Violence in Media and Agression

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Violence in media and aggression
It is quite hard to really pick up what is main the cause of teenage violence/aggression. There are many factors that contribute to violence. Violent media being one of them, one would also like to know other factors such as upbringing of teenagers, gene factors, and environmental factors. I believe that children who are brought up in a violent home are more likely to be violent teenagers. As we know, emotional instability of parents can make them to maltreat or physical and emotionally abuse their children. This can have huge effect on their children behavior as they grow older since it becomes conditioned in their minds to be aggressive.
We also see many times that teenagers like to be accepted in a certain group; their peers and this can encourage teenagers who have never been involved in violence be violent because of their peer. I believe that theme of violent media is all about who is going to beat the other, that is the weak versus the strong and when teenagers are exposed to this as they are children, they grow to believe they are heroes who cannot be over powered hence became aggressive.
We live in a society whereby family and marriage has lost its meaning. Therefore we end up with a lot divorces and single parents raising their children. To add to this most parents have to work to provide for the family therefore there is less family time and less parental guidance and more television. Less time with your teenager also makes him/her angry and this could lead to being aggressive.…...