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Vision for the Future of Nursing Speech

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Vision for the Future of Nursing Speech

Dear peers, colleagues, fellow professional nurses,
Slide 1: We are here today to discuss the future of nursing, a vision of nursing have you? Here we meet on the heels of a thirty plus year push toward professional legitimacy. Hinging on the precipice of integration of nursing research and utilization of evidence based practice at the bedside. Yet our voice is still clouded by the past. To be the successful force of change which our predecessors knew we were and could be we need to make the final push.

Slide 2: As Florence Nightingale once stated “May we hope that when we are all dead and gone, leaders will arise who have been personally experienced in the hard, practical work, the difficulties and the joys of organizing nursing reforms, and who will lead far beyond anything we have done.” That time is now. We live in a time where this vision is actually in reach. The reins of the future of healthcare are obtainable. In the past we made strides, improving patient care on all fronts of healthcare. Now we need to hit the classroom and the boardroom. The future includes a shift from an acute and infectious disease focus to that of a rapidly aging population with chronic disease. In order to meet the challenges of the future we must embrace advanced technology, work on partnerships across the care continuum, encourage collaboration across settings and disciplines, ensure quality and continuity of care and promote nurse led and nurse managed health care (National Research Council, 2011).

Slide 3: Nursing has received a governmental push so to speak. Legislation to reform healthcare under the Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandated Value Based Purchasing (VBP) implementation. Value based purchasing (aka) pay for performance is set in play to attempt to tie quality to reimbursement. Essentially hospitals get paid based on...

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