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The Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle Volkswagen is an old car that has been around for decades. The first Beetle was made by Adolf Hitler in Germany in the year of 1938. That makes this car over 75 years old. They prices the first Beetle at $106 on average to an average family. Not like the cars at the time, it had an engine that could go over 100km without using more than 7 liters of gasoline. For that reason it was presented the nickname “the people’s car”.
Now, the Beetles have been modified to be different. Since there are so many different models in different years, I chose one that when I think beetle, I think the Volkswagen New Beetle GL Hatchback 2b. Most people don’t know what it is called but see the picture below to get a good idea.

This particular car has a 1984cc, 2 liter in-line 4 engine with 82.5 mm bore, 92.8 mm stroke, 10 compression ratio, and overhead cam, three valve per cylinder, air-cooled and with a torque of 122ft at 2600rpm. As well as a horsepower of 115mph at 5208rpm. Also, this car goes 21 mpg on city roads and 28mpg on the highway with a 14.5 gallon tank.
For this particular car, the pricing varies. If you want a brand new, 2015, beetle, the price would average at about $24,993. If you were to get a used, 2000, beetle, the price would average at $3920. Now, the oldest beetle you can get is from 1998, still, that is over 15 years old. Anyway, it wouldn’t be as long as you think. The average for that year and model of the beetle would be $2953. Still pretty low, but not that low.
The measurements for the Volkswagen New Beetle GL Hatchback 2b are small. The height is 4ft, 11.5in. The ground clearance for the car is 4.2in. The width for the car is tiny. It is not a very wide car. It’s only 5ft and 5.9in. This car is not very long either. It is only 13ft and 5in long. So this car is a good fit if you are a college student or live in an apartment were the parking spaces are small.
All though it was called the peoples car, I would not recommend this car with anyone in a big family or someone who carpools a lot. Like I said before, if you are a college student or live were parking spaces and roads are small, than this would be the perfect car for you. I personally like the style of the car, but it is way too small for me and the price is way too high for a car that is not so efficient. That is my personal thought, but it’s up to you.

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