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MODULE TITLE : Strategic Management
CODE : BB309
PRE-REQUISITE : BB112 Fundamental of Management
LECTURER : Remie Johan (

ASSIGNMENT: CASE STUDY (30%) – British Petroleum

Students (based on groups) will be given a case prior to the allocated tutorials presentation session. Students are expected to answer all questions listed in the case. This assignment is aimed at providing students the necessary skills in understanding and applying the appropriate management concepts in solving real-life business scenarios.

Instructions to students: 1. Work in groups of 5 people (max). Assignments that do not adhere to these group requirements will not be accepted. Students must submit their Group Name List / Assignment Cover Page (Appendix 1) latest by Week 3 (during tutorial). 2. Students must stick to the same tutorial class throughout the semester, as group/ individual activities will be conducted during each tutorial. Group marks will be given during tutorials.

Written Report Format

• Table of Content 1. Introduction 1. An introduction of the case and concept 2. Content 1. Answer to question # 1 2. Answer to question # 2 3. Answer to question # 3 (if any) 4. Answer to question # 4 (if any) 3. Summary / conclusion about the case
| | |

• Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, 1.5 line spacing, Margin: Left, right, top, bottom – 1” or 2.54cm, Justify all paragraph. • Word Count: not more than 15 pages (excluding cover-page, table of contents, references, appendixes). • Cover page with group name and members in the group • Due date: Week 10, during Lecture Session. Late...

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...forming a rational judgment, the person is said to be sound mind as stated in S. 12. For example, a person who is mentally disable, drunk, suffering of sick and so on is unsound minded. According to "Principles of Business and Corporate law, Malaysia" written by Krishnan, L., Rajoo, P., & Vergis, A.C., (2009), S.37 and S.40 of the Specific Relief Act 1950, the court has discretion to order compensation to the other which justice may require. In the case Tan Hee Juan v The Boon Keat (1934), an infant who was executed transfers of land which it were witnessed and registered. The court held the transfer of an infant is void. Besides, the case Leha bte. Jusoh v. Awang Johari bin Hashim(1978) is about a minor entered into a contract to purchase of land. The Court ordered the adult to refund the purchase price to the minor. A contract entered by a minor is void according S.66. The law is always protecting the minor. In the case Mohori Bibee v. Dhurmodas Ghose(1903) is about a minor who executed a...

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