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Video Summary 3 In the video it explained the purposes, functions, and characteristics of a central processing unit (CPU). The CPU is a piece of hardware that carries out instructions to the computer and is considered the brains of the computer. The CPU can find information that was saved, it can decode information, and it can move memory from one place to another. The most important characteristic of the CPU is the operating speed which is the time required to execute an instruction or set of instructions.
Topics presented in clip
• Fan o Sits on top or next to the heat sink and pushes out the heat.
• Heat Sink o The hardware on top of the CPU that moves the heat towards the fan in the computer.
• CPU o The part of a computer that performs logical and arithmetical operations on the data as specified in the instructions.
Terms and Definitions
• CPU o Brains of the computer that carries out an instruction or a set of instructions.
• Decode o Converts a coded message into a intelligible language.
• Operating speed o The time required to execute an instruction or set of instructions.
• ALU o Arithmetic and logic unit. o • System Bus (frontside bus)

o Main communication system between motherboard and processor.
• Instruction sets o Gives sets of directions to the processor.
• Clock o Timing device for proper processor operation.
• Hardware o Tools, machinery, and other durable equipment.
Summary of My Thoughts My thoughts about the presentation are helpful because it teaches about the characteristics and functions of the CPU. I’ve learned that the CPU is actually the brain of the computer because before the video I didn’t acknowledge what controlled the operations and instructions the computer does. I’ve also learned about a heat sink and how it coordinates with the CPU by combusting heat and pushing it towards the fan which keeps...

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