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• I volunteer at the Kindred Rehabilitation center, located at Ira E Woods Ave in Grapevine to learn about the elderly. Although, when I joined the organization, I wasn’t too sure of what to expect so, I decided to visit one of their facility on a lovely weekend for four hours between 11am and 3pm. Apparently, on getting there, most of the residents were just getting up while others were walking towards there lounging area for their lunch. I sat with them to discuss issues within the facility. Interestingly, a lot of valuable information regarding this diverse community was shared. Specifically, the issue with the religion code of conduct between the employees and the management. The board of management has just accommodated the Muslims female employees to use hijab within the facility but unfortunately, some of the residents find it offensive because of their misconceptions. I totally understand how our society view Muslims, especially Muslim women who wear the veil or hijab since the past decade and particularly since the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Muslim community in the United States has experienced an increased level of social and religious scrutiny. The diverse group and people that we work with has shown how easy it can be to stereotype one another based on background, race, culture and belief. I have always thought Nursing home (Rehabilitation centers) were only for the elderly but I later came to realize that it’s not only for the elderly. Perhaps, anybody of any age group can end up in nursing home and there are various kinds of aliment each individual battles with and some happened to be there due to him/her recovering from surgery, but most people are patient of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. It’s a temporary home for some residents and permanent home for other residents, that’s why they have the long-term care hall and short-term...

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