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1. How will customer relationships be different in a virtual world?
Customer relationships in a virtual world are a delicate matter. The design of a web site is very important for presenting a favorable face to the customer. Similarly, the design of a business in SL is of chief importance. In a world where anything-goes design-wise, how do you want your customer service representatives to appear? The business must present something fantastic, that it could not present in the real world, if it wants to draw visitors into it.
Anything you can do in the real world (RW) you can do in virtual worlds (VWs), only more.
Numerous separate and independent VWs exist where consumer and business-to-business marketing opportunities lie dormant and underdeveloped. But marketers can now establish a dynamic presence in VWs that can position them for the new and future internet (Web 2.0 and beyond) made up of parallel and eventually integrated social networks and virtual worlds.
Marketing within social networks and VWs is becoming a viable means for reaching and influencing the attitudes and behavior of consumers in ways that was never before believed possible.

2. How will supporting Second Life customers differ from supporting traditional customers?
Second Life provides a medium for simulating real world interactions online. It has the same benefits as teleconferencing or videoconferences, the ability to assemble many people from all around the world into a real-time interactions. NPR’s Science Friday makes great use of this tool, hosting a studio audience in SL that they couldn’t otherwise support. Public speakers also benefit. I once attended a talk by a favorite science fiction author who would not have attracted enough of an audience in any one local, but SL was perfect for finding enough interest from around the globe to come up with a great turn out.
3. How will...

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