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Vitamine D Andpregancy

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NUR4636 Professor Gloria Mc Whirter
A randomized control study done by Cathy R Kessenich “Administration of annual oral high-dose vitamin D to community dwelling older woman in autumn and winter months increases risk of falls and fractures” the author addresses the importance of vitamin D deficiency on the global population, in particular the elder and its relation to osteoporosis and fractures. Measurements were done on yearly dosing, monthly, weekly, and daily, it demonstrated lack of compliance on the daily and weekly dosing making the annual dosing schedule a better option so far. It was later determined that a yearly dose of 500 000 IU might have been a very high dose and that it was a contributing factor on the high rate of fractures and falls , therefore the safety of high dosing was questioned.
Some other findings of the study demonstrate a relationship among high dose of vitamin D and a decrease in musculoskeletal pain. This fostered and increase in activity of the elder population at the same time increasing falls and fractures. The author concluded that vitamin D deficiency is increasingly alarming and there is an urgency to address and treat it, we are faced with a long journey and not sufficient scientific information about. It. The yearly dosing was found not to be so effective and more in depth research and study is required.
This information will help me as nurse to better understand and focus on the needs of the community in regards to assessing vitamin D insufficiency, the importance of supplementation and my role in preventive care as a health professional. I will be able to educate the community with relevant information already documented and proven to work on the subject. What I learned from this web site is how important evidence- based-practice is to my professional development. This information has helped me obtained more knowledge in evidence based-practice principles.

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