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Visiting a Museum

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Assignment 3 – Cultural Even Report


Professor Josiah Harry

HUM112052VA16-1128-001: World Cultures II

December 12, 2012

National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC

The National Museum of Natural History is located on Constitution Ave. at 10th St., NW, Washington DC. The building has an octagon-shaped of dome and very noticeable from various parts of the city. A large porch doorway with Corinthian columns takes to the pavilion which is decorated with two different styles of columns. The first is a Doric style which is on the first floor and the second is an Ionic style on the second and third floors. These styles were very common in Gothic and Romanesque Churches. In both six stories tall are added with two wings. The second, fourth, and sixth floors directly join to the central museum while the sixth floor is set back. The higher level has semi round windows and it stands above the third floor providing lot of natural light for tourists to enjoy exhibitions that expose the natural world.

It was a family trip on last weekend. The museum was super busy, it seemed to have so many children who all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Accidentally I stepped on several of them but also got stepped on a few times myself. The main reason I wanted to visit the Smithsonian Museum Natural History was to see their spectacular gem and jewelry collection.

The Natural History Museum boasts of having the best collections of gems, jewelry, and minerals in the world. The best part about this museum and most of the Smithsonian museums is that admission is free to everyone. I also think it is needed to educate people since there are people who only believe in creationism.

We entered the museum from the National Mall side and went past the elephant and then the dinosaurs and headed straight to the second...

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