Village Volvo

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1) Describe Village Volvo’s service package.

->The service package is defined as a bundle of goods and services with information that is provided in some environment. This bundle consists of five features. There are supporting facility, facilitating goods, information, explicit services and implicit services.
First, the volvo’s supporting facility consist of a new building that has four work bays in addition to and office, waiting area, and storage room. It is the physical resources that must be in place before a service can be offered. And the facilitating goods consist of television set, comfortable chairs, coffee, a soft drink vending machine, magazines, and the local newspaper. It is the material purchased or consumed by the buyer, or the items provided by the customer. And village volvo maintains a continuing file on each vehicle it services. This history can help the mechanic to diagnose problems and also provides a convenient record if a vehicle is returned for warranty service on an earlier repair. It is volvo’s information. It is available from the customer or provider to enable efficient and customized service. And all small worn out parts that have been replaced are put in a clean box inside the car. It is the explicit services. Customers can observe by the sense. Finally it is implicit services. Customers have worry free after get repair.

2) How are the distinctive characteristics of a service firm illustrated by Village Volvo?

->First, volvo is basis of their 22 combined years of training and experience with the local volvo dealer, and they have earned a respected reputation for customers. It is volvo’s advantageous from other competitors. Second, they encourage clients to schedule appointments for the diagnosis and repair of specific problems. Then they provide for clients with a custom car care service that is unavailable at the other…...