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Viva Telecom

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VIVA Telecom | Marketing Research 420 | Group #1 | | Ali Bin-Shaibah 205113540Sulaiman Al-Fraih 206217072 |

Table Of Content

Part I: Executive Summary P.3

Part II: Company Background P.4

Part III: Research Plan P.9

Part IV: Plan Execution P.12

Part V: Results & Managerial Implications P.19

Part VI: Conclusion P.22

Work Cited P.23

Appendix -A- P.24

Appendix -B- P.26

Appendix -C- P.28

Appendix -D- P.30

**Part I: Executive Summary**
Our project is about viva telecom and the problems that it is facing in its operations in the Kuwaiti market. With this project we will clarify and resolve these problems by using various techniques.
Viva is a telecom service provider, which is relatively new in Kuwait providing telecom products and services in order to satisfy the market’s needs.
Yet, like any new company it faces many operational problems. These problems will be addressed and resolved through an analytical research study using surveys and computer software (SPSS) so that viva can overcome its current situation.
We defined the problems facing viva telecom and formulated the research questions that would enable us to address and solve them properly. After acquiring primary and secondary information about the telecom company and based on the problems that we have defined we came up with hypothesis which we have tested and analyzed to come up with the solution that this telecom company is in need of. The solutions were derived from the results of the various data analysis methods that are conducted on the SPSS. After deriving the results, the solution is provided to Viva to implement in order to over...

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