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Why We Go To Malls

There are a number of reasons why people shop at malls. For one thing, people malls extremely convenient. In addition malls provide shoppers with a great variety of stores and shopping opportunities. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, malls are great places for entertainment.

Malls are convenient places to shop. They provide shoppers with abundant and secure parking areas. Shoppers need not drive around for fifteen minutes looking for a parking place, nor need they be afraid to walk to their cars after they have completed their shopping. Malls are usually totally indoors so people are comfortable why they shop. They do not they do not have to be subject to the elements as they go from store to store. Finally, the most convenient aspect of the mall is its one stop shopping experience.

Variety is another advantage of the mall. There are specialty stores, such as candle stores, bath and beauty stores and music and video stores. These are the anchors of the mall, and the mall provides "odd stores" for those eccentric shoppers who are looking for different items.

Finally, the mall is a wonderful entertainment center. Not only do people go there to shop, but they also got there for relaxation. There are movies sometimes as many as fifteen or sixteen. In addition, arcades are available for children, teens and adults. Some parents drop their children off at the arcade, give them a roll of quarters and pick them up after they have completed their shopping. For the hungry shopper there is a food court, which provides fast food for those shoppers who want to relax and possibly have a cocktail with their meal, other restaurants are available. The mall even offers concerts, outings and other events, especially during the holiday periods.

As one can easily see, the mall is indeed, a great place to shop. Where one is looking for convenience variety, or entertainment, no place beats the mall. So next time a friend says, "lets go to the mall" pack your bag and get set for a fun day.

[pic][pic]Gone are those leisurely picnic days with the budding of malls all over the country. People have lesser time and seek entertainment, food and shopping all at one place. Malls make a convenient outlet for us. Our family recently visited the Hyderabad Central.

Hyderabad Central is amongst the most happening malls in the city. There are multi-cuisine food courts, multi-plex cinema and shops of all kinds under one roof. Mother shopped enthusiastically for monthly rations. We now moved onto shopping for clothes for Diwali. There were so many bags. We had to go down to the parking to put them into our car!

Shopping always makes me hungry. We now moved on towards the multi-cuisine food courts while my sister and I preferred to gorge on pizzas, our parents preferred diet coke with sandwiches and cold salad. Now food usually makes one lethargic and we needed to rest. Still shopping had to be done. So we opted to view the Harry Potter movie showing at the multi-plex. It was a lovely movie. My sister slept through half of it.

The time was apt for tea before we could take on another bout of shopping. This time we shopped for shoes and accessories. The sweet mart had an assorted range of toffees and jujebes. Very artistically molded chocolates and peppermint were in shapes of animals and dolls. Shopping had just begun to get better. I love visiting malls.

Essay On A Visit To A Shopping Mall.My favorite place to visit is the shopping mall. It has two stories and there are many different kinds of stores to visit. There are clothes stores, music and movie stores, arcade rooms and restaurants. One of the stores that I like to go to is the music store so that I can check out the new music releases. My favorite music is country and I can enjoy listening using the store’s headphones and music screens.

Whenever I go, I always go to the country music section and look for particular artists and their new songs. In the clothes stores, they not only have clothing, but sell jewelry, perfume, shoes, and other items. My favorite section is the perfume counter. I always check out the different scents. I also like to try on clothes and I like to buy them! sometimes I look at jewelry, particularly earrings, but there are times when I look at rings and watches.

There are times when I like to go to the arcade room to play some of the games. There are games that give you a certain amount of tickets depending upon what score in the game you receive. They also have games that you just play with another person. I enjoy the game of pool the most. I also like to eat in the mall’s restaurants, especially if it’s a Chinese or Mexican restaurant.

I love stir-fry and tacos. Thismakes my visit to the mall worth it and these are the reasons why the shopping mall is one of my favorite places to go.

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