Village and City

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Every country is divided mainly into two areas. Rural and urban areas. By the term rural areas we mostly refer to villages and by urban areas refers to cities. A person has two choices either he or she can enjoy peaceful village life or can live a fast life in city.
Villages are very different from cities, they vary in sizes which are mostly dependent upon the population size. Villages are located in the outskirts of the city. Typical rural areas have a low population density and small settlements. Agricultural areas are commonly rural though; so are others such as forests. In villages, there are diverse people and numerous social groups can be found. In villages in countries such as Pakistan, high population of minorities can be found. The houses are made of either mud or wood depending upon the availability of the material. You can spot wide stretches of green land. These areas consist not only of trees but also cultivatable land in which you can often see farmers working on their plantations. From a hilly area you can witness all the wonders of a rural life as it is surrounded by natural beauty and greenery as the nature embraces its existence. You can see sunflower plantations, standing tall amongst the land and gazing at the sky. Benefits of rural aren’t limited to your eyes but your body also gains from it. Everything you eat is pure and naturally provided. Water from fresh streams, pure milk from the cows and best quality of fruits. You can also enjoy the pleasant and peaceful environment, cocks crowing and bird’s chimes throughout the day.
Although rural areas are a beautiful place to live, cities can be great too. Cities are vast, huge and enormous as compared to villages. Cities are densely populated and have a complex structure as it takes proper planning in process of building cities. Huge metropolises cities include Tokyo, Beijing, Karachi and New…...