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The United States service sector is currently expanding according to the Non-Manufacturing Index (NMI) found at ISM Report on Business and by analyzing recent US GDP and inflation rates. Per the report, the NMI is registered at 54 % in January 2014. With an NMI greater than 50% we can conclude NMI is expanding. A comparison of NMI over the last 12 months shows an average of 54.6% and a median of 54.5%, also confirming the assumption of expansion. Non-Manufacturing Business Activity Index shows a two percent increase since December and the New Orders Index increased half a percent indicating business expenditures are expanding. The Employment Index, another important economic indicator of growth, also increased year over year. In addition to these factors, the Supplier Deliveries Index indicated slower deliveries compared with December 2013. This is a normal trend during after- holiday period. Non-Manufacturing Inventories Index, Prices Index, Non-Manufacturing Inventory Sentiment Index have increased, further providing evidence of economic expansion. Even with all the positive indications of expansion, Backlog of Orders Index, Imports Index and New Export Orders Index demonstrated contraction. Now let’s talk about US GDP growth for the last few years: in 2012 GDP demonstrated 2.8 % increase, in 2013 GDP increased 1.9%. GDP is important factor which represents economy growth trend and should be considered along with inflation rates. Inflation has shown extremely slow growth during last years. I think data above is a valuable source of information and has straight correlation with US economy trend, so I can conclude that US economy is showing signs of slowly recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. According to Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business in January 2014 and analysis of recent US GDP and inflation rates , I assume…...

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...Volvo’s approach to Job Design Background Though the importance of group work for individual well-being, organisational performance and collective learning has been a central feature of the Job Design literature for many years, its actual influence on work and organisational design in Western companies has been relatively small. One of the few exceptions to this has been Volvo, the Swedish motor vehicle manufacturer, which has been seen as a leader in innovations in work organisation since the 1970s. Indeed, it is probably not an exaggeration to say that in the 1970s, when it began moving away from traditional methods of car assembly, Volvo was more famous for its commitment to work humanisation than for the actual vehicles it manufactured (Blackler and Brown, 1978). As will be described below, Volvo's approach to reorganising vehicle production has evolved through a number of distinct phases: the abandonment of the assembly line in favour of group-based static assembly; the extension of group roles to include more collective responsibility and some decision-making autonomy; and the introduction of self-paced assembly work (Pontusson, 1990). It is also worth noting that the process of change was initially entirely management-driven (though the unions were involved or consulted on some aspects). The Swedish Co-determination Law, which came into effect in 1976, obliged firms to involve unions more but, in this instance, it may also have encouraged Volvo to be more...

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...Question 3: What other elements of consumer consumption of cars should be built into future models? 1. Auto parking system which will estimate the distance and park automatically 2. GPS system which help and guide consumer in reaching new location. 3. The interior of the car should be more flexible and should flexible to remove it and use it according to the consumer need. 4. The car should run on the solar energy without compromising on speed and performance.(environmental friendly and save petrol) 5. Mood tracking system which would enable consumer to select the mood he/she is in and the system would adjust the lightning and music accordingly. 5. If you were a marketing executive at another car manufacturer, how would you respond to the Volvo YCC? If I were the marketing executive of another car manufacturer, I will gather all the research information of the Volvo YCC. Then, doing an anonymous questionnaire research to public including male and female car user about the enhancement stated in Volvo YCC. After that, I will gather the feedback of the public and come out with the statistic. Next, I will having few meeting with the designer expert and engineer expert in my company to discuss about the outcome of the questionnaire. The meeting is to find out which enhancement can bring most profit and less cost. Besides, we will also discuss about which enhancement is most reasonable to apply. After meeting, proposal will send to......

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...Converting data into business value at Volvo Case Study 1 By Michael Miller To Dr. Darlene Ringhand CIS 500: Information Systems and Decision Making Strayer University Prince George’s MD Campus The cloud infrastructure that Volvo included into its networks was a very good idea. They applied this idea to all the aspects in their cars. The idea of including this technology in their product I’m sure customers today would love and depend on the technology. Volvo product has hundreds of sensors that generate data that is utilized not only by the car itself but also by the cloud back to the manufacturer. Volvo has systems that data is collected from a multitude of different things. The cloud that Volvo uses has the ability to share information about any particular vehicle and any problem that they may be having and stop issues before the vehicle fails to operate. Volvo Corporation transforms data into knowledge by having centralized data which will be able to make a lot more accurate predictions and by letting the company to get a chance to better target marketed campaigns and understand profitability of customers. Volvo performs forensic examinations to cars that were in accidents to understand problems with vehicles and take steps to help from them happening. The data is such at a high where Volvo can almost have real time analysis to help them in supplying great service to the customers. The real-time information system that Volvo has implemented is base of...

