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G.E. Road, Raipur – 492010 (CG)
Phone: (0771) 2254200, Fax: (0771) 2254600

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National Institute of Technology Raipur (Formerly Government Engineering College
Raipur), situated in the capital of a newly incepted state of Chhattisgarh, has proven to be "avantgrade' in the field of science and technology over past few decades in this region. With sweet memory of foundation ceremony by our President Hon'ble Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 14th September
1956, the institute started with two departments namely Metallurgical and Mining Engineering.
Later the inauguration of the Institute building was done by our Prime Minister Hon'ble
Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on 14th March 1963.
The status of Government Engineering College, Raipur had been elevated to National
Institute of Technology by the Central Govt. with effect from 1st Dec. 2005.
This Institute had been working since last 50 years with a mission to support growth and promotion of industries and community of the region.
The institute offers under graduate Degree courses in Civil Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy
Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, Computer
Science & Engineering, Bio Technology, Bio Medical Engineering and Architecture. The institute also offer two years M. Tech. program in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical
Engineering and Electrical Engineering. M. Tech. in Applied Geology and three year Post graduate course leading to the Degree of Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.) are also offered by this Institute. Ph.D. programs are also offered in almost all disciplines.
The vision 2020 of NIT-Raipur is an attempt to document their future realistic goal of the Institute to emerge as a leading technical institute of the country and also to establish a unique identity for the development of high quality human & knowledge resource.
In the vision 2020 of the country, the aim is focused on energy, entrepreneurship and innovation. In light of India Vision 2020, NIT-Raipur as a premier technological institute has revisited its Mission and Vision through a series of brainstorming sessions in order to tune it to the goals set by India Vision 2020 and future needs of the country. The following vision, Mission and specific roadmap for 2020 has been set for the Institute. Vision and Mission statement has been developed to reflect our philosophy very clearly to the stakeholders.
To be a leader in technical and management education in India and to establish a unique identity for the development of high quality human and knowledge resource in diverse area of technology and management.

To Re-engineer the engineering education and to mould young students into rational thinking engineers who are motivated by a passion for professional excellence driven by human values and proactively engaged in betterment of society.
 Creating an environment to make teaching more learning centric rather than curriculum centric.  To attract and retain highly qualified, talented, motivated staff.
 To focus not only on quality education but on total quality management of NIT Raipur.
 To provide good academic support facilities (Lab, Library, Internet) on continuous basis.
 To develop industry institute interface for collaborative research, internship and fellowship for PG Programme.
The present document outlines roadmap to achieve Vision 2020 of the institute:1.


The institute is presently offering under graduate program in 12 disciplines. To maintain quality in such diversified area of education, commitment from the institute is necessary. The institute aims to improve the environment of education, so that it becomes learning centric.
Following action plan is suggested: Compulsory review of under graduate academic studies is planned to be exercised every four years. It should include revision of curriculum, introduction of new courses, review of evaluation system etc. This review will be on the basis of the feedback received from recruiters, alumni, students, industry and other stakeholders. While carrying out the review exercise expert from leading institution and also from surrounding industry should be involved.  Rennovation of the existing laboratory is of immediate importance. State of the art laboratories needs to be established. More emphasis should be given to field training and laboratory teaching.
 To nurture the hidden creativity of students, every department is having professional student association. The activity of the association should be encouraged.
 Under graduate students will be taught business ethics and soft skill courses. Special body language training must be given to students for their growth in corporate world.
 NCC/NSS/Sports is made compulsory for all under graduate students by assigning credits.


In order to achieve the vision, the post graduate education should be re-engineered to provide quality manpower in the emerging areas of technology.

 Each department should undertake a promotional plan for faculty members to travel to neighboring institutions and deliver lecture there to motivate the students for doing M.Tech. in different disciplines at NIT Raipur.
 Institute is offering four engineering post graduate programs. One post graduate program in
Computer Application and one post graduate program in Applied Geology. New post graduate program in following disciplines will be started:

M.Tech.: Structural engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management,







Communication System and Networks, Computer Science and Engineering,
Information Technology, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering.


M.B.A. Program
M.Sc. Program in physical & chemical science

NIT Raipur is an institute of national importance. The institute has to contribute in the

advancement of knowledge in emerging areas. Research culture needs to be fostered in the minds of faculty and young students. Following are the identified thrust areas for research for the next decade:S.No. Name of the Discipline













Thrust Areas for Research
Nodal Centre for Natural Resources
Environmental Impact assessment
Remote Sensing & G.I.S.
Exploration Geology
Sustainable Architecture
Energy efficient Architecture
Intelligent Architecture
System Building
Technology for eradication of Diseases.
Indigenous Bio-Medical Technology
Bio Sensors
Gene Therapy
Transdermal Drug Delivery
Bio Nanotechnology
Environmental Biotechnology
Design & Simulation of Novel Reactors
Nonrenewable Energy
Down Stream Processing
Proteomics & Genomics
Molecular Biology
Behavior and structure of polymers and ceramics
Design of Membranes
Novel Reactors Design & Modeling
Supercritical Fluid Extraction
Coal Chemicals
Engineering Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry























