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Volunteeing Students Makes for Better People

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Volunteering students makes for better people
Paula Kehoe
College communication skills – CMM110-32
Professor Rhett Andrew
Wednesday, October, 3, 2012 Volunteering students makes for better people
Thesis Forcing students to volunteer teaches them to be overall better people.
Controlling Ideas
1. Communication skills.
2. Teaches the student responsibility.
3. It can build character: raise self-esteem and personal development.
Body paragraph:
Volunteering for a high school student can be stressful at times. It can also do a lot of good though, by using up some free time high school students seem to have. High school students getting pregnant and in trouble with the law are outstanding compared to those on the honour roll. By getting the student to communicate with more people broadens their horizons. Having them see there is more in this giant world then just the name brand pants they have on, and the accomplishment of working hard to be able to buy the nice things in life. Having students volunteer teaches them the responsibility of the real world. They have a duty to fulfill, accountability, and people now depend on them. If something came up like a test they may need to study, they need to call the boss to plan for someone else to take their shift. The student may have the responsibility to open or close the store for daily operations, to follow the daily cleaning instructions or maybe just stock shelves. If these responsibilities are not met by the student, they may be fired. This too is also part of the learning process. When the student takes on the responsibility of volunteering this will help build character in the student, attribute to personal growth, raise their self-esteem and learn practical skills. This may also be the students the first real experience in the working sector of the real world. In an article in

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