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1. Outline the three most important points – in your opinion – in the Chairman’s statement [pages 2-3] * Pointing out the strong results toward EU’s economy proves to the reader the reliability and vital role Vodafone contribute to the region. * Admitting both failure and success while supporting success with key facts and numeric data leads the reader to recognize the transparency in the chairman’s statements. * Showing out detailed information about the company after 30 years of operation explains Vodafone position in the market.

2. Outline the three most important points – in your opinion – in the Chief Executive’s Strategy Review [pages 14-18] * Giving an overall image of the growth of their products and services, such as fixed and mobile lines, data, unified and M2M communication, is very important to show to the shareholders, which result in maintaining them or even acquiring new shareholders. * I think showing the future Vodafone is moving to is also important, such as the implementation of project spring. Because it will help to predict its position in the future, supporting the shareholders to continue investing with the company. * In the last paragraph, the Chief Executive sets the standards of the shareholders by declaring that the cash flow will remain ‘depressed’, but it is all for the sake of increasing the dividend per share. This is a critical point that discloses any bias meaning from reading the cash flow.

3. With reference to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on page 18-21, list the three KPIs which you are most surprised to see used. Explain why you choose these three and comment on why you think that these specific three are seen as useful by Vodafone. You should write about two (and no more than three) sentences per KPI.
a. Europe average smartphone data usage: I choose this…...

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