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Junior Cert Business Studies

Topic: Business Finance Teaching Methods: Various

Time: 40mins Ability: Mixed ability

No. of Students: 16 Resources: Worksheet, YouTube.

Visual aids have been promoted as an effective teaching tool by many educational theorists. Wilson (1967) stated that visual aids provide better understanding to the students and supports to the teachers for delivering lessons. As a teacher, I try to incorporate visual aids in to my lessons as much as possible because of their effectiveness. They can be used to introduce or conclude a topic, or simply to gain the students attention.

The YouTube video I have decided to use for this assignment is one that will introduce the topic of Business Finance. At the beginning of the lesson, I will show the video to the class to give them an idea of the process behind obtaining finance for a start-up business. The video starts off by stating the difficulty that start-up companies have with raising finance and suggests alternative sources of finance that one could obtain. After this the video talks about preparing a business plan and the importance of credit. The video is essentially a three minute overview on how to finance a start-up organisation.

Essentially, the video will be used to create a structure for the rest of the lesson. After watching the video, I can explain the different sources of finance that one can obtain and the complications that one will encounter by having “bad credit”. From here, we will explore the different sections of the business plan and the importance of it. By showing the video I can constantly refer to it throughout the lesson for example “In the video, she spoke about having clean credit…” This can then be the basis for starting a discussion in which we will talk about good and bad credit. I have also designed a worksheet based on the video and the lesson in order to assess the material delivered.

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