Chromatography HPLC
Material Testing
Remote sensing application
Development of Building materials
Earthquake resistant structures
Cost effective construction of infrastructure
Disaster Management
Mass housing
Technology in Urban Development
Computer Networks
Data Mining & Data Warehousing
Image Processing
Parallel Programming
System analysis & Simulation
Management Information System
Computer Application in Operational Research
Optimization of Transmission Losses
Power distribution systems
Power Electronics
Signal Processing and Computer Vision
Communication Systems and Networks
Microelectronics & VLSI Design
Electronics and Embedded System
Computer Switching & Networks
Services over Internet Protocol
Information System
Data Mining & Data Warehousing
Multimedia Technologies
Network Securities
Modeling and simulation
CAD-CAM & Robotics
Technology for Agro-based and Forest-based industries Nanotechnology
Material Science
Mine Environment
CAD/CAM Studies
Applied physics
Solid State Electronics
Material Science
Dynamic Properties Using Electrical Analogy
Semiconductor Devices
Integrated Circuits
Smart sensors and intelligent processing
Simulation Studies




Environment Sciences, Engg. And Planning
Technology for small scale industry
Energy Conservation and management
Alternative Energy sources (Using Solar
Rural and Forest Management
Technology Management
Environmental Management
Systems Management
Supply Chain Management

INSTITUTE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY f As an institute of national importance, institute realizes its responsibility towards the society. In order to satisfy the needs of the society, a center will be established which will focus on following broad areas: Arranging faculty development program for faculty members of surrounding institutes and also faculty of this institute.
 Entrepreneurship awareness and innovation.
 Social awareness about local and national problems and to find possible technological solutions.  Skill development for rural and persons from backward society of Chhattisgarh.


More than 200 acres of land has been allocated at Rakhi Bharenga village for NIT Raipur.
Developing and maintaining a planned infrastructure is a key element for the success of any institute. Therefore, new campus will be developed consisting of academic blocks and residential blocks. The campus will have planned layout having all modern amenities and state of the art laboratories. This will be developed catering the needs of next 50 years. The new campus will have following minimum infrastructure: Separate hostel for boys & girls. Boys hostel having a capacity of 2400 students and girls hostel with capacity of 1600.
 336 Faculty quarters.
 Separate residential quarter for Director, Registrar, Dy. Registrar and Deans.
 370 quarters for non teaching/supporting staff.
 An auditorium with a capacity of 1000 seats.
 Administrative block consisting of Director office with attached conference hall, office of the Registrar, office of seven Deans, estate office and other establishment offices.
 Central library with global data bank.
 Student activity center having a multipurpose hall, reading room, indoor game facility, music room etc.
 Sport center with swimming pool and gymnasium.

 High speed Wi-Fi Internet connectivity in the campus.
 Uninterrupted power supply.
 Food courts with 24 x 7 services.
 Community facilities including shopping center, bank, post office, ATM booth, children play areas, public parks etc.


Institute strongly feels its responsibility in placing all the students for summer training and also for their career. To be successful in their career students needs to be trained properly during their studies. For this, a carrier development cell will be established. The cell will consist of one officer of the rank of Professor, 02 officers of the rank of Asstt. Professors and supporting staff. The center will offer career counseling, personality development and soft skill development training. It will also provide guidance to students to help them to choose correct career option.


It is planned to develop student activity center in the new campus to cater the needs of increasing student strength. It is planned to develop sports complex to provide facilities for all kinds of indoor and outdoor games. The student counseling service will also be part of this. The counseling will help depressed students to feel motivated towards their studies and career.


Effective and transparent governing system is essential for growth of the institute. The institute is committed to provide complete transparency in all its admission and academic process for effective and transparent governance, Management Information System (MIS) is already procured for three functional areas namely academic, training and placement and hostel management.
Institute will procure, customize and implement MIS in all functional areas of the institute to ensure effective and transparent governance.
To speed up the decision making and to save money, meetings of the various decision making committees like building and works committee, finance committee and board of governance meeting will be arranged through video conferencing mode. An e-grievance cell will be constituted to address the grievance of the stakeholder.


NIT Raipur is presently facing acute shortage of human resource. Recently 266 positions of faculty has been approved by MHRD. Institute will make hard and sincere efforts to fill up all the vacancies in faculty and non faculty positions within three years. The institute also needs technically trained manpower for the laboratories. The institute will also take care of professional

development of faculty and non faculty members of the institute. Institute proposes following action plan: Sincere efforts to fill up vacancies in faculty & non faculty positions.
 Provisions will be made for appointing visiting faculty and distinguished honorary faculty.
 Industry experts will be invited to deliver talk and have interactions with faculty and students.  Faculty members will be sponsored for qualification improvement and skill improvement wherever necessary.
 Efforts will be made to open QIP center at NIT, Raipur for higher studies.
 Supporting technical and administrative staff will be periodically sponsored for continual training in new technology and modern working methods.


