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WHEN TO RE-REGISTER: If you have moved since you last registered to vote, wish to change your party registration, or have changed your name, you need to re-register as soon as possible. You must register by October 22, 2012 to be able to vote in the November 6, 2012 Presidential General Election. WHERE TO OBTAIN A VOTER REGISTRATION FORM: Anyone who is eligible to register to vote in California can use the new California Online Voter Registration system. You can find the online process at the Registrar of Voters website at Click on Register to Vote and follow the instructions. Voter registration cards are also available and can be found at Post Offices, Department of Motor Vehicles offices, Library buildings, various City Clerk offices, and the Registrar of Voters office. NOTE: You can check the status of your registration by visiting Follow the prompts to verify your voter registration. VOTE BY MAIL BALLOT

PERMANENT VOTE BY MAIL VOTER: If you are currently a vote by mail voter, you will automatically receive your mail ballot. To confirm your voting status and see your polling location, review the colored mailing label on the back cover of this pamphlet. If the label indicates you are a permanent mail ballot voter, please do not reapply --- we begin mailing the vote by mail ballots on October 9, 2012. If you do not receive th your ballot by October 18 , please call the Registrar of Voters office at 858-565-5800. TO VOTE BY MAIL FOR THIS ELECTION: If you wish to vote by mail for this election only, complete the application on the back cover of this pamphlet, and either mail, fax (858-694-2955), or email ( the application to the Registrar of Voters, 5201 Ruffin Road, Suite I, San Diego, CA 92123. Mail Ballot applications must arrive at the Registrar’s office no later than 5:00 pm, October 30, 2012. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT MAIL BALLOT: The deadline to return your mail ballot is 8:00 pm Election Day (postmarks do not count). Ballots received after 8:00 pm will not be counted. You can track and confirm when your ballot was mailed to you and when your voted ballot was received by the Registrar of Voters by visiting IMPORTANT REMINDERS CONCERNING YOUR SIGNATURE Your mail ballot return envelope must be signed and your signature must match the original signature on your voter registration card. Your signature must be written and not printed, unless you printed your signature on your original registration card. Please review instructions included with your vote by mail packet. If you have any questions, please call the Registrar of Voters office at 858-565-5800.
N SD 188-001

• •


Spanish ~ Espanol Filipino Vietnamese Tieng Viet

1. INSERT VOTER CARD Insert Voter Card received from Poll Worker.

2. SELECT LANGUAGE TOUCH THE BOX next to the language of your choice. Then touch START.


Instructions to Voters
To vote for a candidate, touch the box next to the candidate's name. An 'X' mark will appear in the box to indicate your intent.

Do you like dogs?


Large Text Back

High Contrast
Next Back Next

3. ADJUST SETTINGS Adjust TEXT and CONTRAST to your preference and review instructions. Then touch NEXT.

4. MAKE SELECTION TOUCH THE BOX next to the "YES" or "NO" on the measure.

Touch the Print Ballot button to print and verify your ballot OR Touch the Back button or one of the races on this screen to go back and make changes
(Vote for one)


Minister of Transportation
(Vote for one)

Demonstration Ballot PRECINCT 1 2


********************* PRESIDENT
[x] JOHN DOE --------------------------------------------------MINISTER OF TRANSPORTATION [x] AMELIA EARHART --------------------------------------------------COMISSIONER OF COMIC RELIEF [X] BOB HOPE --------------------------------------------------QUESTION [x] YES ---------------------------------------------------

Comissioner of Comic Relief
(Vote for one)

Do you like dogs?
Back Print Ballot


5. REVIEW SELECTION A summary of your choice will be displayed. Review your selection. To make changes, touch the BACK button or measure. After changing selection, touch SUMMARY. Then touch PRINT BALLOT to generate a paper copy.

6. VIEW PAPER COPY Review to confirm your selection. The paper copy is not a receipt; it is kept and stored as a paper record of your vote.

Reject Ballot

Cast Ballot

7. CAST BALLOT Touch CAST BALLOT to record your vote or touch REJECT BALLOT to return to summary screen to make changes.

8. REMOVE VOTER CARD Once you CAST BALLOT, return Voter Card to Poll Worker. You have now completed voting.


N SD 188-002

VOTERS WITH SPECIFIC NEEDS INFORMATION • Touchscreen Voting To enable you to vote independently and in privacy, each polling location for this election will include a touchscreen (see “Touchscreen Voting Instructions” on preceding page). • Audio Touchscreen Voting Each touchscreen will be equipped with a headset and a telephone-style keypad for audio-based voting. Specific audio touchscreen voting instructions will be available at each polling location. • Accessible Polling Locations The Registrar of Voters Office strives to ensure that each polling location is accessible to all voters, including the disabled and elderly. Please refer to this symbol on the back cover of this pamphlet. If your polling place is not accessible, please call the Registrar of Voters Office at 858-565-5800 for alternative voting methods. You may request to have a ballot brought to an accessible location as near as possible outside the polls. You may also select the assistance of not more than two persons to help you complete your ballot. The Registrar of Voters Office has a TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf). For assistance, please call 858-694-3441. • Compact Discs for Sight-Impaired Voters Sight-impaired voters with access to compact disc will be able to hear about local candidates, analyses, arguments and rebuttals for local th measures on the November 6 , ballot. The compact discs are available in English, Filipino, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese, upon request. For more information about the compact discs, please contact the Registrar of Voters at 858-571-4235, or at


N SD 188-003

Your Choices Do Make A Difference Check Them Carefully
Don't vote for too many


George Washington John Adams

Thomas Jefferson James Madison

Theodore Roosevelt


Vote for no more than the number allowed

Humphrey Bogart Ben McClure Cary Grant Audrey Hepburn Jimmy Stewart


N SD 188-004


Party Nominated Offices
The party label accompanying the name of a candidate for party-nominated office on the general election ballot means that the candidate is the official nominee of the party shown. PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT Vote for One

Voter Nominated and Nonpartisan Offices
All voters, regardless of the party preference they disclosed upon registration, or refusal to disclose a party preference, may vote for any candidate for a voter-nominated or nonpartisan office. The party preference, if any, designated by a candidate for a voter-nominated office is selected by the candidate and is shown for the information of the voters only. It does not imply that the candidate is nominated or endorsed by the party or that the party approves of the candidate. The party preference, if any, of a candidate for a nonpartisan office does not appear on the ballot. FEDERAL UNITED STATES SENATOR Vote for One
DIANNE FEINSTEIN Party Preference: DEM United States Senator ELIZABETH EMKEN Party Preference: REP Businessw oman/Nonprofit Ex ecutiv e

DUNCAN D. HUNTER Party Preference: REP U.S. Representativ e/Marine DAVID B. SECOR Party Preference: DEM Superior Court Clerk



1033 00579 01

N SD 188-005


Voter Nominated and Nonpartisan Offices
All voters, regardless of the party preference they disclosed upon registration, or refusal to disclose a party preference, may vote for any candidate for a voter-nominated or nonpartisan office. The party preference, if any, designated by a candidate for a voter-nominated office is selected by the candidate and is shown for the information of the voters only. It does not imply that the candidate is nominated or endorsed by the party or that the party approves of the candidate. The party preference, if any, of a candidate for a nonpartisan office does not appear on the ballot. STATE MEMBER OF THE STATE ASSEMBLY 75TH DISTRICT Vote for One
MATTHEW HEROLD Party Preference: DEM Enlisted Nav y /Entrepreneur MARIE WALDRON Party Preference: REP Business Ow ner/Councilmember

JIM MILLER Attorney /Arbitrator ROBERT AMADOR Deputy District Attorney



1033 00579 02

N SD 188-006

NANCY CHADWICK Member, Palomar College Gov erning Board of Trustees JOHN HALCON Univ ersity Professor/Educator NANCY ANN HENSCH Special Education Teacher ROSE MARIE DISHMAN Gov erning Board Member, Palomar Community College DARRELL MC MULLEN Gov erning Board Member ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ Teacher/Career Educator

JOSE M. FRAGOZO Electronic Technician/Parent JOE BOLOGNA Parent


STEVE DANON Chief of Staff DAVE ROBERTS Deputy May or/C.E.O.

