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EN1420–Unit 1 Assignment 1 September 21, 2014

1). What background information do you need to know in order to read this image intelligibly? You do not need any background information to read this visual argument. This photo is self-explanatory.

2). What do you see? I see a man verbally abusing a lady. What are the key details or features here that stand out? The man’s face, fist punching the lady from his mouth, and the pain on the ladies face all stand out to support my theory. What images? The image is self-explanatory. What text? There was no text to support this visual argument. What supporting details? Every aspect of this photo supports my argument.

3). Identify the issue(s): Based on the picture it presents, what issue does this visual seem to be referencing? This visual seem to be referencing verbal abuse. This is a great picture to really explain how words can be painful. What debate is it part of? The visual debates the seriousness of verbal abuse and the effects.

4). Defining the Perspective: What side in this debate is this visual taking? The visual is taking the side of women, showing how men verbally abuse women. What perspective on this issue does this visual seem to take? This visual seem to support the seriousness of verbal abuse. It shows how people’s words can really be as painful as a punch in the face.

5). Defining the Argument: How do we know what side of this debate the visual is taking? This visual is taking the side of women. It is showing how men can verbally abuse a women with words, hurting them. What specific claims about this issue does the visual seem to be making? This visual is self-explanatory. Some specific claims are as follow: - The mans mean look on his face - The fist coming out his mouth…punching the lady in the face - The ladies face showing pain and discomfort

EN1420–Unit 1 Assignment 1 September 21, 2014

6). Thinking in Terms of Audience: What sort of response does the visual seem to want from it viewers? I believe the response would be verbal abuse can be as hurtful and painful as physical abuse. What messages or lessons does it want to convey? The message is simple. Today’s society has many ways to communicate. Please be careful how you communicate with others. Words are as powerful as physical contact. Is it successful? I think this visual was powerful and successful. No words have to be applied to this photo.

EN1420–Unit 1 Assignment 1 September 21, 2014

Chapter Review Questions 1- 8

1). What did you think of when you encountered the word argument as you began to read this chapter? I have always thought about someone being mean and loud. What do you think now? Now, I think an argument is a belief or point that someone is trying express. It can be peaceful and healthy.

2). Provide three examples of your own to illustrate the statement “Argument is everywhere.” One of your examples should be a visual argument. Three examples to support that argument is everywhere are as follow: 1). Arguments are in courts 2). Arguments are in public debates 3). Arguments are in visual pictures

3). Describe traditional and consensual argument? Traditional argument provides all the available means to persuade or convince an audience to change positions and agree with the arguer. Consensual argument is when two or more people participate as equals in a dialogue to try to discover what seems to be the best position on an issue. Consensual argument emphasizes agreement.

Examples of Traditional and Consensual Arguments

Traditonal | Consensual | 1). Public Debates | 1). Academic Inquiry | 2). Courtroom Argument | 2). Negotiation and Mediation |

4). What are some of the conditions necessary for argument to work best? To work best, a productive and potentially successful argument, whether presented in writing, in speech, or in images, require the following elements: An Issue, An Arguer, Audience, Common Ground and A Forum.

EN1420–Unit 1 Assignment 1 September 21, 2014

5). What are some of the conditions that may cause argument to fail? The following are a list of reasons why Arguments fail: No disagreement or reason to argue Risky or trivial issues Difficulty in establishing common grounds Standoffs or fights that result in negative outcomes

6). Give two examples of an ethical argument and two examples of an unethical argument.

Ethical Argument | Unethical Argument | 1). A plan for an effective and economical way to rebuild Iraq after the war. | 1). An invitation to acquire a new credit card, with high interest rate and impossible to pay back. | 2). A plan for an effective and economical way for health insurance | 2). A photograph of people who have acquire new clothes, cars and lifestyles by using high interest rate credit cards |

7). How has the role of audience change in the world of digital argument? Digital argument is powerful and never ends. The internet has given more people a way to argue any issue. It gives any user a way to express themselves individually or as a group. It takes freedom of speech to a new level.

8). Identify four sources of arguable issues. Four sources of arguable issues are as follow: Issues are compelling Issues often originate in dramatic life situations Current issues can be linked to enduring issues that have engaged people for ages Issues go underground and then resurface

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