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Vocabulary words
Chapter 1

Replication 6: is the repetition of experiments or studies utilizing the same methodology.
Verification 6: is confirmation of the accuracy of findings or attainment of greater certitude in conclusions through additional observations.
Methodological narcissism 7: in which substance is overlooked in the name of method. Preferred rigor in research design is seldom realized in criminal justice field studies. This does not justify throwing out “the baby with the bath water.”
Theory 7: in criminal justice represents an attempt to develop plausible explanations of reality, which in this case are crime and the criminal justice system.
Paradigm 8: is “some implicit body of intertwined theoretical and methodological belief that permits selection, evaluation, and criticism”
Methodology 9: (methods), on the other hand, involves the collection of accurate facts and/or data regarding the nature of crime and criminal justice policy. In short, while theory addresses the issue “why,” methodology concerns itself with “what is.”
“Broken Windows” 9
Pure research 10: is concerned with the acquisition of new knowledge for the sake of science or the development of the field.
Applied research 10: is practical research concerned with solving immediate policy problems.
Crime analysis 13: allows the analyst to determine who’s doing what to whom by its focus on crimes against persons and property (homicide, rape, robbery, burglary, theft, etc.).
Quantitative research 14: concepts are assigned numerical value
Qualitative research 14: concepts are viewed as sensitizing ideas or terms that enhance our understanding.
Verstehen 14: in which researchers hope to immerse themselves in the subject matter and develop “sensitizing concepts” that enhance their understanding and explanation of reality (Weber, 1949).
Historicism 15: seeing all social events as a...

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