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Viva Bilingualism James Fallows Analysis

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In his essay “Viva Bilingualism” James Fallows argues that America should not fear bilingualism. As learning two languages is possible and English will remain strong. His idea about bilingualism is great, that [B]lilingualism is possible and natural(261). But his essay is not much convincing. Even though he provides many claims to prove his point but overall his argument is not effective because of lack of relevant supporting details for his claims and use of informal tone.
Fallows uses many relevant ideas to support his claims. But still, he lacks in giving relevant supporting details for his claims. According to him learning two languages is possible (260). He supports his claim by giving an example of Scandinavians and Swiss who grew up in a place where many
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Some evidence focus is vague and not be reliable on this topic. He says Malaysia has sent many students to go to the English speaking countries for studies which show the great impact of English all over the world(261). But forget the fact that many people from English speaking countries go to Japan and China for further studies. He talks about his personal experience. He relies on Japanese English learning, that English can be seen written on signboards. They can read four English language daily newspaper everywhere, they are eager to learn English and get more attention to English learning. This example only shows authors observation which can make audience doubtful about what he is saying. Then he talks about his visit to Malaysia and South China was local people want to practice English with them. But this evidence is not resourceful enough because he only traveled some countries and met some people; his experience cannot represent a common situation. He also uses the example of Spanish immigrants who are dying to learn English to be a part of the U.S. but some want to continue the use of their own language. This is also authors own thought so it is not much strong

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