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...“News from Global Village” Media guru Marshall McLuhan was certainly accurate about his future projection of electronic technology and the size of the impact it would have in the world. McLuhan was the first person to popularize the concept of a global village and to consider it social effects; little would he have known that ten years after his death the World Wide Web will be invented and his prophecy will be fulfilled and exceed expectations. He provided the foundation of thought about media, technology, and communication. Today technology has provided a way for people to search and reach any sort of information within seconds, people from different continents can see each other via chat room and web cameras, blogs and news are available instantly for anyone that has access to the internet. According to McLuhan, in the new age humankind will move from individualism to a fragmentation of collective identity, developing a new social organization. The term “global village” can have several meanings behind it, however my understanding McLuhan uses the word “global” to emphasize that this change is taken place throughout the world from the richest country to the third world countries that are getting a share of the new technologies now available to everyone that is willing to learn, and the term village can refer to the specific identity and diversity that this phenomena has created within humankind everywhere all over the world. Today instead of using the library as...

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...1) Describe Village Volvo’s service package. ->The service package is defined as a bundle of goods and services with information that is provided in some environment. This bundle consists of five features. There are supporting facility, facilitating goods, information, explicit services and implicit services. First, the volvo’s supporting facility consist of a new building that has four work bays in addition to and office, waiting area, and storage room. It is the physical resources that must be in place before a service can be offered. And the facilitating goods consist of television set, comfortable chairs, coffee, a soft drink vending machine, magazines, and the local newspaper. It is the material purchased or consumed by the buyer, or the items provided by the customer. And village volvo maintains a continuing file on each vehicle it services. This history can help the mechanic to diagnose problems and also provides a convenient record if a vehicle is returned for warranty service on an earlier repair. It is volvo’s information. It is available from the customer or provider to enable efficient and customized service. And all small worn out parts that have been replaced are put in a clean box inside the car. It is the explicit services. Customers can observe by the sense. Finally it is implicit services. Customers have worry free after get repair. 2) How are the distinctive characteristics of a service firm illustrated by Village Volvo? ->First, volvo is...

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...Volvo - Sunwind Volvo is a Swedish multinational which manufactures cars and trucks. Sunwind is one of its suppliers, which supplies door panels for the station wagon models of Volvo’s 240 and 740 series of cars to Volvo’s Torslanda plant in Sweden. Sunwind is a company of some 200 employees, and its product range consists of different interior fittings for the automobile and aeroplane industries. Sunwind has been one of Volvo’s main suppliers since the start. At Sunwind’s Save plant, some 100 Km from Torslanda, the production rate is 2,000 door panels per week for the 740 series and 1,000 for the 240 series. The assembly of panels is done in two assembly lines, one for each model. The panels are produced in eight different variants per line (two different covering materials in four colours). The role of Sunwind was like a subcontractor, as Volvo developed the prototypes and supplied the tools and raw materials to Sunwind. The completed doors with fittings were delivered to Volvo in different containers, each part in its own container. The product being bulky and colour-dependent, a large storage space, both adjacent to the assembly line at Volvo as well as in Sunwind’s own operations, was required. Volvo bought and collected the goods from the Save factory twice a week. Volvo anticipated that the market demand would increase by twice the current production and instructed Sunwind to plan for meeting the demands. Sundwind is now facing the task of planning for anticipated...

