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Virtual Organization is the measure for providing practice and functions of work in a corporation. This provides the view and functions of a corporation’s website and the interior sections for employees’ website. This provides students the ability to be aware of the sections of a corporation’s functions with or before the work experience. The education in this provides the viewpoints necessary for organization and maintaining a corporate world.

This manual provides the different sections of different work environments for corporations. This is a measure of providing a learning experience. Those that are new to the work concept will learn the basis of the corporation from the Virtual Organization. This is a functional level of experience by a virtual corporation. However, these are not actually correct in the information they provide. They are decided and engineered forms of a corporation’s websites with outer and internal functions. This assists with the education of a company’s work provided by its virtual websites.

Towards the ending of the manual are the measures necessary to follow for attaining the Virtual Organization website. The key factors of login, materials, and selection for Virtual organization explained toward the end of the manual with brief pictures for view. The last paragraphs of the manual will provide a conclusion of the functions and guidance for the student’s future use of the Virtual Organization website.

Table of Contents: Page #

(What are the Virtual Organizations?) ……………………………………………….. 3 (Are the Virtual Organizations a Simulation?) …………………………………….. 3 (Are the Virtual Organizations Case Studies?) ……………………………….. 3-4 (Virtual Organizations are Realistic) ………………………………………………… 4-5 (How the Virtual Organizations Can be Used in Class) …………………….. 5 (The Virtual Organizations and the University of Phoenix Model) …. 5-6 (The Implications of Realistic Data) ……………………………………………………… 6 (Organizations Paradigm Shift) ……………………………………….. 6-7 (Virtual Organizations Tour) ………………………. 7-16

• Business Organizations ……………………………………… 7-12

1. Baderman Island Resort ………………………… 7-8

2. Berry Bug Blasters ………………………………… 8

3. The Boffy Company, SA ……………………………. 8

4. The Elias Group ……………………………….. 8-9

5. Huffman Trucking ………………………………… 9-10

6. IWAMOTO*Crews*COE …………………………… 10

7. Kudler Finde Foods ……………………………… 10-11

8. Lafleur Trading Company …………………………..… 11

9. McrBride Financial Services ……………………… 11-12

10. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. ………………………… 12

11. SMITH Systems Consulting ……………………….... 12

• Education Organizations …………………………………… 13-14

1. Kelsey – Central Administration ………………….. 13

2. Kelsey Elementary School …………………………. 13

3. Kelsey Middle School …………………………….. 13

4. Kelsey High School ………………………………. 14

5. Northwest Valley Community College ………….. 14

• Healthcare Organizations …………………………………… 15

1. Patton - Fuller Community Hospital …………….. 15

2. Taylor Ambulance Company …………………….. 15

• Government Organizations ………………………………... 15-16

1. City of Kelsey ……………………………………. 15-16

• Service Requests …………………………………………… 16

(Access Process for Virtual Organizations) …………………………………………………… 16-17

Conclusion: -------------------- 18

References: ------------------- 19

What are the Virtual Organizations?

Virtual Organizations provides generic companies for education in their function. These organizations or companies range from businesses, education, healthcare, government, and service request. This is a measure of providing artificial businesses with all different ranges to students. The basis of the virtual organizations is to provide examples and structures of all market types mentioned. There are different formats for the sites of specific markets. The formats for the sites range from internet and intranet for internal functions. The intranet based on employees of the artificial markets but there are many for business companies and only one for healthcare. The other format is the login for employees in the company. The login sites are only two businesses. This educates on the function of selected companies on the intent of their functions. This in route provides students the functions and educations for the work assigned for teamwork, which is a benefit for work with companies by following the routes established. This provides a learning key for future or current work for businesses’ and their administration with team collaborates, which is a common benefit for a company and success (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• Are the Virtual Organizations a Simulation?

Virtual Organizations are not simulation. They are intent on providing the structure for market and sales to students to deal with public clients or corporate work. This provides a learning key structure for problem-solving skills for real world data markets and team trouble shooting.

The simulation combines with real world work and problems. This establishes the form of analysis to resolve or improve Virtual Organizations’ structures for future growth. This basis of analysis or recommendations for improvements function by student course assignments. The benefit of these intents of student work are on increasing or raising the abilities of handling complex issues for an organization and its future (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• Are the Virtual Organizations Case Studies?