In the next decade, institute wishes to develop expertise and competencies to offer consultancy services to the industry. The expertise available in the institute will be given publicity so as to attract needy industries. For this, institute shall also strengthen alumni relations and will explore the possibilities of research and consultancies. Periodic round table meetings with senior alumni will be done to achieve the target.
This vision document is prepared after carrying out SWOT analysis by various stakeholders and also by arranging brainstorming sessions. Some of the steps have already been taken to achieve the desired goal. To achieve Vision- 2020, implementation plan in phased manner will be chalked out.
The progress will periodically be reviewed in order to take suitable corrective actions, if necessary. It is believed that with this vision document and with sincere efforts of all stakeholders, substantial growth of NIT-Raipur will be observed by the end of the decade.


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Conferencia Mckinsey

...como podemos darnos cuenta en que áreas podemos crecer o mejorar para hacer más fuertes nuestras fortalezas y defendernos de las debilidades. Lo que mas me gusto de la conferencia fue que compartió experiencias reales, y anécdotas que le han pasado durante su estancia en ese trabajo, ya que realmente podemos saber a que nos enfrentaremos, en este caso, si llegamos a trabajar en una consultoría. También me gusto que fuera directamente al grano, y explico de manera breve pero muy clara todo lo que se requería, además de que respondió varias dudas de varios alumnos. Como ya mencioné, me parece muy interesante ver como un Ingeniero Industrial puede dedicarse a varias cosas, y algunas muy distintas entre ellas, por lo cual creo nos da una visión hacía el futuro muy amplia para ver hacia donde queremos dirigirnos. Otra cosa que me gusto fueron los diferentes tips para las entrevistas que dio, ya que creo es algo que todos podremos utilizar, cuando sea necesario. Realmente yo no le cambiaría nada, ya que realmente cumplió con explicarnos todo lo que el realiza, así como la empresa donde trabaja y sobre los distintos proyectos en los que ha sido...

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...ENSAYO: EL PELIGRO DE PERMANECER EN LA ZONA SEGURA El Peligro de permanecer en la zona segura: Cómo romper con el hábito de la titularidad que acaba con las empresas En gran parte de los análisis empresariales se parte de premisas generales, que den base de comparación global para saber qué lugares tienen las condiciones idóneas para desarrollar un proyecto. Lo anterior se traduce a inversiones y, al menos en México, es benévolamente publicada toda la inversión extranjera. Se desarrollará entonces el presente desde una panorámica nacional con algunos indicadores numéricos comparativos a nivel mundial que ayuden a ejemplificar, desde el punto de vista particular, la observancia de la conducta de titularidad. PricewaterhouseCoopers en su estudio Saratoga1 publicado en febrero pasado indica que México es el país en Latinoamérica con el mayor porcentaje de rotación de personal con el 17.8%, mientras que 11.2% a nivel LATAM, 8.4% para EU y 10% para Europa, por resultado es de los más altos a nivel mundial. Con este dato acerca de rotación, a primera vista, es difícil de considerar que las empresas mexicanas tienen problemas de titularidad, pero a su vez, puede ser causa de la misma. En el contexto propio se aprecian los síntomas de titularidad en todos los órganos socio-económicos, esta conducta de estancamiento que parece estar infiltrada en la cultura. En la opinión poblacional hacia lo gubernamental se dice que la titularidad viene a destruir la mayoría de los intentos de...

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Historia Y Mas

...marginan, nos matan la memoria, nos queman las ideas, nos quitan las palabras... oh... Si la historia la escriben los que ganan, eso quiere decir que hay otra historia: la verdadera historia, quien quiera oir que oiga. Litto Nebbia “Quien quiera oir que oiga” Ejes: 1) fisiología del cerebro y fenómenos referidos a la memoria. 2) Filosófico: relación con Nietzsche y memoria colectiva, de la especie, etc. 3) Histórico-político: Políticas de olvido y memoria en Argentina. 1) Clasificación de las alteraciones de la memoria Amnesias orgánicas: subcorticales, corticales. Agnosias: visuales, auditivas, tactiles, corporales, motoras. - Amnesias funcionales: psicógenas. Hipermnesias: vision panorámica de la propia vida, prodigiosas Paramnesias a)alteraciones en el recuerdo - Confabulaciones - Falsos recuerdos delirantes - pseudología fantástica - fenómeno "punta de la lengua" - chequeo - b) alteraciones en el reconocimiento - deja vu, deja vecu - jamais vu - sindrome de capgras Síntesis de: La Memoria como propiedad de los sistemas cerebrales de Carlos Muñoz Gutierrez #En un texto clásico del año 1932, F. Bartlett ya nos advirtió de que considerar así nuestra memoria era un error, un error que se ha perpetuado hasta casi la década de los noventa. Detengámonos en un fragmento de la obra de Bartlett. "Recordar no es la reactivación de innumerables recuerdos fijados, fragmentarios y sin vida. Es......

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