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Video Summary Timetable
General Information

Assignment Requirements for each assignment (refer to the template example below)

1. Watch video clips from the Video Mentor DVD or using the online link.
2. Write summaries of the information presented in each clip. (2-3 sentences is fine)
3. Create a bulleted list of the topics presented in the video clips.
4. Create a bulleted list of terms used in the video clips with their definitions.
5. Provide a summary of your thoughts on the information presented in the video clips, including what you learned from the presentation, what may have been confusing, and where you might use the information.

Note: To receive full credit the paper must be turned in as an MS Word document that includes ALL items. Partial credit will be given to handwritten submissions

Summary # Unit Due Assignment
1 3 Wk 4 Video clips: 1.07 – Ports and Connectors,
1.09 – Video, & 1.11A – Printers Hardware and 1.11B – Printers Configs
2 4 Wk 5 Video clip 1.04 – Motherboards
3 5 Wk 6 Video clip 1.05 – CPUs
4 6 Wk 7 Video clips 1.06 – Storage Devices and 1.08 – Memory
5 7 Wk 8 Video clips 1.01 – BIOS and 1.02 – System Resources
6 8 Wk 9 Any four of the video clips in Part 3 (Operating Systems)
7 9 Wk 10 All the video clips in Part 5 (Computer Security) (ALT-Poster)
8 10 Wk 11 Four video clips from both Parts 2 and 4 (eight clips in all)

ALT: Pick a topic that is equivalent from YouTube, write up a review of what you saw.

Format for the Video Summary

Student Name Date

Video Summary #2 Title of Video:

Summary of the video:

List of Topics List of Terms
• •
• •
• •…...