The Virtual Organization are not from or case studies but are from the design to provide the information on the limitations involved with case studies. This assists in the education of the formats necessary to analyze to resolve or provide for the cases assigned by classes. Virtual Organizations case studies are for the predictions of conclusions for cases involving the departments within an organization. This is a simple and static base for and organizations’ interrelationships with internal departments on issues (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

Case studies types:

• Simplistic

• Static

• Unrealistic in presentation

• Virtual Organizations are Realistic

This resolves natural daily work for a company in basic problems or advancements involving the employees. The basis is on real world issues that occur in departments for the company, which the employees must relate in resolving or advancing. These issues can relate to natural network security, Finance, Accounting, or client marketing. The basis is for a student to analyze the provided situation of the case, depending on the department or departments, for the set predetermined conclusion in resolution. These are basic tasks within common companies for employees within departments.

The case or cases provided by an instructor are limited in study format. The limitations caused by predefined conclusion, which are constrained by a student with predomination for a situation. The reason for this format is by fairing the student’s case study and provision of all relevant information needed for the case.

The measure for acquiring the needed information pertains to the analyzing the information within the company’s Virtual Organization’s environment. This also requires the reading of information provided within a class from the material and the reading of information associated with the set Virtual Organizations for the task. The basis within this outline is the understanding that the set case study functions for reading comprehension and responses for advancements of the task.

The function of the Virtual Organizations is to provide the function of tasks in actual real world work for employees and providing the outline to their bosses within the work environment. This entails the format of discussing and writing the possible solutions or strategies for a set task in the company’s benefit. The courses that entail Virtual Organizations based on the analytical planning, comprehension, and responses for solutions in the company’s problems or growth. An example of this key factor provided by:

Huffman Trucking must expand to a new location. What is the solution?

This requires the student to analyze the information provided by the Virtual Organizations environment, which will provided sensitive and confidential business information. This is the local the student must analyze all relative information that will incur the business on its move to the new location and the benefits or possible losses that can incur in the set strategy. In addition, within this set task, students must be aware that not all needed information provided within the Virtual Organizations relevant to the task. The student must create and search for relative information on the outside for examples or proof of their decisions. This is a common task in modern day companies and the employees’ assignments on decisions, which is a benefit in education for acquiring the needed strategies and patterns to meet the needs of current or future work environment. This provides the handling of work cases from bosses or managers (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• How the Virtual Organizations Can be Used in Class

The Virtual Organizations are common and not associated or controlled by courses. The instructor for the courses is free and able to decide on how the Virtual Organizations used for a course. This entails discussions on set agendas, which relate to a set or sets of organizations within the Virtual Organizations. The instructor based on can place the assignments in the course or courses as follow:

• Analyzing of problems or advancements

• The Why or What if questions of the organizations functions

These are basic forms for using the Virtual Organizations for a class but not the only forms because other thought out methods provided by the instructor can also function for the use of Virtual Organizations in a course.

The necessary use of Virtual Organization for a class involves the planning, problem solving formats, and practice. This provides a backbone of understanding to students for future or current strategies in the real world work environment. Though the class does not cohere with the theories involved in the real world work environment, it provides the understanding of the work, analysis, and writing subject to the actual real world atmosphere of accomplishment (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• The Virtual Organizations and the University of Phoenix Model

Information of personal experiences by both the students and instructors has provided the main and key element for the University of Phoenix Model. However, there are cases were sensitive information cannot be disclosed by instructors or students for legal reasons. The form of providing in such cases is with the use of the Virtual Organizations for valuable or needed substitutes for the education.

In most cases for individual or team assignments, the instructor based on the assignment indicates the Virtual Organizations for use. This enhances and simplifies the work that individuals or teams must accomplish by providing the necessary information within the Virtual Organizations. This provides the students the ability to evaluate and derive solutions for set tasks by an instructor (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• The Implications of Realistic Data

The Virtual Organizations try to provide data that appears as realistic as the real world. This is a method of educating students beyond the data provided by textbooks or simulative forms.

Challenges within the use of the realistic data presented are:

• Too Much Data on Topics and Beyond of the Organization

• Less Data

• Unclear Data

The challenges function as under these terms:

• Too Much Data relates to more access to all the information of the organization, which cause confusion for information relative to the assignment.

• Less Data relates to less information provided within the internet or intranet of the organization that is required for the research in making a decision.

