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Violence in Mass Media

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Violence in Mass Media There are many positive and negative aspects to mass media. Many people have chosen to study how violence in media has caused severe problems on people’s lives. It has been found in 80 percent of American television programs contain violence and children unfortunately, are unable to tell the difference between real violence and “fantasy” violence (Partenheimer). Children even under the age of 12 go home every day after school and watch television shows, play video games, or watch movies that have some degree of violence. Video games which are highly coveted by most children, are targets for violent behavior. When a child sees a game that they think is cool because it has fighting in it, the parent goes out and buys it not knowing the long lasting effects it may have on the child’s behavior. Violence in mass media should be better monitored by parents because it increases aggressive behavior through imitation, desensitization, and provoking sleep disturbances.
There has been an increase over the past decade in children’s aggression because of violence and multi-media. Children imitate almost everything they see. Based on experiment conducted by professor A. Badura, children are influenced by things that they see other people do; especially authority figures (Muscari). Violent actions promotes negative behavior because that is what they have learned from their favorite television show or video game. Professor L. Rowell Huesmann, of the University of Michigan debates that after 50 years of research, studies reveal that too much violence in media is the reason that adolescents become more aggressive and affects them as adults (Huesmann). In conclusion, it is my belief that it is the responsibility of the adult to monitor and manage what children watch and the video games that they play so that there is a balance of behavior and a...

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