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The young entrepreneur’s guide to success according to


f there is one man who has defined entrepreneurial success for a generation of young and ambitious business hopefuls, it’s Sir Richard Branson. Posterboy for the anti-establishment and underdog turned benchmark-of-accomplishment, his sincere smile and candid approach to business are wonderfully alluring. He also evokes an every-man quality that says, “hey, if I can do this, you can too”, and since Foundr Magazine is founded on many of the values and driving forces that Branson is famous for, we thought he would be an absolute goldmine of advice for those of us who are starting out on our own entrepreneurial journeys. He’s also a bit of a rock star of the business world, so we were a little bit star-struck by his offer to answer some of our questions in an exclusive interview.


Does the world’s greatest mentor have a mentor of his own? S

omething that many people define as critical to their success is identifying great mentors.
For most of us, that means finding someone who can help you develop your business and leadership skills, or coach and guide you through specific challenges. And when you’re starting out, it might seem like there is the potential for mentoring from lots of the people you meet. But what about when you’re at the top of your game – is having a great mentor still important? Branson claims that it is, but when you’re already at the top, who is it you can look to for guidance?
“In the past, I’ve had some wonderful mentors.
Outside my friends, family and staff [there has been] Freddie Laker, Nelson Mandela, Desmond
Tutu, Peter Gabriel, the late, great Mo Mowlam and the aviation genius Burt Rutan [have] all given me some great guidance and inspiration.”
Branson offers a stellar list of heavy hitters to say the...

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