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Video 1.07 talked about different ports and connections on a computer motherboard or integrated card. Serial ports are male and have 9 to 25 connector pins. Parallel ports are female and have 25 connector pins. Serial connections send information one bit at a time while parallel connections send information 8 bits at a time. Game ports are female and contain 15 pins in 2 rows. Modern mouse and keyboard connections are PS/2, USB, or wireless. NIC connections convert parallel communication to serial and use an RJ-45 connector. A modem connection uses an RJ-11 connector and converts analog signals to digital signal and back. There are three types of video connections: VGA, DVI, and S-video. USB, or Universal Serial Bus, is hot-swappable, which means you can plug it into the computer while it is running and it will automatically configure without having to reboot. There are two types of SCSI connections: Narrow SCSI which is Type A with 50 pins, and Wide SCSI, which is Type P with 68 pins. IEEE 1394 or Firewire is Serial, fast, hot-swappable, and is used for streaming media. Last there is Multimedia which consists of your microphone, speaker, and earphone jacks.
Video 1.07 Ports and Connectors
* Serial Ports
* Parallel Ports
* Game Ports
* Mouse
* Keyboard
* Modem
* Video
* IEEE 1394
* Multimedia
Terms and Definitions
* NIC Network Interface Card
* DVI Digital Visual Interface
* USB Universal Serial Bus
There are two types of monitors, cathode ray tubes or CRT and LCD or liquid crystal display. CRT’s have three standard resolutions while LCD’s have four native e resolutions. To configure your screens resolution, right click on the desktop, click “properties”, and then click the settings tab. There are three types of connectors: VGA, DVI, and S-Video. There are two types of video busses or…...