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...Strategic Management 1 Seminar 5 Volvo and Greely With the acquisition of Volvo, Greely Holding gained access to a global dealership network, sophisticated automotive technology, and management know-how. A successful integration of Volvo could help Greely Holding improve its own line of cars for global market and position Greely as a unique brand in the fiercely competitive automobile industry. What would you recommend to Li Shu Fu as Volvo strategy in China? Maintain a independence of Volvo from Greely Volvo has established international reputation, Volvo cars became known for quality, safety, and somewhat quirky Swedish style, whereas Greely is a volume and low-cost brand. I would recommend maintain separate brand identities while Greely management takes seats or board. Offer large, luxury Volvo models I would recommend shift Volvo's brand image into luxury for Chinese market. Introduce new large model in china where luxury goods are desired as status symbol. Whit Volvo Greely has the opportunity to capture the demand for luxury cars. Also the experience and well established sale network of Greely in China is a strength that could help Volvo in this market. In addition, build a Volvo's plant in China is a good option that could help avoid tariffs. Improve Greely's Brand Image I would recommend imitate Volvo's methods for safety, upgrade their technical knowledge base from Volvo's experiences. Also, apply Volvo's products development process. Besides, I......

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...1. Suppliers– low bargaining power With the growth rate of the international auto market falling sharply, foreign dealers and component suppliers face the pressure of overstocked product. At present, China has a huge potential auto market that numerous car companies regard as the biggest overseas investment. To reduce the expense ofproduction, workforce and transport, component suppliers like Bosch and Delphi would also build production bases in China. Since 2012, Volvo has increased their procurement share in the Chinese market each year. The increasing number of suppliers allows Volvo to have more choices, and this reduce the bargaining power of Volvo’s suppliers. In order to further reduce the influence of the supplier, Volvo had built a new engine factory in Zhangjiakou. In addition, Geely has also extended their industrial chain, including car parts, transmissions and engines, Volvo can use this portion of the resources after it has been acquired by Geely. From the point of scale economy’s view, these two sources are a good way to control the cost at a low level, and also develop a sustainable advantage to weaken the supplier power. 2. Buyers - high bargaining power The arrival of the financial tsunami caused global auto market downturn. The Chinese market has begun to become the strategic focus for car companies. While the government gradually reduces the tariffs on imported parts and the appreciation of RMB currency convert reduces the cost of imports, it...

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...Fierce Market Competition Geely sees the acquisition as an opportunity to expand its business into high-end market of luxury vehicles through building up Volvo into a successful luxury brand. However, although the market position of Volvo is clear and both Geely and Volvo are full of confidence, the prospective seems very tough. Firstly, long positioned in luxury vehicle market, Volvo has a share in Chinese luxury vehicle market, but compared to other big brands, it is too small and growing very slowly. In 2010, Audi sold 225,580 cars, enjoying an increasing rate of 43.5% comparing to last year; Bens reached sales of 147,670 cars and an amazing growth rate of 115%; the sales of BMW was 169,000 cars which increased by 87%. Volvo, however, only sold 31,000 and increased by 36.2%. These figures are not only inferior to the three competitors, but also disappointing to the target of Volvo, which is to reach 200,000 sedans sales in 2015 with an annual increasing rate of 50%. Besides the low growth rate which is far behind market average, Volvo is also the one with the largest discount rate of selling prices. Although Volvo is quite ambitious to challenge Bens and BMW which Volvo sees as competitors, the image building and brand value of Volvo in Chinese luxury vehicle market are far inferior to the competing brands. Secondly, Volvo’s capacity is not large enough to support such an ambitious target of production. Currently, China market is only the fourth largest market...

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... shown extremely slow growth during last years. I think data above is a valuable source of information and has straight correlation with US economy trend, so I can conclude that US economy is showing signs of slowly recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. According to Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business in January 2014 and analysis of recent US GDP and inflation rates , I assume Non-Manufacturing service sector has expanded.   2 1. Village Volvo`s service package would include: Supporting facility: Butler Building with four work bays, an office and waiting area Facilitating goods: Replacement auto parts Information: CCVD, test drives, diagnostics, vehicle problem discussion Explicit services: Smooth – running automobile after performed services Implicit services: Worry –free auto repair, safety. 2. Village Volvo provides comfortable atmosphere for its customers (well equipped waiting room), complimentary additional services such as vacuuming which increase value of services received. They have also split their services between routine maintenance and general repairs in order to meet the time requirements of their customers. They will only bill what they estimate without the customer’s prior approval and they return all worn parts so the customer knows the services were performed. 3. Village Volvo currently operates in a business to consumer (B2C) environment where the customer is considered and is active in the entire service...

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