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Introduction to Telecom Industry

Sector Overview
Telecommunication has now become one of the prime services which an economy needs for rapid growth, development and modernization of its various sectors. Government of Pakistan awarded status of industry to telecom sector in year 2003-04. Benefits that accrue to a declared industry are now available to Telecom Sector. Over the past two decades, the institutional and regulatory framework of the telecommunications industry has changed radically. In most of the countries, public telecommunication operators (PTOs) have been fully or partially privatized and regulations concerning access to telecommunication markets, provision of services to users and pricing mechanisms have been overhauled.
Basic Telephony

Pakistan telecommunications market for the fixed-line services was dominated by Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL). But now PTA has been given the role of a regulatory body and is responsible for implementing the telecom deregulation policy. For a long time, Pakistan lagged behind in the region as far as telecom access is concerned. With cellular mobile revolution taking place, Pakistan 's tele-density currently stands at 10.37%, with gross subscribers base of fixed (5.05 million) as well as mobile subscribers (10.54 million) touching 15.59 million for a population of 152.53 million.

The government is taking Pakistan's telecom future seriously and has deregulated the sector. As a result, scores of new private entrants are gearing up to provide service, and since June cellular subscriptions have shot up by 56%, to 7 million -- making Pakistan one of the fastest-growing cellular markets. Within the next 18 months the number of phone lines -- both fixed and mobile -- in Pakistan is expected to double. "It's an absolute revolution,"

Companies from as far away as Norway have been tempted by Pakistan and

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