Write-In Write-In Write-In



1033 00579 03

N SD 188-007

MICHAEL COLLINS Retired E-4 USN RICHARD ALEGRE Maintenance Technician OLGA DIAZ City Councilmember DEBORAH GOODRICH Business Manager DON GREENE Small Business Ow ner CARMEN MIRANDA School Office Manager MIKE MORASCO Escondido Councilman/Businessman

AERON D. WICKES Medical Doctor JEFF GRIFFITH Fire Captain/Paramedic LINDA CAROL GREER Registered Nurse WINSTON F. MC COLL Retired Army Colonel MARCELO R. RIVERA Incumbent NANCY L. BASSETT Incumbent JOHN H. NEAL Registered Nurse Practitioner

Write-In Write-In

Write-In Write-In Write-In

KENNETH C. HUGINS Incumbent MICHELLE FAWCETT Businessw oman/Accountant/Entrepreneur



1033 00580 04

N SD 188-008

EDUCATION. GUARANTEED LOCAL PUBLIC SAFETY FUNDING. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Increases taxes on earnings over $250,000 for seven years and sales taxes by ¼ cent for four years, to fund schools. Guarantees public safety realignment funding. Fiscal Impact: Increased state tax revenues through 2018-19, averaging about $6 billion annually over the next few years. Revenues available for funding state budget. In 2012-13, planned spending reductions, primarily to education programs, w ould not occur. YES

PAYROLL DEDUCTION. CONTRIBUTIONS TO CANDIDATES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Prohibits unions from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. Applies same use prohibition to payroll deductions, if any, by corporations or government contractors. Prohibits union and corporate contributions to candidates and their committees. Prohibits government contractor contributions to elected officers or their committees. Fiscal Impact: Increased costs to state and local government, potentially exceeding $1 million annually, to implement and enforce the measure’s requirements. YES


GOVERNMENT. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE. Establishes tw o-year state budget. Sets rules for offsetting new expenditures, and Governor budget cuts in fiscal emergencies. Local governments can alter application of law s governing state-funded programs. Fiscal Impact: Decreased state sales tax revenues of $200 million annually, w ith corresponding increases of funding to local governments. Other, potentially more significant changes in state and local budgets, depending on future decisions by public officials. YES

BASED ON DRIVER’S HISTORY OF INSURANCE COVERAGE. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Changes current law to allow insurance companies to set prices based on w hether the driver previously carried auto insurance w ith any insurance company. Allow s proportional discounts for drivers w ith some prior coverage. Allow s increased cost for drivers w ithout history of continuous coverage. Fiscal Impact: Probably no significant fiscal effect on state insurance premium tax revenues. YES




1033 00580 05

N SD 188-009

Repeals death penalty and replaces it w ith life imprisonment w ithout possibility of parole. Applies retroactively to existing death sentences. Directs $100 million to law enforcement agencies for investigations of homicide and rape cases. Fiscal Impact: Ongoing state and county criminal justice savings of about $130 million annually w ithin a few years, w hich could vary by tens of millions of dollars. One-time state costs of $100 million for local law enforcement grants. YES

OFFENDERS. PENALTIES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Revises law to impose life sentence only w hen new felony conviction is serious or violent. May authorize resentencing if third strike conviction w as not serious or violent. Fiscal Impact: Ongoing state correctional savings of around $70 million annually, w ith even greater savings (up to $90 million) over the next couple of decades. These savings could vary significantly depending on future state actions. YES



INITIATIVE STATUTE. Increases prison sentences and fines for human trafficking convictions. Requires convicted human traffickers to register as sex offenders. Requires registered sex offenders to disclose Internet activities and identities. Fiscal Impact: Costs of a few million dollars annually to state and local governments for addressing human trafficking offenses. Potential increased annual fine revenue of a similar amount, dedicated primarily for human trafficking victims. YES

LABELING. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires labeling of food sold to consumers made from plants or animals w ith genetic material changed in specified w ays. Prohibits marketing such food, or other processed food, as “natural.” Provides exemptions. Fiscal Impact: Increased annual state costs from a few hundred thousand dollars to over $1 million to regulate the labeling of genetically engineered foods. Additional, but likely not significant, governmental costs to address violations under the measure. YES



1033 00579 06

N SD 188-010

CHILDHOOD PROGRAMS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Increases taxes on earnings using sliding scale, for tw elve years. Revenues go to K-12 schools and early childhood programs, and for four years to repaying state debt. Fiscal Impact: Increased state tax revenues for 12 years---roughly $10 billion annually in initial years, tending to grow over time. Funds used for schools, child care, and preschool, as w ell as providing savings on state debt payments. YES

DISTRICTS. REFERENDUM. A “Yes” vote approves, and a “No” vote rejects, new State Senate districts draw n by the Citizens Redistricting Commission. If rejected, districts w ill be adjusted by officials supervised by the California Supreme Court. Fiscal Impact: Approving the referendum w ould have no fiscal impact on the state and local governments. Rejecting the referendum w ould result in a one-time cost of about $1 million to the state and counties. YES



BUSINESSES. CLEAN ENERGY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY FUNDING. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires multistate businesses to pay income taxes based on percentage of their sales in California. Dedicates revenues for five years to clean/efficient energy projects. Fiscal Impact: Increased state revenues of $1 billion annually, w ith half of the revenues over the next five years spent on energy efficiency projects. Of the remaining revenues, a significant portion likely w ould be spent on schools. YES

CITY CITY OF ESCONDIDO PROP N Shall the changes to the City of Escondido’s
General Plan, approved by the City Council in Resolution 2012-54(R), be adopted? YES



CITY OF ESCONDIDO PROP P Shall the City of Escondido be changed from a general law city to a charter city through the adoption of the charter proposed by Resolution 2012-99(R) of the Escondido City Council? YES



1033 00579 07

N SD 188-011

The following pages contain

(whichever are applicable to your ballot) A SEPARATE CALIFORNIA STATE PAMPHLET (IN 8½ x 11 NEWSPRINT) IS PROVIDED BY THE SECRETARY OF STATE AND CONTAINS INFORMATION CONCERNING THE STATE PROPOSITIONS. Arguments in support of or in opposition to the proposed measures are the opinions of the authors and have not been checked for accuracy by any official agency. Senate and Assembly candidates who accepted voluntary spending limits, as well as all candidates for local nonpartisan offices had the opportunity to submit a statement. The following pages may not contain a statement for every candidate, as some candidates chose not to submit one. The statements are the opinions of the authors and have not been checked for accuracy by any official agency. Candidate statement costs are paid by the candidate or, in some cases, by the jurisdiction. (A complete list of candidates appears on the “SAMPLE” version of the Official Ballot in this pamphlet.)
FP-03-03 N SD 188-012




When voters adopted Proposition 14, the State Legislature required elections officials to print a list of candidates endorsed by any qualified political party which submitted its list to the elections official by August 15, 2012. The following parties submitted timely endorsements in these contests. The candidates' names are listed in the order of the Secretary of State's random alphabet drawing. Unchecked boxes indicate no endorsement was received.





















Notice to Voters: Political Party Codes for the November 6, 2012 Election DEM - Democratic GRN - Green REP - Republican LIB - Libertarian AI - American Independent PF - Peace and Freedom AE - Americans Elect


N SD 188-013

State law allows candidates for State Assembly and State Senate who accept voluntary campaign spending limits to submit paid candidate statements in County voter information pamphlets. This is a list of candidates, by party and district, who are eligible to submit statements.


71 State Assembly Patrick J. Hurley, Dem Brian W. Jones, Rep 75 State Assembly Marie Waldron, Rep 76 State Assembly Rocky J. Chavez, Rep Sherry M. Hodges, Rep 77 State Assembly Ruben “RJ” Hernandez, Dem Brian Maienschein, Rep 78 State Assembly Ralph Denney, Rep 79 State Assembly Mary England, Rep Shirley Weber, Dem 80 State Assembly Ben Hueso, Dem Derrick Roach, Rep No No th th th th th th

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes


N SD 188-014

VOTER INFORMATION! Procedure to “Clean Up” The Voter Rolls
To keep the roster of registered voters as accurate as possible and reduce election costs, the San Diego County Registrar of Voters will be using a procedure known as “Alternate Residency Confirmation” that permits removal from the active voter roll the names of those registered voters who have NOT voted in any election or updated their registration in the preceding four (4) years. Following the November 6, 2012 General Election, registered voters who have not voted or updated their registrations during the last four (4) years will be mailed a postcard notice to confirm their residency. The pre-addressed return postage-paid card MUST BE RETURNED to the Registrar of Voters by the registered voter should he or she wish to remain on the active voter roll. If the card is not returned in 15 days, or is returned by the postal service as undeliverable, the voter’s registration will be moved to the inactive voter roll. Registrants on the inactive voter roll are not sent election materials- saving taxpayer dollars--and may be required to show proof of current residency in order to vote in future elections. This notice is a legal prerequisite to using the “Alternate Residency Confirmation” procedure (California Elections Code Section 2224c).


