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Summary of Article 1 Managing a virtual workplace The article is about Virtual workplaces, which is a kind of workplace that is not located at any one physical location and all the employees and clients are connected to each other through technology. This article establish the need to have a virtual workplaces, the pros and cons of having this form of workplace and provide some automations to managers to be more useful to the workplace. The benefits that businesses have acquired from virtual workplaces are the reduced real estate expenses, the increased productivity of teleworking employees, higher profits in sales, improved customer services as consultant spent more time face-to-face with customers, more access to global markets, and environmental benefits. The disadvantages of virtual workplaces are that the setup and maintenance costs for the required upgraded equipments for home offices are much more, there are more cultural clashes in a business team as every person hold a different set of values and thinking, there is an increase feeling of isolation between supervisors and coworkers, and last but not least there is a lack of trust when it comes to employees abilities to do the work.

This Article also explains the kind of jobs virtual workplaces are appropriate for. Jobs where the employees work is performed over the phones, via computers, or where the individuals does not have to spend a lot of face to face time with business clients. The individuals who are internally motivated and self starters who know their jobs well are the ones who are best suitable for the virtual workplace. Managers and employees are required to have a proper training to do telework. Managers need to learn that managing employees who they can not see is a lot different than employees who they see every day. Time management is an other important factor in telework. Managers should…...

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