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Virtual Environment Case

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Ablang, Rohanne ____________________ Dudas, Mary Joy ____________________ Jovellanos, Jamie Lee ____________________ Muega, Lou Erika ____________________ Pelayo, Zhinkie ____________________ Pile, Mariel ____________________ Piñero, Hannah Kristel ____________________

Date submitted: November 19, 2014 I. Point of View The group will take the point of view of Dave Regan, the manager of the work team because he is the person who has the authority and power to share the problem to the higher management and to implement the solutions to his subordinates.

II. Problem Statement The case analysis aims to answer the question, “How will Dave Regan address the issue of secrecy and promote transparency within the virtual work team?”

III. Analysis of Relevant Case Facts - T.A Searns uses superior computer databases and analysis tools for counseling clients. - Employees of T.A Stearns are usually lawyers and tax accountants who had picked up programming skills on the side. - Work in T.A Searns was carried out in a virtual environment by four programmers. - The Stearn programmers are a team rather than a group because each individual is responsible in every task they’ve done. - The programmers are interrelated. One must share his or her ideas to another who has something to work on, to make it more productive. - E-mail, telephone, and conferencing software connect the four work sites. - Formal meetings among all of the programs took place only few times a year. - The four programmers exchanged e-mail messages many times every day, and also get themselves together for lunch once a month. - Salary…...

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