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Theory is defined as the systematic abstraction of reality that serves some type of purpose, usually including sets of concepts, definitions, and propositions. Nursing theories are known to evolve instead of being purposely made. “Nursing theories are the creative products of nurses who seek to thoughtfully describe the many aspects of nursing in ways that could be studied, evaluated, and used by other nurses” (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2011). Virginia Henderson’s theory will help to explain the different concepts of nursing and how they are critiqued.

“Maintain or restore the independence of the individual so that he can satisfy himself and his effortless 14 basic needs” (Potter and Perry, 1992)
Analyzing the role and function of the nurse and enjoying the wide clinical experience, Virginia Henderson offers early 1960 a conceptual model based on fourteen basic needs. Before arriving there, she participated in the publication of a reference book on the principles and practices of nursing which included everything you needed to know at the time when we were nursing. It is also noted here, and among other things, the importance of nutrition, elimination, rest, cleanliness, a body temperature and Recreation regarding the sick. (Schmidt, 1972)
For Virginia Henderson, the satisfaction of these needs has become increasingly essential. It in helping to satisfy, in addition to or in assisting the individual, family or group, helping to recover the capacity to do so, or preventing further loss of capacity that would make it difficult to meet the needs. Thus, the fourteen needs direct reading of the realities of health to the nurse. They form a frame of reference, a conception of reality, guide the nurse in identifying manifestations of dependence or independence, which will then guide his actions and his plan of care.( Watson, 2000)
Returning to Virginia Henderson states...

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