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Voices and Outcomes

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Job Satisfaction
* Job satisfaction mainly affected by three parts derived from self determination theory
- autonomy, or the desire to self-organize their own actions and for their actions to be causal
- competence, or the desire to feel capable in affecting their surroundings
- relatedness, or the desire to feel connected to and respected by a social group. That is, extrinsic incentives are thought to potentially crowd-out satisfaction if they are perceived as controlling, but conversely can crowd-in satisfaction if perceived as supportive of one’s psychological needs.
* After doing the survey, it is found that wage and job satisfaction are positively correlated, but after the introduction of voice and autonomy, that relation becomes less significant
* Revenue-sharing payment schemes only improve worker productivity when workers also have influence over their workplace
Research of relationship between Voices and Employee Satisfaction
Colquitt and colleagues (2001) * Voices positively related to outcome satisfaction (rcorrected = 0.45) * Voices positively related to job satisfaction (rcorrected = 0.37)

Contingencies * Types of voices * Union voice leads to a higher job satisfaction when comparing with only one type of voice (e.g. Bryson, 2004)
It is because union voice provides more opportunities and channels for the employees to raise their voices, especially the complaints. If the voices are accepted and the situation is improved, employees’ attitudes will also improve, which tend to a higher job satisfaction (Purcell et al., 2003)

* Superior’s attitudes towards voices * If the superiors or the managers do not notice of the voices or even ignoring them, the employee satisfaction will be lower.
Unheard voices (e.g. Pinder & Harlos, 2001) or ignored voices (e.g. Folger, 1977) make the voicers to become frustrated. They will think giving voices is useless (Hopeless to the company) and finally lead to a lower job satisfaction

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