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Unit 3 Assignment 1: Video Summary 1
2) Video one talks mostly about ports and the different kinds of ports that are used in computers today. It also covers what a modem is, its uses, and its speed. Video one teaches us what the difference of a wide SCSI and a narrow SCSI. The video shows all the different ports with all their pins and tells us whether they are male or female. One thing I have definitely learned from this video is what USB stands for and what it actually is. I also learned the difference between USB 1 and USB 2.
Video two had a lot to do with computer displays and the different types of screens. In video two I learned the difference between a CRT display and a LCD display, it also talks about what is in both of them. It then goes into the contrast ratio and how the bigger the ratio, the better the video or the display is going to be. I always saw resolutions in my computer but I never knew what they stood for. I now know the standard resolutions and how they work. The video also talks about the video card and if you were building a computer how to know which video card would be worth buying.
Video 3 goes into depth about printers and the three most common printers today. It talks about the differences between Dot Matrix, Inkjet, and Laser printers. Since Laser printers are very different from the other two, it went into further depth of the laser printer. The video teaches us multiple ways of how a laser printer can be cleaned. It also tells us major problems that a laser printer would have. At the end of the video it tells us what the queue in a printer is, what is spooling in a printer, and how to improve a printer if it is having certain problems.
3) Video 1:
* Serial Port – male, 9 or 25 pins
* Parallel ports – female, 25 pins
* Game Ports – female, 15 pins with 2 rows
* Mouse – serial connector, PS/2 connection, USB…...