Visual Rhetoric Essay

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In images, the foundation that upholds the value or meaning of the image is how effectively can the photographer convey to viewers what he/she wanted to communicate or portray through the image. It is what emotions and feelings can be evoked through the moment or event the photographer is trying to capture, or in this scenario what story the photographer wanted to capture. At first glance only the man stands out in the photograph, and the he rest of the picture is then noticed. However, upon analyzing the picture more in depth, it is noted how neat and organized his desk is, and how many plaques and awards he has on the wall. Also coming from a computer savvy and technology-inclined perspective, the man’s double-monitor computer set-up can be accounted for as well. It can be understood that these background items are more then just scenery, but rather context clues. They’re context clues in the sense that they tell us about the individual in the photograph, and they give us a lot of information about him and what he may possibly do. Without these context clues, it would be extremely difficult to formulate any opinions as to who the man in the photograph is or what he does. However with them, we can develop an idea as to who the man is and what he does. A wise man once told me that you could tell a lot about a person by what he/she keep on his/her desk and how his/her office looks. In this photograph a man sits at his very detailed and organized desk with awards hanging on the wall that acknowledge his many achievement, with an accomplished and proud look on his face. Humans are visual people, and what we see affects what we believe and feel. The photograph evokes pathos in the sense of the man’s facial expression and appearance, as well as logos in the sense that the items in his office help give him credibility and tell us about him.
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