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Violence In A Long Way Gone

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A Long Way Gone: Essay Final As I read the book, A Long Way Gone, I couldn’t help but notice that violence plays a key role throughout the story. As a child, Ishmael, to the best of his ability, had tried to overcome his encounters with violence, from the time where he was forced to be a child soldier, marching through enemy territory, gunfire, rain and even overcame the death of his family. Though it is something I would never wish upon anyone, the violence that Ishmael went through in a way helped shape him into the person he is today. The violence that he endured not only left him with long lasting damage, affecting him with emotionally and physically, but also the community and the people around him. Throughout the story, he describes …show more content…
and not only did it leave him mentally scared but it also left his homeland devastated, the people he called his friends and family homeless, if not dead. If left many so scared to leave their house that they eventually starved to death and he unfortunately had to witness it all. Ishmael still struggles to this very day with the scars and the struggles he endured from the time he was a child soldier. He suffers from “post traumatic stress disorder”, which causes the person to have horrible flashbacks to troubling times in their lives. “These days I live in three worlds: my dreams, and the experiences of my new life, which trigger memories from the past” (20). Though it has been years since he was forced to be a soldier, because of his PTSD the littlest things may set it off and cause him to flip back into memories of his past, for example hearing a loud pop or the rat-tat-tat of the muffler of an old car may bring him back to a point where he was under heavy rifle fire. And though he has moved on to a new life away from violence, it is still because of the violence that he endured as a child that causes him to be the way that he is now, and him not really having any way of escaping

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