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Visual Social Semiotics

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2010 Management Development Program
What does your future look like with The Waldorf=Astoria? Below are samplings of career paths in our Management Development Program. We are offering management development positions in Rooms Division, Sales, Food & Beverage and Property Operations. Your program will be designed and adjusted to meet your developmental needs, as well as meet the needs of the operation. It is important to remember that no two programs are alike and the plans listed below are only samples. Our programs are typically eighteen to twenty-seven months. The time period spent in any one of the positions may vary based on your performance.
ROOMS DIVISION MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PLAN • • • • • Sample Succession Plan #1 – Front Office Track Guest Service Coordinator/On-Q training Front Desk Manager Overnights Housekeeping Manager Guest Service Manager Assistant Director of Front Office Operations or Senior Front Desk Manager Sample Succession Plan #2 – Housekeeping Track Guest Service Coordinator/On-Q training Housekeeping Floor Manager Front Desk Manager or Hotline Manager Housekeeping Hotel Services Manager Assistant Executive Housekeeper

• • • • •

SALES MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PLAN Sample Succession Plan #1- Rooms Sales Track • Guest Service Coordinator/On-Q training • Meetings and Banquet Operation Manager • Revenue Management, then Group Service Management • Conference Service Manager • Conference Center Sales Manager


• Meetings and Banquet Operations Manager

Sample Succession Plan #2 Food & Beverage Track

or Restaurant Manager • Purchasing Manager or Stewarding Manager • Beverage Manager • Banquet Service Manager

PROPERTY OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT Sample Succession Plan #1 Property Operations Management Track • Property Operations Management Trainee The sample Management Development Plan outlines…...

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