersigned, Lillianna Makenza (the "Recorded Party"), as more fully explained in this Consent and Release. The undersigned is an adult and fully authorized to sign this Consent and Release.

For the consideration of $300.00, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned hereby grants to Steven Good its agents, employees, licensees, and successors in interest (collectively, the "Released Party") permission to copyright, use and publish the recorded image and/or voice of Lillianna Makenza in the video where she speaks to her daughter saying the word "Mama" and daughter responds instead with the word "Dada." (the "Image and/or Voice") that has been (or is being) obtained pursuant to this Consent and Release.

The Image and/or Voice may be copyrighted, used and/or published individually or in conjunction with other photography, video works, and recordings, and in any medium (including without limitation, print publications, public broadcast, CD-ROM format) and for any lawful purpose, including without limitation, trade, exhibition, illustration, promotion, publicity, advertising and electronic publication.

The undersigned represents and warrants that (i) no other party has been granted an exclusive license with respect to the Image and/or Voice, and (ii) no other party's authorization or consent is required with respect to the permission granted to the Released Party under this Consent and Release.

The undersigned waives any right that the undersigned may have to inspect or approve the Released Party's…...