• Unclear Data is subject to information provided by an individual that has made or caused an error in implementing the Virtual Organization. This relates to common real world types of work errors conducted by employees handling information (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• The Virtual Organizations Paradigm Shift

The Virtual Organizations are specific learning tools for the education outside of traditional learning formats. They provide the skills for training and assessments that are a part of common work tasks. This provides the training for acquiring data for set problems by an instructor for providing ideal solutions with a correct answer.

The Virtual Organizations vary in types of function. The basis of this is for creating by a student a correct or better solution for problems. There are no faculty material or correct answers provided. This formed in the sense that it is the responsibility of the students to produce a self-elevated solution to the problems.

Virtual Organizations undergo a paradigm shift because the education provided by the traditional textbooks, simulations, or case studies are not usable. This is the local where the information derived will provide for a solution and not by solutions that are from the written text. The reason for this situation implementation is by the need for processing the scheme of problem solving for solutions on a whim. The information on written text does not always cohere with the solutions to the problems or agendas.

• Processes from Faculty to student assignments:

1. Define problem or problems. Reason for defining problem. Opportunities used for identify problems.

2. Research identified by students for outside of the Virtual Organizations.

3. On what base were the assumptions on decisions made by student?

4. The student’s solutions to the problem and the formulation.

5. Was the solution correct and usable to resolve the problem?

6. The plan for implementing the solution for the problem.

These are necessary tactics for student to establish before submission of set assignment because the faculty will review the outline for the task of grading (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• Virtual Organizations Tour

The Virtual Organizations function as provided within this tour for the organizations functions and internal sections.

This section is for the Business Organizations:

Baderman Island Resort:

Badermand Island Resort has been in establishment since 1922 as a resort. This resort functions as all-inclusive destination, which provides three different hotels to meet individual needs, an array of restaurants, and unlimited activities to entertain clients. This site provides the choices of home, accommodations, amenities, restaurants, meetings, and guest blog pages. The option for employee login provided (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

Berry’s Bug Blasters:

This company provides the service of eliminating unwanted pests since 2005. It is located for service in Dallas and Ft Worth, Texas. This provides a coupon for first month service on the internet side but it also provides the intranet for employees. The intranet has the Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Legal, and Information Technology for the company’s internal functions (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Boardman Management Group:

This organization established in 1994 for managing leisure and convention resorts. They manage the Baderman Island Resort. This site provides login for employees. Under the Employee Site, these provided Home, Human Resources, and Boardman Corporate University (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).


(Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

The Boffy Company, SA:

The Boffy Company, SA is a supplier of aerospace industries and automobiles since 1950. This organization designs and produces solenoids, high performance remote control glasses, ultra durable plastic parts with high strength and ultra-resistant (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

The Intranet selection provides:

1. Organization

2. Commercial

3. Production and System Data for internal affairs.

The Elias Group:

The Elias Group is a non-profit organization started in 1997 and dedicated to provide information, services and assistance to businesses wanting contracts with U.S. Government. This is only an internet site that contains these three links:

1. Home

2. Finance & Accounting

3. Human Resources


(Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

Huffman Trucking:

Huffman Trucking is an organization established in 1936. This organization is a carrier service for shipping between factories in the Midwest and ports on the East Coast. On the internet, the organization offers:

1. Home

2. Our Company

3. Facts

4. Your Account

5. Tracking

6. Employment

7. Contacts


(Apollo Group Inc., 2012)

The organization for Huffman Trucking also provides the Intranet for its employees. These services for Intranet are as follows:

1. Home

2. Labor Relations

3. Finance & Accounting

4. Operations

5. Sales & Marketing

6. Legal

7. Human Resources

8. Information Technology


(Apollo Group Inc., 2012)


IWAMOTO *Crews *COE organization was established in 2001. This organization established as a consulting firm. The Internet site provides as links:

1. About US

2. Organizational Development

3. Professional Growth

4. Marketing

5. Public Relations

The Intranet site provides the Employee Site and these links for service:

1. Mission Statement

2. Organizational Development

3. Professional Growth

4. Marketing

5. Public Relations (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

Kudler Fine Foods:

Kudler Fine Foods organization provides upscale specialty food stores. Their location is in San Diego metropolitan area. At the store location, they offer for selection on the internet site:

1. Home

2. Bakery

3. Meat & Seafood

4. Produce

5. Cheese & Diary

6. Wine

Sub selections on the page:

1. News

2. About

3. Locations

4. Survey

5. Terms & Conditions

The site also contains the Intranet for internal employees to the organization. The Intranet site for employees contains these links for the organization:

1. Home

2. Administration

3. Finance & Accounting

4. Sales & Marketing

5. Human Resources

6. Operations

7. Information Technology (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

Lafleur Trading Company:

Lafleur Trading Company established in 1976. This organization supplies the world with the finest foods and wines. They are mostly with producers and exporters. On the home internet site, they provide home, contact, Internet, and Intranet links but sub links for the site are as follows:

1. Seafood

2. Fruits & Vegetables

3. Cheese

4. Wine

The Intranet site is for the Employee Site, which provides as follows:

1. Home

2. Finance & Accounting

3. Sales

4. Human Resources

5. Operations

6. Legal

7. Information Technology (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

McBride Financial Services:

McBride Financial Services organization provides low cost mortgages to the five states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The links on the home Internet page offered as follows:

1. About Us

2. Contact an Office

3. Start Your Application

4. For A Question (F.A.Q.)

The intranet page is selectable for employees. This site provides the following choices for information:

1. Home

2. Administration

3. Human Resources

4. Information Technology (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.:

Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is manufacturing organization for plastic, medical devices, fans, and custom designs. The organization on the main page does not offer any links for clients, only brief information thru four displays. The option provided is the Intranet for employees. The Intranet Employee Site provides the following selections:

1. Home

2. Finance & Accounting

3. Sales & Marketing

4. Human Resources

5. Operations

6. Legal

7. Information Technology

8. Riordan Industries (Apollo Group Inc., 2012)

SMITH Systems Consulting:

SMITH Systems Consulting organization established in 1994 is for Web and Business Application Services. The services on the main Internet page for selection are as follows:

1. Home

2. About US

3. Services

4. Clients

5. Contact

The other selection provided for employees is the Intranet selection. Under the Intranet page, Employee Site provides these selections for the links:

1. Home

2. Fin. & Acct.

3. HR

4. Legal

5. Clients

6. Service Requests (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

This section is for Education Organizations:

Kelsey - Central Administration:

Kelsey Central Administration organization provides the information for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. The main selections provided are:

1. Home

2. Compliance Teams

3. Facilities

4. Financial Services

5. Human Resources

6. Instructional Technology

Within the Home page access to the other three levels of school provided, such as Kelsey Elementary School, Kelsey Middle School, and Kelsey High School (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Kelsey Elementary School:

Kelsey Elementary School provides the paces for providing the elementary school courses and information for the children’s parents. This provides the selections for the information, the parents’ wish to know for their children’s education and the information for communication with the school.

The Kelsey Elementary School offers these links:

1. Home

2. Student Info

3. Teacher Info

4. Compliance Teams

5. Other Info

6. Communications Center

7. Family Handbook

8. Library

These links provide the information for the courses for the parents of the students with the ability place them in courses by choice. Kelsey Elementary School provides the ability for the parents to have the information provided by the library (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Kelsey Middle School:

The Kelsey Middle School website provides students the instructions for the courses and general information. This provides for the information on the environment that will influence the adolescents with education in the school’s system. The site provides these links to track the desired information:

1. Home

2. Student Info

3. Teach Info

4. Other Info

5. Communications Center

6. Family Handbook

These links establish the information for students, teachers, family handbook, and the communications center (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Kelsey High School:

Kelsey High School provides the needs for the students. This divided itself on the aspect of extracurricular opportunities, interscholastic athletics, National Honor Society, special interest clubs, performing arts, student government, and speech and debate are just a few of the activities available (Apollo Group Inc., 2011). The choices for links:

1. Home

2. Student Info

3. Teacher Info

4. Other Info

5. Communications Center

This is less in providing the information to parents because on the High School level students make their decisions for the school courses (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Northwest Valley Community College:

Northwest Valley Community College organization provides the ability for students to register with the college and the information necessary for students. It also provides the ability to be able to apply for work at the college. This provides the course catalog for interested students and the ability to buy books for courses. The page provides the following links:

1. Home

2. About US

3. BookStore

4. Programs

5. Course Catalog

6. Student Services

7. Employment

8. Administration

The courses or education track provided are Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, Associate of General Studies, and Certificates. This site also provides Initial Survey Results, Action Research Survey Results, and Communications to those go to the community college website (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

• This section is for Healthcare Organizations:

Patton - Fuller Community Hospital:

Patton – Fuller Community Hospital website provides basic information of the hospital and its location. The site supplies these links for the viewer:

1. Information Technology

2. Human Resources

3. Facilities

4. Corporate Officers

This site does not provide actual hospital function or information. It provides the basic information of a hospital’s generic options for information to the public (Apollo Group Inc., 2013).

