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Colonial Williamsburg happens to be both a historical museum and landmark. The significance of this site in American History is that this is the location of the original Virginia Colony. This sight has become one of the most visited tourist sites in the nation. It has been a while since the original buildings stood at this sight, therefore, you will see buildings that have been recreated to give the illusion of what the original structures would have been like. Because this location has been preserved and restored, you can find many buildings and things that are similar to the original structures that stood here centuries ago. The types of things seen at this location include gardens, houses, the governor’s palace, the transportation, a theater, and taverns. If you were to actually travel here you would find that the taverns have been converted to restaurants and inns. You will also find workshops including a printing shop, a shoe shop, a blacksmith shop and many other shops related to the trades of the time. As a focus of this museum is to remain as similar and accurate as possible, you will find that the employees are suited in the dress of the people from the era and even refer to using the grammar of the colony’s time. The quality of the website was definitely a 10 if not higher because everything was so enjoyable and believable. I got such a realistic feel for the location. I was able to first see a map of the area, then decided what I wanted to learn about, then click on the different locations to learn more. I was very pleased with the setup and layout of this website. You feel like you have actually been to Colonial Williamsburg after looking through this website. I would love to physically visit this place one day because I was so pleased with the website that now I have a desire to travel to the town and explore in real life. I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to travel to and explore Colonial Williamsburg.

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