N SD 188-015

UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES th 50 District DAVID B. SECOR Veteran of the Military and the Daily Battles of the Middle Class Age: 65

Thank you for voting. The voters remain the only power greater than money in politics today. I do not ask to represent your interests in Washington just to be something, but to do something. The People expect and deserve a representative who listens. One not tied to special interests, who won't pander to any group. One who focuses solely on advancing the interests of the people, small businesses, agriculture, and on preserving our beautiful backcountry. It is for the children, their future, that we must plant the seedlings of trees whose shade we will never know. Partisan gridlock is inexcusable in a struggling economy. Jobs mean growth, customers for small businesses. We must overhaul our banking, foreign trade and tax policies to add revenue and bring outsourced jobs and industries back to the USA. We must set new priorities. Rebuild America. Cut excess Pentagon spending to strengthen the nation. Future battles will be economic, won or lost in our nation's classrooms. Our Constitutional Rights are under continuous attack. Rights of privacy, freedom and justice for all, they define America. Social Security, Medicare, women's healthcare, public education, the postal system, are important to all our citizens. A 30-year Crest resident, I served in Vietnam with the 1st Air Cavalry in 1968, received a B.A. in Communication at SDSU in 1973, have worked 20 years in the private sector and 19 years in the Courts. Cast your vote for one of your own. A citizen, of and for the people.

It is an honor to serve as your voice in the House of Representatives. The decisions made in Washington, D.C. impact our lives every day. As your representative, I fight for our district, our values and our nation. Years of reckless spending in Congress has created a $16 trillion debt that threatens our future. Borrowing from countries like China puts our economy and our security at risk. I'm working to end wasteful spending, reduce the debt and hold government accountable for how it spends our money. As your representative, my priorities remain: Restoring America's manufacturing base, the true catalyst for our national economy; Eliminating job-killing regulations, taxes and fees that harm small and medium size businesses; Controlling our Southern border to stop the flow of illegal aliens; Ending wasteful, duplicative programs and bureaucracy in the federal government; Achieving energy independence by using our own natural and manmade resources here in North America and; Freeing ourselves from the stranglehold of regimes that negotiate international policy using oil prices. As a Marine, I believe that government's most fundamental purpose is to protect our country and its citizens. I will never waiver when it comes to maintaining our battle-ready military force the best trained and best equipped force on earth - and supporting the families of our troops. With your support, I'll continue to fight for the values that have made us the greatest nation on earth. Please visit my website,, to learn more and see how you can help. Thank you. CS-0150-1
N SD 188-016

STATE ASSEMBLY th 75 District MARIE WALDRON Small Businessowner/Councilmember
I Support: Job Creation by cutting taxes and burdensome regulations Balanced Budgets and a state spending cap Reliable And Affordable Water for our economy and families Proven Taxfighter: I am endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC because of my long record in opposition to higher taxes. A Principled Conservative Reformer: I will fight for balanced budgets without tax increases and support a state spending cap to prohibit spending more money than we bring in. I Mean Business And Jobs: As a local small businessowner, I understand the impact of unfair government regulations, taxes and spending on businesses. Less government equals more jobs. Fighting To Make Our Schools Work Again: Education dollars should be spent in the classroom to help teachers do their job – not on bureaucrats. We need to hold teachers accountable but we must give them the tools to do the job. School choice and competition will benefit education. As a city councilmember in Escondido since 1998, I have fought for fiscal restraint, smaller government and protecting individual liberties. I have been a leader on pension reform and promoting government efficiency. As a parent, I'm concerned about our childrens' future. I will fight to protect our traditional family values. I am active in our community and my church and support many local civic organizations. My husband and I have a school age son who is in Boy Scouts and Little League. We worked to found the successful "Cruisin' Grand" hotrod event in downtown Escondido for the past 13 years.


N SD 188-017

COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 25 ROBERT AMADOR Deputy District Attorney
A vote for Robert is a vote for Experience, Integrity and Justice. Not politics. An experienced prosecutor and only candidate who received the highest possible rating of "well qualified" by the San Diego County Bar Association. Received Sheriff’s Meritorious Unit Citation for work in the Chelsea King investigation and from the FBI for his work on the 99 cent store arsons. Law Enforcement's Choice for Judge. A community leader endorsed by over 80 Superior Court Judges, Sheriff Bill Gore, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, Former Sheriff Bill Kolender, San Diego Deputy Sheriffs, every city law enforcement association in San Diego, PORAC representing 10,000 + officers, firefighter associations, military, business, teachers, and elected officials. Robert has protected San Diego for the past 29 years as a dedicated Deputy District Attorney with expertise in criminal and juvenile court and is a certified Constitutional Law instructor. Robert has made our neighborhoods safer by creating the Drug Endangered Children's Program rescuing and providing treatment for hundreds of children from drug infested homes as well as successfully prosecuting murderers, gang members, rapists, and child predators. Robert has been married for 34 years, has raised four children in San Diego and has coached at Tecolote Youth Baseball for nearly twenty years.

Age: 55

COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 25 JIM MILLER Attorney/Arbitrator
Jim Miller, experienced and qualified in every primary area of Law. Jim has made the tough calls as a Judge Pro Tem and Arbitrator. Highest Rated Candidate by Judge Voter Guide. Professional. Tough. Honest. Experienced. With Jim's victory in the Primary Election it is time for real change and proven leadership in our courts. No more "establishment" judges. No more "limited experienced" attorneys riding a government title to the bench. Experience: Judge Pro Tem. Arbitrator. County of San Diego Hearing Officer. Criminal and Civil Trials. Family Law. State and Federal Trials. NFL Agent. Founded Law Firm. Educator of Attorneys and Law Students. Business Owner. Philosophy: Criminals-Punished. Both Sides to be heard in Civil and Family Courts. Frivolous Cases-Thrown Out. Courts Serve the People. Crystal Harris, Crime Victims Advocate, "I trust Jim Miller to protect the rights of crime victims." Endorsements: Republican Party. UT San Diego. Senators: Anderson, Wyland. Democrats. Judges. Attorneys. La Mesa Firefighters Association. Police. Contractors. Military. Business and Labor. Teachers. Community: Board of Directors Sharp Grossmont Hospital Foundation and Marshall Faulk Foundation. YMCA. Boys/Girls Clubs. San Diego State University Legacy Award. Soccer Coach. Personal: Born/Raised in San Diego. Married. Father of Four. San Diego State University Alumni (Business). San Diego State University Varsity Athlete. Thomas Jefferson School of Law. CS-04A0-1
N SD 188-018

PALOMAR COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Governing Board Member NANCY CHADWICK, MSW, MPA Member, Palomar College Governing Board of Trustees
Professional experience includes thirty-five years in higher education, with 28 years on four University of California campuses: UCLA, UC Riverside, UC San Francisco, and UC Davis Medical Center, in academic planning and budget, capital planning, and management. Education consists of double Masters in Social Work and Public Administration. Elected member of the State Board of Community College Trustees. Served two terms as President of Palomar College Governing Board and the San Diego/Imperial County Community Colleges Association Board Alliance. Appointed member of Oversight Board, Successor Agency of the Vista Redevelopment Agency. Former chair of the Oceanside Planning Commission. Strongly support priority enrollment and career placement for veterans, no student fee hikes, and student success programs to increase graduation rates and guaranteed transfers to four year colleges/universities. Support increases in programs for career technical work force development. Pledge to continue Prop M campus development in the northern and southern parts of the college district for student access and open enrollment. Endorse faculty equity, US History requirement for any Associate of Arts degree, and community non-credit courses. Advocate for adequate Prop 98 funding and property tax backfill. Nancy Chadwick at or 760/945-5365

PALOMAR COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Governing Board Member JOHN HALCON, PH.D. Professor of Education, California State University, San Marcos Second Generation Veteran, United States Air Force Published Author on Contemporary Educational Issues
It's time for a change on the Palomar Community College District Governing Board! Dr. John Halcon represents that change! Dr. Halcon's credentials: Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara; Master of Education and Bachelor of Arts, Loyola Marymount University. From working as a counselor with at-risk students, to serving as the Special Assistant to the University Provost, Dr. Halcon's career as an educator has encompassed all levels of service to students. Dr. Halcon is the breath of fresh air the Palomar Community College District desperately needs! He will not put special interests ahead of the interests of our students! Dr. Halcon's University experience as a Professor, Assistant to the President, and Special Assistant to the Provost, have provided him with the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to effectively govern an educational institution. Dr. Halcon will not waste our taxpayer dollars on needless expenditures! A veteran himself, Dr. Halcon understands the critical need of educating and training our returning veterans to ensure they can compete in today's economy. Dr. Halcon will put students first! He will fight for more resources from Sacramento for both transfer and career-technical courses during this time of record student demand! Endorsed by College Teachers, Students, and Staff Dr. John Halcon is the right choice for the College Board! CS-11P0-1
N SD 188-019

PALOMAR COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Governing Board Member NANCY ANN HENSCH Public School Special Education Teacher
It today's challenging educational environment, Nancy Ann Hensch meets that challenge head-on everyday. Her track record of student success makes her the ideal candidate for the Palomar Community College District Governing Board! Nancy Hensch works with students with special needs from first grade through high school. Nancy Hensch knows first hand how to succeed in today's underfunded educational system. Nancy Hensch has dedicated her career to serving students who are most in need. She will not stand for wasted taxpayer dollars, such as Palomar College's purchase of a $38.3 million building that remains vacant. Students need classes for transfer to four year colleges, and job training to prepare for the workforce. With student fees up 77% in one year, but fewer available classes, Nancy Hensch will fight Sacramento for our fair share of fiscal resources. As PTA President, Nancy Hensch led a fundraising effort to fund Music, Art, and Dance programs at Hope Elementary School. Nancy Hensch also gives back to her community as a classroom volunteer in her daughters’ elementary school, and as "softball mom" for youth softball. Nancy Hensch endorsed by College Professors, Police Officers, Firefighters, Nurses, and Students! Make Nancy Ann Hensch your choice as well for the Palomar Community College District Governing Board!