Taylor Ambulance Company:

Taylor Ambulance Company provides their numbers for contact and that they provide assistance every 9 minutes for emergency medical care (Apollo Group Inc., 2011). The site office these internet links:

1. Home

2. About

3. Contact

These are the sites for common public viewers. The other option provided for the employees is the intranet connection link. The intranet link provides the links for information and maintenance of the company by employees.

The internal links are:

1. Home

2. Operations

3. Human Resources

4. Accounting

These internal links within the intranet provide the ability of the company to sustain and inform the employees of education for work. It also provides the Accounting for the company’s expanses and earnings (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

• This section is for Government Organization:

City of Kelsey:

City of Kelsey organization provides information of the city and the local providing institutes. This provides the view of the available services of the area. The page provides information available to individuals in the area for agendas. This website provides these links for the search of information:

1. Home

2. History

3. Business

4. Schools

5. Community

6. Transportation

7. Parks & Recreation

8. City Government

9. City Maps

These links are interconnected to other organizations within the Virtual Organization. This provides the ability and functions of a city with other companies located in the area (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

• Service Requests:

Service Requests provides the data on select companies on their track of agendas. The companies within the list links are:

1. Baderman Island Resort

2. Huffman Trucking Company

3. Kudler Fine Foods

4. Lafleur Trading Company

5. McBride Financial Services

6. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

7. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.

8. Taylor Ambulance Company

These companies’ service requests information provided is only to basis of brief information of the company’s functions or data records (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

• Access Process for Virtual Organizations

Students must go to

Once the student arrives to the provided website and the option to login is provided. Within the login section, Students must provide their Username and password to gain access to the features.

[pic] (University of Phoenix, 2011)

Once the student is login to his or her account, another options must be selected.

This is located on the right hand site of the the course name. The option that must be select is Materials.


(University of Phoenix, 2011)

Once the Materials is selected, the Materials site will be displayed. This will require the selection of Virtual Organizations, which is located on the left side list of choices.


(University of Phoenix, 2011)

This selection will provide another page containing the Virtual Organizations for Students access.


(Apollo Group Inc., 2013)

• Assistance from the University of Phoenix

1. Select Contact US located on lower right hand corner

2. Email Support

3. Online Campus number provided (800) 366-9699 (University of Phoenix, 2011)


Virtual Organization provides a benefit for students in acquiring the basic needed knowledge of a company’s website function. It provides the ability within selected businesses to understand the function of internal employee website. This establishes the basic levels of internal functions from a database to the financial locals of the business. The learning of these Virtual Organizations provide the gateway to understand the needed grounds for a company’s future and level of providing information to clients or employees.

This manual provides the basic information of the Virtual Organizations with brief information on the business, education, healthcare, and government organizations. This is on the intent of providing students the logic of what is or can be provided by each selection of the organizations. This provides the needed information for faster selection on set course assignments.

The process for acquiring the Virtual Organizations establishes the set of procedures to enter the location. This without the pictures that were provided would be confusion for students. The initial picture illustrates the exact location to login with an account for the class and Phoenix University. The second picture illustrates the needed selection to enter the materials for the options provided by the University of Phoenix. The final choice with the options for Virtual Organizations is provided with a picture for the students to know where it is located. These pictures and brief information provides the needed information to enter the Virtual Organizations for set tasks by students.

The final information for Virtual Organization is the fact that most of the information provided can and will change with time. The Virtual Organization’s information within the sites is on the desire for change by the administrators of the site. The information provided is based on the current time that this manual was written but can change on the desire of the administrators. The information is only what is currently placed within the Virtual Organization’s site, which can change within any period. This is the main needed information provided to students to understand. The Virtual Organization is subject to change or additions within any given moment by the administrators. This is only for education on the function of companies’ websites and availability to clients.


Jose Luis Cueto, Lisa Moore | Eng221 | October 14, 2013

Virtual Organization Manual

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...Course Syllabus SCBSIT0810 Technical Writing Fundamentals: ENG 221 Course Start Date: 03/08/2011 Course End Date: 04/05/2011 Campus/Learning Center: Schaumburg                   Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference. Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document. Copyright Copyright ©2009 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. University of Phoenix© is a registered trademark of Apollo Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft©, Windows©, and Windows NT© are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Use of these marks is not intended to imply endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation. Edited in accordance with University of Phoenix© editorial standards and practices. Facilitator Information                                                                                                       Susan Smillie (University of Phoenix) (Personal) 630-833-5758 (CST) Facilitator Availability I will be available in...

