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Voices Not Heard

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Amber Jacobson
M. Cook
16 November 2012
English 1301.30
E4, Persuasion
Voices Not Heard Seeing the face of a helpless animal can break your heart. Many animals go through torturous testing on a day to day basis that they cannot help, nor can they defend themselves. Since Ancient Greek times, animals have been undergoing cruel and inhumane medical testing that should not be done for the benefits of the human race. Animal testing is wrong because it is cruel, costly, harmful to animals, unreliable, and outdated. Animal testing has been around since the times of the Ancient Greeks. Between seventeen million and twenty-two million animals are used for biomedical research each year (Leepson). Many believe that animals do have rights, and there are many organizations out there to trying to ensure their safety and help them get out of the horrible treatments they endure. For example, the ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has been around since 1866 trying to curb the gruesome treatment of humans to animals. The ASPCA tries to prevent the abuse and neglecting of animals around the nation. They set up shelters for animals and they give vaccines and anything else they may need. The different types of animals being tested are endless; from mice to sheep, they all serve their own purpose in the medical field. Even though these animals have helped scientist break through some medical mysteries, it is still inhumane how they have to suffer in confined quarters. The CAFO, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, raise animals in small living spaces for their meet, food, and waste. Chickens, for example, are used for their meat and their eggs. At a Kentucky farm, they put twenty-one thousand chickens into a five hundred foot long barn. Other animals are being used for the testing of lipsticks, shampoo, hairspray, and even...

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