PALOMAR COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Governing Board Member ROSE MARIE DISHMAN, PH.D./MBA Retired Educator/Senior Administrator
Education Executive with collegial leadership style and proven track record of fiscal efficiency and educational excellence. Focus on success and achievement for students from diverse backgrounds. Formerly President & Regional Vice-President of DeVry University /Professor & Dean and Acting Provost at United States International University. Ph.D. In Physics from the University of California, Riverside and MBA from San Diego State University. 35 plus years experience, committed to ethical, professional, efficient, and dedicated devotion to improving education within Palomar Community College. Husband Dave and I are 22 year residents of Poway. Elected in 2008, currently Vice-President of Palomar's Governing Board. Voter-approved $694M facilities upgrade bond has enabled extraordinary expansion/renovation of Palomar Opened new facilities (Health Sciences, Multi-disciplinary, Planetarium, Industrial Technology, Natural Sciences); other renovations underway. Acquired new facilities/land for Fallbrook, Rancho Bernardo expansion. In good standing with accreditation. Increased graduation by 500 in one year. I have the desire and experience to continue serving as a Trustee of the Palomar Community College. Palomar: Ready to educate today's students with a comprehensive strategy for the future. The voters can take pride in Palomar. CS-11P0-2
N SD 188-020

I continue to be the conservative voice on the Governing Board, focusing on the needs of the students, especially considering the severe cut in funding from Sacramento. Uniquely Qualified: Palomar Community College: Endorsed by the other four Trustees. Twelve years on the board. Serve on the Budget Committee and the Policy & Procedure Committee. Served six years on Palomar College Foundation board. Education: MBA in Government Management and BS Degree in Business Administration. Served several years on Adjunct Faculty (Finance & Accounting) at CSUSM and National University. Professional: 25 years in government financial management at county, city and special district levels. Community: Represent Palomar on the Oversight Board of former San Marcos Redevelopment Agency. City of San Marcos Commissioner (Community Service 2011 and Traffic Safety 2012). Past Board Chair of San Marcos Boys & Girls Club; past board member of San Marcos Chamber of Commerce; and active in Rotary Club. From My Heart: "With voter-approved bond funds for rebuilding and expansion of Palomar College, my professional financial experience is a definite asset for the Governing Board. With many years of teaching at a college level, I certainly understand the value of quality education."

As a high school classroom teacher for the past 25 years, I know first hand what our students need to succeed. When they leave high school, they need a community college that will prepare them for transfer to a four year college, or provide career job training. Sadly, the Palomar Community College District is not up to this task, and our students are suffering as a result. Student fees have risen 77% in one year. Teachers’ salaries have been frozen. Yet, the incumbent Governing Board awarded the College President (who already earns in excess of $260,000 per year) automatic 4% yearly increases. The District purchased a $38.3 million building, at taxpayer expense, which now sits vacant! These types of excesses need to stop! In my 25 year career as a high school teacher, I have served on various budget committees and have extensive experience analyzing school finances. I will not allow our students to continue to miss out on the educational opportunities they deserve. I hold a BA and MA from the University of San Diego. I am endorsed by the Palomar Community College District Teachers and Classified Staff, and the American Federation of Teachers. If elected I will bring a fiscally accountable, student-centered reform vision to the Palomar Community College District.


N SD 188-021

ESCONDIDO UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT Governing Board Member Trustee Area No. 1 JOSE M. FRAGOZO Senior Electronics Technician Age: 47

Jose Fragozo is a responsible and active member and parent in the Escondido community, including his regular attendance at EUSD Board meetings. He served as a former president of the EUSD Parent Advisory Committee, and is currently serving on the EUSD Independent Citizens Oversight Committee (of Prop T funds at EUHSD). His knowledge of the Escondido school systems, the wishes of parents, and the needs of students is frequently sought and respectfully offered. Board members, school administrators, teachers, staff, and parents all know that Jose is a consistent and vigorous voice both for educational progress and also for a demanding educational experience for our young people. Jose Fragozo's professional work at the San Diego Water Authority has convinced him of our students' need for an exceptional science and math education. Jose will build a safe environment in and around our schools, and he will continue to be a voice of reason and public service. His knowledge of school budgets and his fiscal conservatism will guide Escondido during these challenging times. Support high ethical standards and experienced leadership. Vote Jose Fragozo for the EUSD Governing Board.

ESCONDIDO UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT Governing Board Member Trustee Area No. 1 JOSEPH F. BOLOGNA Casino Operations/Parent Age: 56

I have lived in Escondido for over thirty one years. During that time, all three of my children have attended schools in Escondido and have graduated from Escondido High School. I am proud to say that all five members of my family attended college during the past year. I truly believe that a quality education is vital for success in life. My entire residency in Escondido has been within the same district. Now that the districts have been divided into trustee areas, it is crucial that the voters have a choice in who they elect to represent them. As a fiscal conservative, I will honor my fiduciary responsibility in protecting your interest in how your tax dollars are spent for educational purposes. I hope to serve you in this capacity for the next four years. I look forward to your support.


N SD 188-022

COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO Board of Supervisors District No. 3 STEVE DANON Chief of Staff/Founder of Small Business
San Diego County deserves transparent and accountable government. Steve Danon is the only candidate calling to eliminate the $5 million ‛slush’ fund used to buy political favors. With nearly one in 10 San Diegans out of work, Steve believes we must minimize regulations and bureaucracy. It should not take five years for businesses to obtain approvals needed to create jobs. With his private-sector experience, obtained through founding and building his own local business, Steve knows what it takes to help small businesses succeed. Steve will fight for genuine pension reform that will protect taxpayers and apply it to County Supervisors. Steve will push for an Ethics Commission to hold officials accountable. Steve will oppose any increase in taxes and fees to balance the County's budget. Please join San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, Escondido Mayor Sam Abed, Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks, Solana Beach Mayor Joe Kellejian, Del Mar Mayor Carl Hilliard, the U-T San Diego and North County Times, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, and Father Joe Carroll in supporting Steve Danon for County Supervisor. Law Enforcement's choice: Endorsed by Deputy Sheriffs' and Police Officers' Association. Please visit or call me at (858) 395-2133. I’d be honored to have your vote.

COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO Board of Supervisors District No. 3 DAVE ROBERTS Deputy Mayor/Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) Age: 51

In this tough economy, San Diego County needs leaders who deliver. We don't need politicians who are bought and controlled by special interests. We need honest problem solvers with proven track records of delivering results. As your County Supervisor, I will protect our neighborhoods from rampant development, cap county pensions, strengthen fire protection, improve libraries and parks, and protect our coastline and open space. I will be an independent and honest representative, who restores government accountability and promotes job growth. As a corporate leader, I helped create thousands of new jobs at SAIC, turning a small San Diego business into a Fortune 500 company. I have run a successful small business and managed an international non-profit. As the father of five adopted children, I understand the importance of quality schools and opportunities to succeed. As Deputy Mayor of Solana Beach, with a Master's degree in Financial Management, I reformed city pensions and balanced the city budget for eight years. Let's protect our future: Please join Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, San Diego Firefighters, Sierra Club, Joan and Irwin Jacobs, U.S. Green Chamber, Retired Vice Admiral Harold Koenig, and 125 community and planning group leaders supporting Dave Roberts. I would be honored to have your vote. CS-0530-1
N SD 188-023

CITY OF ESCONDIDO Member of the City Council OLGA DIAZ City Councilmember Age: 36

Escondido is a wonderful community that deserves positive recognition and perceptive representation. I love Escondido and have proudly served as an informed and independent voice on the City Council for the past four years. I have guarded against the waste of your tax dollars while insisting on quality development, infrastructure upgrades and support of core services such as libraries and public safety. I have been the strongest advocate of neighborhood preservation, restoration of the Escondido Creek Trail and the re-establishment of our wine industry. I have identified ways to support local business retention and successfully courted new businesses to move to Escondido. In addition, I have served as the City's representative on several regional boards and commissions. I know honesty and hard work as the qualities most admired and rewarded. I welcome public feedback and believe debate is a necessary part of the democratic process. My demonstrated aptitude for fair and logical decision making stems from my degree in accounting and extensive data analysis experience. I will continue to use my analytical skills to enhance efficiency, transparency and access to local government. Vote Olga Diaz

CITY OF ESCONDIDO Member of the City Council DEBORAH GOODRICH Business Manager Age: 59

As a former member of the Rancho Bernardo Community Council, I have been an active community volunteer. My business background is in financial services and not-for-profits. My career spans from brokerage to corporate banking to CEO of a federal credit union. At the latter, I was hired and tasked to return a credit union seized by federal regulators back to a well managed, risk controlled, financially sound institution which I achieved. My volunteer skills are varied. During my work as Chapter President of MADD, I organized a campaign action committee to raise the minimum drinking age as well as implemented elementary school alcohol awareness programs and collaborated with local law enforcement in community out reach programs to educate high school students on drinking and driving issues. My interaction with customers, boards members, employees and volunteers is extensive which has made me a flexible, easy to approach person with good listening skills. As your City Council member, I would work to continue fiscal responsibility, economic development through small business expansion and foster new ideas to help bring a larger share of San Diego's tourism revenue to our community. Thank you for your vote.


N SD 188-024

CITY OF ESCONDIDO Member of the City Council DON GREENE Small Businessman/Senior Advocate Age: 46

The City of Escondido needs a change. Partisan politics have done more to divide our community than unite it. Don Greene is not beholden to a political party; Don will do what is right for the people of Escondido. Don's financial and budgeting background will help get the City's priorities back on track. His plan for restoring essential services will raise the quality of life for Escondido while providing the services that the residents deserve and expect. As a small business owner, Don understands what it means to work hard. As an advocate for mobile home owners in the City of Escondido, Don has proven that he will defend the rights of those who do not have a voice at City Hall. Don has fought hard on behalf of seniors and disabled residents; he fought against the closure of our branch library and has supported our police and fire departments, as well as our public works department and the need for infrastructure improvements. Don prides himself on being knowledgeable about the issues facing the City of Escondido and is not afraid to commit the time and effort to do what's best for Escondido. Vote for Don Greene on November 6th.

CITY OF ESCONDIDO Member of the City Council CARMEN MIRANDA School Office Manager Age: 43

Carmen, her husband, and daughters are long-time residents of Escondido. As a family, they are dedicated to a thriving Escondido. Carmen has been recognized for her extensive civic volunteerism, including past service on the Police Chief's Advisory Team and the Neighborhood Healthcare Board. She is passionate about making public safety more effective, more accountable and healing the deep and unnecessary wounds that have diminished the reputation of Escondido, eroded its tax base, and threatened jobs. Carmen wants a vibrant Escondido. She supports: 1) attracting new businesses to create new jobs, 2) using smart technology to improve traffic flow, 3) enhancing public safety, 4) supporting our library, and 5) restoring the image of Escondido as a welcoming community that is congenial to small businesses, their workers, and our regional clients and shoppers. Carmen is a fiscal conservative who will insist on gaining control of city management salaries and preventing pre-retirement "spiking” that escalates pension costs. It is time to reverse the failing leadership tactics that cynically divide our beautiful community. Celebrate the strengths of Escondido. Vote for balance on the City Council. Vote Carmen Miranda for a responsive, transparent City Council! CS-09F0-2
N SD 188-025

CITY OF ESCONDIDO Member of the City Council MIKE MORASCO Physical Therapist Age: 56

Escondido has been the Morasco Family home since 1967. I graduated from Orange Glen High School (1974) then attended Palomar JC, BYU, CSU Northridge and UCLA. I served two years in South America as a missionary for our church, becoming fluent in Spanish. Upon my return I married my high-school sweetheart, Pam. We have four children and 2 grandchildren, all residing locally. I have been in private practice as a physical therapist and a local business owner for nearly 30 years. I was elected 3 times to the Escondido Union High School Board of Trustees, served on the Valley Center Planning Group, the East Valley (Business) Association, have been involved with the Boy Scouts for several decades and am an active Rotarian. In the 2 years that I have been honored to serve you as a City Councilman, I have been instrumental in balancing the budget, recovering our depleted City reserves and bringing pension reform to the City. I am a strong advocate of public safety including Police DUI / Safety checkpoints, elimination of graffiti, a fortified anti-gang task force, government transparency and local government control. I am a proud fiscal and social conservative and a proven independent decision maker. Please vote Mike Morasco for Escondido City Council!


N SD 188-026

CITY OF ESCONDIDO City Treasurer KENNETH C. HUGINS City Treasurer and CPA
Dear fellow citizen, It is with gratitude and humility that I offer my services to the citizens of Escondido to continue as your City Treasurer. I offer you the following: Experience. I have served as City Treasurer now for over 28 years. I have more than 33 years experience as a CPA , providing conservative and effective financial and business advice. Investments. I have invested your money with wisdom and effectiveness. Avoiding losses and gaining millions of dollars of earnings for our city on safe investments. Efficiency. I am happy to report that I have provided the leadership for many years of effective, yet efficient management. Through the work of many highly skilled and dedicated employees we have achieved remarkable success while reducing costs. Part-time. I have conducted my responsibilities on a part-time, reduced cost basis, returning to you hundreds of thousands of dollars of my salary. Thank you for your support on November 6, 2012 Sincerely, Ken Kenneth C. Hugins, City Treasurer

Age: 59


N SD 188-027

PALOMAR HEALTH DISTRICT Board of Directors JEFF GRIFFITH Fire Captain/Paramedic Age: 45

Jeff Griffith is a twenty-year veteran Paramedic and second generation Firefighter. As a Paramedic, Jeff has over a decade of experience working closely with health care teams at both Palomar and Pomerado hospitals. He regularly attends local advisory councils where regional health care policies are shaped. Jeff knows that high-quality health care can only be provided by seasoned teams of health care providers who have both the individual's and the public interest firmly in mind at all times. Jeff Griffith supports: 1) conservative, thoughtful management of Palomar Health District funds; 2) respect for the dignity of all patients; 3) enhanced coordination between hospitals and the outreach centers that provide care in smaller communities; 4) expanded programs in preventive care to foster healthy lifestyles; and 5) greater opportunities for staff professional growth so all our health care providers can maintain the highest levels of competence and morale. Jeff Griffith is a true advocate for the public and Hospital workers. He is endorsed by over 2,000 Nurses and Patient Care Employees. Jeff brings experience, professionalism, and responsible commitment to all the stakeholders in the Palomar Health District. Vote for Jeff Griffith for the Palomar Health District Board compassionate care. a new and fresh voice for effective,

PALOMAR HEALTH DISTRICT Board of Directors LINDA CAROL GREER Registered Nurse Age: 59

I would like to thank the public in my district for passing Proposition BB and entrusting myself and others to build the hospital of the future. We opened the new, innovative hospital, July 28th 2012. It has been my privilege to serve the public for eight years. I have participated as Vice Chair, Treasurer, and served on numerous committees. I have pursued my Corporate Compliance Professional Fellowship and was able to help educate our organization about the importance of compliance and ethical business practices. I have continued my nursing career and work for a community clinic. I continue to improve my skills through professional development courses in modern nursing at UCSD. I have been an active and licensed RN for over 20 years. Today, more than ever, Health Care issues are complex and require an individual with knowledge about changing financial, legislative, and social issues. As an organization we will continue to keep in mind who we serve You, the public. Patient, quality care and satisfaction must be our primary goal, and if reelected I intend to ensure these remain paramount to our decision making. I look forward to serving you for another four.


