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Volkswagen Do Brasil - Driving Strategy with the Balanced Scorecard

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the diagnosis of chemical condition

Product: a new web based chemical assessment tool Product is a web based application that introduces a new levels of rigour and science in the evaluation of chemical fertility.
by the Australian chemical engineering company, Client, the technology incorporated in Product utilises both xx analysis* and xx testing# to develop a comprehensive assessment of chemical condition.
the software generates a chemical condition index for each chemical sample to assist customers and partners to grasp the efficiency of that chemical in accessing and utilising required nutrients to support compound and animal production. Product has been designed and developed as an easy to use and intuitive web based application to facilitate a high level of adoption by field partners and their farming clients as the primary market for this new technology. Product’s diagnosis of a larger range of chemical analytics than traditional chemical assessments is the key point of difference in developing a more detailed and accurate diagnosis and recommendation of required chemical treatments.
creation of the web-­‐based Product software that utilises algorithms that draw on recognised relationships between chemical, biological and physical variables at work in the chemical, allows users to generate a much more accurate assessments of their chemicals than has previously been available.
represents a significant step forward in developing more accurate and cost effective chemical treatments recommendations that will improve performance for producers in all chemical reliant industries.

The value drivers for Product The aim of Product is to improve the accuracy of chemical assessment for managers of chemicals. Accurate chemical assessment leads to improved productivity per season and increased profitability per hectare.
chemical assessment is a critical driver of land use management and a continual process because: •

Xx changes to chemical condition requires continual adjustment to xx management requirements each year and within a year. So there is a requirement to test chemicals at least annually to determine optimal chemical, xx and xx productivity and balance this against production budget constraints.

Most xx have multiple chemical types that require different recommendations over the course of xx. chemical and compound tissue testing generates an opportunity to test a single location at least twice xx per xx type (….).

The increased adoption of precision xx equipment allows greater accuracy and efficiency of application leading to better returns xx under management, however the required applications change with xx type, chemical xx status and xx conditions.

In developed economies there is an increased focus on xx of production management programs, leading to an increased desire or requirement for accurate record maintenance and accessible data to confirm treatments by xx and chemical location.

The four critical stages in accurate chemical assessment

Step 1: Collection

Ensure a proper collection process: each xx must be separately collected (….).
Key requirement in this step is to ensure representative samples drawn for xx each chemical type.

Step 2:

Step 3: Diagnosis

Step 4:

Use an independent accredited xx to ensure consistent, repeatable analysis per sample
(….). In xx this means any x with x accreditation (….).

Assess key variables individually and assess correlations in key measurements to make a proper diagnosis of chemical condition. Develop a holistic chemical treatment recommendation taking into account both xx, xx type, expected water availability and xx methods.

Key requirement in this step is to request the correct types of analysis. Version 1 of Product has been designed to generate the most accurate diagnosis of a chemical sample based on the successful approach of Client proven approach. Version 2 of Product will automatically generate a complete xx recommendation for a given chemical sample.

How to use Product: step by step
1 – customer or Partner collect representative chemical samples for top two chemical xx and forward to independent xxx xx requesting XXX level of testing. This is the normal process conducted by most customers/partners today.
2 – Independent chemical laboratory provides data in Product file format from xx system. Only change from normal practice is the transmission of specific file format to XXXX
3 – Data is uploaded into Product by Partner or customer and Product diagnosis is run through the app.
4 – Product automatically prepares the diagnosis on each chemical horizon and links horizon assessment from same chemical location to generate a complete chemical site diagnosis for the client.
5 – The Partner (or customer) can manually input a recommended treatment based on the Product diagnosis
future versions, a significant additional service will be introduced:
5A – An automatic recommendation on chemical treatment is generated by Product. The user has the ability to accept this automatic recommendation or manually create an alternative, however the user cannot amend the automatic recommendation. The diagnosis and recommendations are maintained in the Product database for future reference and access by the user. Records are maintained each time the results of a sample are accessed including the time a diagnosis is run, a report is sent to a third party or a manual or automatic recommendation is generated.

Commercialising Product
model for Software as a Service (SaaS)
markets : 1 – partners: Primary market. Provides technical support to key advisers to customers. Most partners have multiple clients, each with multiple chemical types to manage.

Base operating model for partners is either ‘fee for service’ (independent or high service corporates) or generating revenue through the sale of products (corporately employed partners)

The aim is to direct the marketing effort towards partners but provide the service to them without cost (for the initial ‘diagnosis only’ version. Later versions incorporating ‘diagnosis and recommendations’ may incorporate a charge.
– customers: Secondary market but the final decision makers on chemical treatments. Require chemical analysis by chemical type to be recorded and used to calculate necessary expenditure to produce crops and sustain chemical health.

Fees for the ‘commercial’ release of Product will be charge per test result to the customer (or Partner’s client). Fees will be collected before the analysed data uploaded from the laboratory can be accessed. Fee per test modelled on $xx/test result + GST for ‘diagnosis’ only access. Later versions to incorporate additional fees for ‘diagnosis and recommendation’ assessments per chemical sample.
– Licencing fees: Licencing fees to be applied to providers of information platforms (e.g. xx, xx, xx, xx) who will seek to incorporate Product into their offerings.

Accessing Product: a progressive technology extension
-­‐ Stand-­‐alone on-­‐line hosting: : the initial offering
will be available as a ‘stand-­‐alone’ application that can be downloaded and utilised by users through their preferred digital platforms. It will be available as a digital app that is iPhone and Android system compatible.

2 -­‐ On-­‐line platform providers of ag-­‐tech applications In addition to offering a ‘stand-­‐alone’ application, Product will be accessible through ‘on-­‐line’ data management platforms such as xx, xx, xx and xx. These hosting platforms aggregate useful services for customers to create a holistic record of xx management activities as well as developing detailed maps and budgets to assist customers to remotely plan, execute and record xx activities.
-­‐ Corporate providers of ‘end to end’ precision xx solutions for customers
introduces a key component of data analysis for providers of precision xx equipment. Companies such as xx , xxx, xx , xx, xx and xx are building out complete service platforms that aim to provide an extensive and integrated range of required products and services for customers. None of these companies has yet to develop a digital platform that incorporates chemical assessment with the level of scientific rigour that Product does.

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