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Advantages Of Technology In Sri Lanka

...Contents Advancement in technology and impact on organizations communication and information flow 2 Impact and the Relevance to Sri Lanka 2 Virtual Team 3 Advantages of Virtual Teams 4 Productivity Realed 4 Market Related 4 Knowledge Related 4 Cost Related 4 Shifting demographics patterns and implication of these trends in work place and work force 5 Company Introduction 6 Operations 6 Outbound Call Center 7 Technology 7 Nortel Call Center Technology 8 Aspect Call Center Technology 8 The main objective of implementing aspect system 8 The System Transition 9 How technology and information systems have impacted the organization 10 Organization Culture 10 People 12 Process 13 Increase in Contact Counts 13 Increase in Staff Utilization 14 Call...

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Talent Management Syllabus

...Rev. 1/16 NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship Masters Programs HRM 5365 – Talent Management (Online) Table of Contents Instructor Contact |Technology| Course Description | Prerequisites | Learning Outcomes | Course Material | Grading Scale | Schedule of Assignments |Discussions | Policies | Meeting Dates | Cover Page I. INSTRUCTOR CONTACT • Anne Fiedler ( The best way to contact the professor is through Email Professor or Ask the Professor on Blackboard. Messages will be checked between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Monday through Friday. II. Technology • You will need the following: o a computer, o microphone, and o digital camera (often integrated into your computer for this class. It is important that you ensure that you are technologically ready to use Blackboard in your online classes. To check If you are using the proper technology (operating systems, etc.). Please click on the Test your Browser on the right side of your Blackboard entry page. • Respondus LockDown Browser for Online Exams This course requires the use of LockDown Browser for taking online exams. The LockDown Browser software prevents a user from accessing other applications or going to other websites during an exam. This tool makes it possible for students to take online exams from any location, and at times that are convenient. It also creates a fair testing environment for everyone in......

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Org 300

...ORG300: Applying Leadership Principles Credit Hours: | 3 | Contact Hours: | This is a 3-credit course, offered in accelerated format. This means that 16 weeks of material is covered in 8 weeks. The exact number of hours per week that you can expect to spend on each course will vary based upon the weekly coursework, as well as your study style and preferences. You should plan to spend 10-25 hours per week in each course reading material, interacting on the discussion boards, writing papers, completing projects, and doing research. | Faculty Information Name: Phone: CSU-GC Email: Virtual Office Hours: Course Description and Outcomes This required first course for all majors provides an overview of leadership basics. In the context of studying at CSU-Global Campus, students will develop strategies for success in the online learning environment. The course engages students in discussion, exploration and application of leadership skills, principles and practices. Students will learn about the relationships and connections among leaders, individuals, and organizations. Topics include strategy, communication, motivation, power, organizational change, and workplace conflict. Additionally this course relates leadership skill to those skills needed to be a successful lifelong and online learner. Course Learning Outcomes 1. Describe social problems, the various perspectives on problems, and possible solutions. 2. Apply knowledge of a particular major or discipline to......

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Diagnostic Analysis

...WEEK 8 FINAL PAPER: DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSIS   Purpose   The purpose of this diagnostic analysis is to create an opportunity to use the ideas and concepts discussed in the course in the analysis of a real organizational situation. The situation may be drawn from your experiences, or if you are not working or do not have a frame of reference, then research an organization through the online library ( Your choice of the situation is important and will take considerable judgment and discretion in deciding whether it is feasible to use it for the purposes of the papers. Discretion and confidentiality are of utmost importance in this analysis. So, disguise the source of the case study (unless it is drawn from public record) through use of appropriate pseudonyms.    Learning objectives of the Final Paper: 1. Identify an organizational situation for the purpose of analysis (the situation must be sufficiently complex to generate enough material to satisfy the requirements as outlined below) 2. Analyze how the images, concepts and theoretical frameworks help to make sense of the situation 3. Construct a case study that relates evidence to theory and provide an appropriate analysis and explanation of the situation described Organizational Analysis in a Nutshell   Organizational analysis is the ability to examine an organization/organizational situation so that its fundamental characteristics are made clear. It is not simply spotting......