N SD 188-028

PALOMAR HEALTH DISTRICT Board of Directors WINSTON F. MC COLL Retired Army Colonel Director, Purchasing and Contracting
Winston McColl would like to serve the community on the board of Palomar Health and apply his 40+ years of public and private sector contract oversight, fiscal assurance and program management to strengthen and promote Palomar Health’s contributions to healthcare and the region. Winston has successfully led large organizations by overseeing hundreds of staff, billions of contract dollars, and multi-million dollar budgets. Palomar Health is experiencing tremendous growth, especially in facilities and infrastructure; therefore, the Board must ensure it can meet its healthcare mission and meeting its financial obligations. Winston will insure that Palomar Health is a successful corporate citizen and healthcare leader. Education: Georgetown University, Bachelors of Science; University of Santa Clara, Masters in Business Administration; Armed Forces Staff College; United States Army War College, and numerous leadership, management, and contract certifications. Qualifications: Director, Purchasing and Contracting, County of San Diego (11 years); State Procurement Administrator (Georgia), Vice-President, Contracts; Army Officer (28 years), and served on the Palomar Oversight bond committee. Winston, and his wife, Kathleen volunteer at Palomar Hospital through the Chaplain's office (7+ years). As a cancer survivor, combat soldier, and volunteer, Winston realizes healthcare is a top priority for everyone. It would be his privilege to represent you on the Board of Directors, Palomar Health.

PALOMAR HEALTH DISTRICT Board of Directors MARCELO R. RIVERA, M.D. Physician/Incumbent
Experience: Physician in community 33 years, member of Hospital Board 12 years, and Past Chief of Staff. Accomplishments: I have been actively involved with construction and completion of the new Palomar Medical Center, an outstanding state-of-the-art hospital serving Escondido and all members of our community and the opening of new Ambulatory Care Centers in Ramona, 4-S Ranch, and San Marcos. I am committed to expanding services in Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Vista, and Valley Center and the redesign of the Escondido downtown campus into a beautiful Women's and Children's Hospital with expanded urgent care and diagnostic services. Palomar Health will remain accessible, affordable and committed to the highest standards for patient care. I will focus on maintaining positive employee relations, recruiting the best doctors, nurses and staff, while expanding services including Trauma, Emergency Room, Women's Services, Behavioral Health, Urgent Care and Wellness Programs. Priorities: Providing safe, excellent, and compassionate patient care for the people in our community. Maintaining fiscal solvency using taxpayers' money wisely. I work for you! Recognitions: California Hospital Association and Association of California Healthcare District Board Member of the Year. I have the background, experience and passion to continue to lead Palomar Health into the future.


N SD 188-029

PALOMAR HEALTH DISTRICT Board of Directors NANCY L. BASSETT Registered Nurse/Incumbent Age: 74

My 36 years as a Registered Nurse in patient care, management, and a medical office have provided current and critical knowledge of the inside issues from employees, patients, families, physicians and management. My focus as your representative of Palomar Health has always been employee and physician satisfaction within the organization, and patient and family satisfaction with the care we provide. As Trustee and Vice-Chair of the Palomar Health Board of Directors, I chair the Quality and Audit/Compliance Committees. When I chaired an ad-hoc committee addressing the nursing needs in San Diego hospitals, we initiated the dream of an RN program at CSUSM. Additionally, I pursued with state and nationally-elected representatives the creation of fast-track entry into local RN programs for retiring veteran corpsmen, and, with an MBA background, I have maintained my own educational growth each year as well, focusing on Leadership and Quality. As a concerned citizen of North San Diego County, I resigned from hospital employment to facilitate successful election to the Palomar Health Board of Directors. My goals continue to be focused on a fiscally-responsible, safe and healing environment for our patients, and to facilitate staff education in all medically-related fields for personal growth and advancement.


N SD 188-030

(This proposition will appear on the ballot in the following form.)

Shall the changes to the City of Escondido’s General Plan, approved by the City Council in Resolution 2012-54(R), be adopted? This proposition requires approval by a simple majority (over 50%) of the voters voting on the proposition.

Full text of this proposition follows the argument.

Under California law, a city is required to adopt a general plan with certain mandatory elements to govern the future development, configuration and character of the City and require that future land use decisions be made in harmony with that general plan. California law allows a general plan to be amended by a majority vote of the City Council after public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council. In 1998, Escondido voters adopted Proposition S, which changed the Escondido General Plan to require that amendments to certain portions of the City's General Plan only occur after a majority vote of the people at an election. Proposition S provides that general plan amendments or specific plans cannot be adopted without a vote of the people if the changes increase residential density, change the general plan residential land use categories, or change certain residential designations (rural, estate, suburban, and urban) to a commercial or industrial designation. Proposition S also requires that policies from the City's General Plan regarding planned development zoning, certain planning areas, clustering of residential development and population objectives cannot be changed except by a vote of the people at an election. On May 23, 2012, the Escondido City Council approved a comprehensive general plan update. Portions of that comprehensive general plan update require approval by the voters pursuant to Proposition S. The provisions of the general plan update which are proposed for adoption by this measure include ten individual geographic areas of the City on which a change in the general plan land use designation is proposed. Three general plan policies are also proposed for amendment. The ten geographic areas, including their current general plan land use designations and the proposed new land use designations, are listed in the ballot measure. Because the amendments either change a residential designation to a commercial and/or industrial land use, or intensify a residential designation, a vote of the people is required pursuant to Proposition S. PR-09F0-1
N SD 188-031


Three general plan policies also require a vote of the people pursuant to Proposition S. The first policy adds text to describe a new Urban V category consisting of multifamily residential, up to 30 units per acre, for use near the downtown core, transit stations, and along certain major thoroughfares. The other two policies proposed for change delete a clustering policy which requires that half of all residential lots back up to open space areas, and delete a numerical population objective. Jeffrey R. Epp City Attorney

Vote YES on the General Plan update to increase PROSPERITY and QUALITY OF LIFE in Escondido. ESCONDIDO has many beautiful neighborhoods, but our community NEEDS JOBS with HIGHER WAGES. The General Plan update will add up to 458 acres for high quality EMPLOYMENT. • • • It adds areas for NEW BUSINESS PARKS for offices, research and development, manufacturing, and assembly. It creates opportunity for LOCAL JOBS with HIGHER WAGES. It REVITALIZES 800 ACRES of existing employment lands.

The General Plan update will PROTECT our existing QUALITY OF LIFE. • • • • • • It leaves densities in 95% of existing residential NEIGHBORHOODS UNTOUCHED. It REVITALIZES facilities and appearance in our EXISTING RESIDENTIAL areas. It follows SMART GROWTH principles by focusing growth in the core of our City near existing streets, transit and services. It adds a new chapter to promote HEALTH and community wellness. It identifies opportunities for NEW PARKS AND TRAILS It adds a new chapter to CONSERVE RESOURCES, including biological, environmental, historical, visual and agricultural.


N SD 188-032

The General Plan update will REVITALIZE our CORE COMMERCIAL AREAS. • It encourages exciting new places to LIVE, WORK AND PLAY by promoting DOWNTOWN condominiums, high-end apartments, offices, restaurants, entertainment and stores. It expands TRANSPORTATION opportunities including bicycle and pedestrian networks, coordinated transit facilities, and traffic calming measures.

The new General Plan will increase revenue for city services with NO NEW TAXES by promoting economic growth. Vote YES on the General Plan update for better JOBS, PROSPERITY and QUALITY OF LIFE in Escondido. SAM ABED, Mayor City of Escondido KATHERINE ZIMMER, President/CEO Escondido Chamber of Commerce JOSE MONFORTE, Owner Cocina Del Charro

SHAWNA CRUISE, President Escondido Downtown Business Association

GEORGE WEIR, President George Weir Asphalt Construction, Inc.


N SD 188-033

Proponents are selling Escondido voters this General Plan Update (GPU) as a way to revitalize downtown. DON'T BE FOOLED. The GPU: • • Will increase downtown density, creating a tremendous traffic nightmare. Will not provide adequate infrastructure planning. This GPU HAS NO POPULATION CEILING, and planners will have no idea how many people to plan for Makes no mention of developers paying fees for the negative impact their building will create. That makes it easier for developers to shift the cost of their development to YOU THE TAXPAYER Does not plan for dealing with the added number of residents. While proponents promise a wonderful downtown area, it will be a CONGESTED NIGHTMARE without plans for increased needs like sewer, water, schools, libraries, parks, and parking WILL NOT PROTECT QUALITY OF LIFE. PRODUCES GROWTH THAT DOES NOT PAY FOR ITSELF BUT YOU WILL. Proponents say economic growth increases revenues without new taxes. THIS IS A MYTH. Will not create opportunities for jobs with higher wages the proponents promise. The ONLY THING THIS GPU GUARANTEES is developer opportunities and a degraded quality of life for you.

