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Violence in American Culture and How It Effects Adolescents

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Violence in American Culture and How it Effects Adolescents
Parents are starting to believe that violence in video games, television, and music are having effects on their children. With all the violence that is out there in the media today, should parents be worried that it may be having a harmful effect on their children? This is the question that parents are asking themselves today. Some people today are noticing that their children are acting more aggressively today. Teachers are also reporting that children at school are also acting out with a bit more aggression than normal. Could this be one of the effects that violence could be having on children today? Today parents will finally learn about some of the harmful effects that may or may not be affecting their children. There are two sides almost every story, and we will explore both sides to the question, “is the violence in the media having a harmful effect on my child?”
It has been said that violent video games have a harmful effect on children, according to David Bickham (2009) of the Center on Media and Child Health, “there is a strong and consistent relationship between viewing violent media and increased levels of anxiety, desensitization, and aggressive thoughts and behaviors among young people.” Bickham (2009) also found that children exposed to violent video games in laboratories behave more aggressively than children who played non –violent video games. There have also been studies done that show the long term effects of playing violent video games. The scientific findings have shown that violent video games that are viewed as a child can lead to aggressive behavior all the way into adulthood. (Bickham 2009) However, there is also another side to this issue that is to be discussed. According to Benjamin Radford (2009) , the editor of the Skeptical Inquirer and author of books of skepticism and…...

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