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Urban Youth Self Employment System

...SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES HIT 400 CAPESTONE DESIGN URBAN YOUTH SELF-EMPLOYMENT SYSTEM NAME: MOREBLESSING KUMBIRAI REG NUMBER: H1110225H DEPARTMENT: E-COMMERCE SCHOOL: BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCE Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction The project entitled “Urban Youth Self-Employment System” is a web application and can be accessed through internet. This project provides a proper solution to the government scheme ZIMASSET and it can be employed under the Ministry of Youth, Indigenization and Economic Empowerment. The main idea of this application is to provide gainful employment to the urban unemployed or underemployed poor, through encouraging the setting up of self employment ventures or procession of wage employment to promote the achievement of ZIM ASSET. This chapter begins with the background of the study, followed by the statement of the problem, aims of the study, research objectives, assumptions of the study, limitations of the study and lastly delimitations. 1.2 Background of the study At Present, the existing system is a great head-off to the administrator. He should manually manage the officer details and all the corrective actions regarding to the details of the customer/youths that have applied for financial assistance and project......

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... | | |Course Title: |Communication Systems Security | |Course Number: |CTC 362 | |Instructor Name: | Mehrdad S. sharbaf, ph.d., Office: tba, phone: tba, office Hours: tba | |Date: |Spring Semester, 2016 | |Course Length: |_15_ Weeks | |Web Companion |N/A | |Blackboard Web Site |HTTP://

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...Week 4 Print A | Given that people make the difference in how well organizations perform, assess how an understanding of organizational behavior concepts and theories is a useful knowledge base for career success and for improving an organization's effectiveness. | Key Concepts * Define organizational behavior and describe why is it important. * Analyze what organizations are like as work settings. B | Given the influence of factors such as values, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and personality on individual behavior, demonstrate how knowledge of individual difference factors helps in understanding, predicting, and influencing individual behavior. Use a diagnostic instrument, such as the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) to assess your personal thinking and behavior styles and their role in accomplishing self-improvement goals. | Key Concepts * Describe the nature of managerial work. * List the individual differences and how they impact performance. * Define value differences among individuals. * Define emotions and attitudes. * Analyze job satisfaction and why it's important. * Describe personality types and how they differ. * Learn how to manage diversity and individual differences, and why this is important. The High Performance Organization Visionary Leadership | A Culture of Accountability | Affinity for Risk | Strategic Agility At the heart of the high performance organization (HPO) is people—in particular, leaders who......

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Is Second Life Ready for Business?

...establishing a viable presence on Second Life. They are used to advertising and marketing to customers online and have the systems built for taking orders, accepting payments, and shipping products.   Other companies, like IBM, that have established online collaboration systems and online knowledge management systems will probably have an easier time using Second Life as another outlet for these activities. 3. Considering what you have learned about Second Life, how could you, as an individual, create a modest start-up business on the Grid? What goods would you sell? Why would this be a good choice of product? What, in simple terms, would your business plan be? Why would it work? There are several ways to start up business in an online virtual server. Second Life as of now harbored few to many online...

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...Introduction Welcome student! Congratulations on making the choice to pursue higher education through online learning with the University of Phoenix®. Online learning is a convenient and accessible way for adult learners to earn a degree. The University of Phoenix’s Online Discussion Forum will be your virtual classroom for the duration of your scholastic journey, and this manual is your online tour guide to help navigate that classroom. In this manual you will find instructions for accessing your classroom, getting to know the forums and how they work, and personalizing your settings. Good luck and enjoy your journey! Technical Requirements The University of Phoenix online program supports IBM® Personal Computer (PC) systems and Apple Mac® configurations. The following chart is a list of minimum requirements for each system (University Of Phoenix, 2013). Requirement PC MAC Operating System Windows XP® or later Mac OS X® 10.4 or later Software Microsoft Office® 2007 or later * Microsoft Office® 2008 or later * Internet Browser Internet Explorer® 8 or later** Apple Safari® 5.0 or later** *Microsoft Office Suite must include Microsoft Access. Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010 (PC) or 2011 (MAC) is recommended. **Other Internet browsers that are supported include Mozilla Firefox® 3.5 or later and Google Chrome™ 7.0 or later System requirements: • 2 GHz processor or faster • 1GB RAM or greater • 80 GB hard drive or larger • 1024x768 resolution......

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