• •

For ten years Escondido has wanted "pie in the sky dreams" of a downtown surrounded by condos, and high-end apartments. The result is numerous eyesores in areas like Escondido Boulevard. The GPU will give developers an even freer hand to devastate downtown Escondido. VOTE NO ON PROPOSTION N. KEEP THE CURRENT PLAN AND RETAIN RESIDENT CONTROL OF OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. PAMELA J. STAHL, Member, General Plan Issues Committee DELORES M. MC QUISTON, President, Escondido Chamber of Citizens CONNIE L. WITT JOHN WARD

JERRY C. HARMON, Former Mayor of Escondido


N SD 188-034

The proposed General Plan Update (GPU) would be costly for taxpayers of Escondido because: • • • it would allow developers to pay less for their projects, dumping their costs on us - - the residents. population could increase without limit. quality of life standards would be weakened, resulting in reduced city services and facilities.

The Update is an 'end run' around the Growth Management and Neighborhood Protection Act, Proposition S, passed by 60% of Escondido voters in 1998. • Hundreds of land use changes would be approved in a single vote discussion. and without

How did this happen? A pro-developer council majority appointed 11 of 15 members of the GPU drafting committee from the developer and construction sector. The committee chair is the leading attorney representing the developers and real estate interests before the City. The resulting GPU would change some neighborhoods dramatically. • This GPU is a developer's wish list of potential projects. Weakened quality of life standards allow them to escape paying their fair share for the city services their projects require. And we the taxpayers pick up the tab or suffer from degraded services and facilities such as crowded parks and extreme traffic congestion. Eliminating the population cap would disconnect developer impact fees from the true cost of new projects. Developers will make higher profits at our expense!

As the election of 1998 proved, the vast majority of Escondido residents want a say in zoning changes affecting their neighborhoods. Prop. S protected that right. The GPU transfers that power from the voters to three members of the Council. Rejecting the GPU keeps Escondido's current general plan and sends a clear message to politicians -- voters reject a developer takeover of our city and demand control of the future of our neighborhoods. JOHN S. POMEROY MARLENE M. BEARD PAMELA J. STAHL JOHN WARD DELORES M. MC QUISTON


N SD 188-035

Under the current General Plan, Escondido's MEDIAN INCOME and EMPLOYMENT have fallen to the LOWEST IN NORTH COUNTY. The opponents mistakenly believe the General Plan Update is about population growth. It is not. It is about JOB GROWTH and PROSPERITY. The opponents mistakenly claim many things: • The "population could increase without limit." WRONG The Update does not increase the number of homes allowed in Escondido. Section II-G of the Update specifically limits the number of homes that can ever be built. The Update lowers Quality of Life Standards. WRONG The standards for police, fire, schools, libraries, open space, parks, water, sewer, and air quality are unchanged. The traffic standard is unchanged except in downtown where it reflects the community's desire for a more vibrant and prosperous environment. The Update allows developers to pay less. WRONG The Update does not eliminate, lower or defer any development fee. Financing Policy 3.1 requires fees to be maintained and updated. Public Facility

The Update will cause more roadway congestion. WRONG Chapter III of the Update calls for street widening in key locations and new traffic calming measures, improved public transportation, greater non-automobile travel and the creation of bike and pedestrian-friendly streets. The Update is an "end run" around Prop S. WRONG The Proposition S requirement for voter approval of land use changes is continued wordfor-word in General Plan Review and Amendment Policy 17.6.

Don't be fooled by misleading information and outdated thinking, vote YES for JOB GROWTH and PROSPERITY. JAN JACKSON, Chair of the San Diego North Economic Development Council ANGELO DAMANTE, Business Leader MARK BAKER, Business Leader

KATHERINE ZIMMER, President/CEO Escondido Chamber of Commerce

SHAWNA CRUISE, President, Escondido Downtown Business Association


N SD 188-036

WHEREAS, on May 23, 2012, the City Council considered, and by Resolution No. 2012-52(R) approved, a comprehensive General Plan Update (excluding the Housing Element) to establish a “blueprint” for the future growth of the City; and

WHEREAS, the General Plan states that amendments to specified policies and intensification of permitted land uses in the residential areas of the City shall require the voters to approve such changes; and

WHEREAS, the General Plan further states that amendments increasing residential density permitted by law; changing, altering, or increasing the General Plan residential land use categories; changing any residential to commercial or industrial designation on any property designated rural, estate, suburban, and/or urban; amending policies readopted and reaffirmed by the voters shall be approved by the voters; and

WHEREAS, the City Council approved Resolution 2012-53(R) certifying the General Plan EIR’s conformance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and has determined that it is complete and adequate for this project; and

WHEREAS, this City Council has considered the staff report, the Planning Commission recommendations, and public testimony presented at the Council meeting;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Escondido, California, as follows:


That the above recitations are true.


N SD 188-037


That the City Council has reviewed and considered the environmental review and has

certified the EIR, environmental findings, and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program previously issued for the project.


That the City Council approves and directs staff to prepare the following amendments

to the General Plan, as described below, for consideration of the voters at the next general election.


Area 1. Approximately 7 acres located north and south of Nutmeg Street

immediately west of Centre City Parkway and immediately east of Interstate 15 proposed for redesignation from Estate II (single family estate; up to 2 units/acre) to Office as described in Exhibit “A,” which is attached to this Resolution and incorporated by this reference. b. Area 2. Approximately 127 acres located immediately east of Interstate 15,

immediately west of Centre City Parkway and South Iris Lane, north of El Norte Parkway, including properties along Imperial Drive and Seven Oakes Road proposed for redesignation from Suburban (single family; up to 3.3 units/acre) to Specific Plan Area #13 for employment uses on approximately 102 acres and Urban I (single family; up to 5.5 units/acre) on approximately 25 acres as described in Exhibit “A.” c. Area 3. Approximately 85 acres located immediately south and east of

Country Club Drive, southeast of Auto Park Way, west of Citracado Parkway, including properties along Ross Drive and Ginger Way proposed for redesignation from Estate I and Estate II (single family estate; up to 1 and 2 units/acre respectively) to Specific Plan Area #8 for employment uses as described in Exhibit “A.” d. Area 4. Approximately 86 acres located generally south and east of

Harmony Grove Road, west of Hale Avenue, and immediately north of Avenida del Diablo proposed for redesignation from Estate I and Estate II (single family estate; up to 1 and 2 units/acre respectively) to Specific Plan Area #8 for employment uses as described in Exhibit “A.”


N SD 188-038


Area 5.

Approximately 17 acres located immediately south and east of

Harmony Grove Road and north west of Escondido Creek proposed for redesignation from Urban I (single family up to 5.5 units per acre) to Light Industrial as described in Exhibit “A.” f. Area 6. Approximately 66 generally acres located on the east and west side

of Interstate 15 and on both sides of Citracado Parkway, Gamble Lane and Felicita Road proposed for redesignation from Suburban (single family; up to 3.3 units/acre) and Estate II (single family estate; up to 2 units/acre) to Planned Office as described in Exhibit “A.” g. Area 7. Approximately 28 acres located on the south side of Ninth Avenue,

east of Valley Parkway, and on both sides of Del Dios Highway proposed for redesignation from Urban IV (multifamily residential up to 24 units/acre) to add a mixeduse overlay allowing commercial and office uses as described in Exhibit “A.” h. Area 8. Approximately 45 acres located between 6th and 13th Avenues, and

between Pine and Redwood Street proposed to retain the existing Urban I (single family up to 5.5 units per acre) and Urban II (multi-family residential up to 12 units/acre) residential densities and to add a mixed use overlay for adaptive re-use allowing smallscale, residentially-compatible employment opportunities as described in Exhibit “A.” i. Area 9. Approximately 44 acres located on Amanda and Gamble Lanes,

north of Calle Catalina and west of Golden Crest Drive proposed for redesignation from Estate I (single family estate; up to 1 unit/acre) to Estate II (single family estate; up to 2 units/acre) as described in Exhibit “A.” j. Area 10. Approximately 22 acres located on both sides of Orange Street

between Centre City Parkway and Escondido Boulevard, between 6th and 15th Avenues proposed for redesignation from Urban IV (multifamily residential up to 24 units/acre) to Urban V (multifamily residential up to 30 units/acre) as described in Exhibit “A.”


N SD 188-039


That the City Council approves and directs staff to prepare the following policy text

amendments to the General Plan, as described below, for consideration of the voters at the next general election:


Add the following text in General Plan Figure II-6 (General Plan page II-22)

describing Urban V (multifamily residential up to 30 units/acre): Higher density multi-family residential units, town homes and apartments, flats and condominium. This designation is appropriate near the downtown core, transit stations, along major thoroughfares in close proximity to shopping centers, entertainment, community facilities and employment opportunities to provide residential the opportunity to live near work and amenities. b. Delete the following General Plan Residential Clustering Policy 5.11 (General

Plan page II-103): Under the cluster provisions, at least 50 percent of all residential lots must back up to open space areas. c. Delete the following General Plan Community Character Policy 1.14 (General

Plan page II-95): The City Council will consider ordinances or policies intended to meet the maximum population objectives of 150,000 to 165,000 with a maximum anticipated population of 155,000.


N SD 188-040

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 1 of 10


N SD 188-041

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 2 of 10


N SD 188-042

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 3 of 10


N SD 188-043

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 4 of 10


N SD 188-044

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 5 of 10


N SD 188-045

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 6 of 10


N SD 188-046

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 7 of 10


N SD 188-047

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 8 of 10


N SD 188-048

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 9 of 10


N SD 188-049

Resolution 2012-54(R) Exhibit A Page 10 of 10


N SD 188-050

(This proposition will appear on the ballot in the following form.)

Shall the City of Escondido be changed from a general law city to a charter city through the adoption of the charter proposed by Resolution 2012-99(R) of the Escondido City Council? This proposition requires approval by a simple majority (over 50%) of the voters voting on the proposition.

Full text of this proposition follows the argument.

All California cities are either general law cities or charter cities. adoption of a charter for the City of Escondido. Measure P proposes the

Escondido is presently a general law city, subject to all applicable provisions of state law. If Measure P passes, Escondido will become a charter city and will be able to exercise greater control over matters of local concern. The charter would serve as the City's constitution and would provide the City with the authority permitted by law to control its municipal affairs. The full text of the charter is included in the ballot pamphlet. The following summarizes the key provisions of the proposed charter: The City is granted all powers that may be lawfully exercised by a charter city over its municipal affairs. All local laws not in conflict with the charter remain in effect unless repealed, amended, changed or superseded. The existing Council-Manager form of government and the elective officers of the City will not change. Four Councilmembers and the Mayor are elected at large. The charter will require four Councilmembers to be elected by residents of their Districts. The Mayor will continue to be elected from the City at large. The salaries of the Mayor and Councilmembers will continue to be set by state law which does not require voter approval. The City Council will set duties and compensation of the City Treasurer by ordinance. The Charter will repeal Proposition N which formerly established the City Treasurer's duties and salary. The City Council will establish the Council Districts by December 31, 2013. The District boundaries may be altered when necessary. The City Council can fill vacant elective offices within 30 days by appointment or by calling for an election.


N SD 188-051

The proposed charter states the City Council can return to an at-large method of election upon the invalidation or repeal of the California Voting Rights Act (California Elections Code §§ 1402532). The charter increases local control over the public contracting process by exempting the City from state statutes regulating public contracting except as provided by ordinance or agreement of the City Council. The California Supreme Court recently decided that charter cities can exempt themselves from state law requiring the payment of prevailing wages on public works contracts. The charter prohibits the City from requiring the payment of prevailing wages on City contracts unless required by state or federal grants, the contract does not involve a municipal affair, or the prevailing wages are authorized by the City Council through a resolution. The proposed charter states the City will promote fair and open competition for all City construction projects. The charter will prohibit the City from deducting political contributions from the wages of City employees. In the future, the charter may be adopted, amended or repealed by majority vote of the electorate. A "yes" vote will be in favor of adopting the charter. A "no" vote will be opposed to adopting the charter. Jeffrey R. Epp City Attorney


N SD 188-052

A YES vote on the Escondido Charter, our local constitution, will protect Escondido taxpayers and promote greater local control. Sacramento politicians have meddled in local decisions, run up billion-dollar deficits, and ignored the interests of our community. Sacramento continues to impose unfunded mandates on our local government while dictating how we spend our tax dollars. By voting YES to make Escondido a Charter city, our citizens will have the maximum constitutional authority to deal with our municipal affairs and prevent Sacramento from wasting our tax dollars. The charter will: • • • • Transfer power away from Sacramento politicians and into the hands of Escondido residents where it belongs. Protect taxpayers by exempting Escondido from paying state-mandated wages on city funded projects such as local roads, park improvements, sidewalks, and libraries. Save millions in tax dollars by requiring competitive bidding for services and ensure fair and open competition for all public construction projects. Prohibit City councilmembers from unilaterally raising their own salaries.

Voters in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Del Mar, Santee, and San Diego have chosen to become Charter cities. Now it's our turn. The citizens of the 121 Charter cities in the state believe that city residents deserve local control of their government. By joining these cities, Escondido's voters will be sending the message to Sacramento that "Enough is Enough!" YES to local control. YES to taxpayer protection. YES to the Escondido Charter.

MARIE WALDRON Deputy Mayor, City of Escondido JOSE MONFORTE Escondido Business Owner

KATHERINE ZIMMER President, Escondido Chamber of Commerce DENNIS "COACH" SNYDER Founder, Escondido Charter High School LANI LUTAR President, San Diego County Taxpayers Association


N SD 188-053

_____________________________________________________________________________ The protection of Escondido taxpayers is best achieved by voting NO on the Escondido City Charter. • Those in favor claim charter status will transfer power to local residents. NOT TRUE! The charter puts power in the hands of a very few powerful politicians. • Escondido taxpayers need to know that charter cities cannot exempt themselves from paying higher wages for projects using any state or federal funds. • Escondido, as a general law city, is required to have competitive bidding. The charter removes this important taxpayer protection. • Measure P could actually INCREASE the cost of city contracting by allowing the City Council to award public works contracts to firms that are NOT the lowest qualified bidder. • Escondido taxpayers should not be fooled by the clever language that says the Council cannot raise its salary. NOT TRUE! This charter has a loophole -- it limits only salary, not total compensation. Car allowances, pay for service on boards and commissions, health plans and excessive retirement benefits are not limited. • This charter was written with few citizen recommendations. Voters in many cities now regret their decision to become charter cities. According to a recent Los Angeles County Grand Jury report, charter cities have serious fiscal accountability problems. Escondido doesn't need a new constitution. We've been a great general law city since 1888. Vote NO on Proposition P -- it's risky, unnecessary and misleading. Learn more at CHRISTINE NAVA, Steering Committee Member JOHN WARD

TANIA L. BOWMAN, Steering Committee Member


N SD 188-054

A few politicians not the citizens -- have decided that Escondido needs to change from a general law city to a charter city form of government, falsely claiming that the change will save money. Escondido has operated successfully for more than 120 years as a general law city with the checks and balances of state law and the consent of its citizens. This proposed Charter is bad for Escondido because it would: • • • • • • • • • Give broad and additional powers to a few politicians. Allow new taxes and fees without a vote of the citizens. Make deficit spending possible. Empower the City Council to increase its pay and perks (Government Code Section 36516). Encourage backroom secret deals and favoritism by giving contracts without competitive bidding or assuring competence of contractors. Require frequent costly elections to change the charter -- $50,000 to $75,000 per election and could lead to expensive litigation. Allow the City Council to change zoning in violation of the General Plan, invalidating the vote of the citizens. Permit arbitrary election criteria that might not be consistent with time-honored standards. Divide the city into electoral districts and allow longstanding politicians to design their own districts -- with no term limits!

Becoming a charter city is a dangerous and uncertain change for Escondido. California charter cities like Bell, Maywood, and Vernon recently found themselves embroiled in embarrassing corruption, scandals, and costly litigation. Three charter cities of Escondido's size (San Bernardino, Stockton and Vallejo) have recently filed for bankruptcy because of the lack of checks and balances required of general law cities. Becoming a charter city will shift the power from the people of Escondido into the hands of a powerful few, for now and far into the future. Vote "NO" on the Charter.



SID HOLLINS Escondido Mayor 1994-1998


N SD 188-055

Vote Yes on P for Taxpayer Savings • Proposition P the Escondido Charter - will save as much as $16 million of our tax dollars through more efficient city construction practices. • We can use that savings to fix potholes, hire police, increase library hours, and maintain parks. • Our North County neighbors in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Del Mar already run well managed charter cities with taxpayer savings currently denied to Escondido. • The opponents cite unique mismanagement problems in Los Angeles cities. That's misleading! The Escondido Charter's protections will prevent Los Angeles style corruption. • Escondido's Charter will promote a stable budget and protect local money from State raids. This will lead to surpluses, not deficits. Vote Yes on P for Local Government • Our Charter was written by Escondido citizens for the benefit of Escondido. • Opponents want to remain a general law city - run by the State - because they benefit from big government programs pushed by state politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists. We strongly disagree! Our state government is a mess. Let's not repeat Sacramento's mistakes. • Our Charter puts the responsibility and accountability for managing our city at the local level. • It empowers our neighborhoods not Sacramento!

• Escondido elected officials will be held accountable to Escondido citizens. Vote Yes on P for Escondido's New Charter Visit to read the Charter yourself. Learn more about the Charter's benefits and review detailed responses to the opponent's misleading arguments. Yes on P for taxpayer savings. SAM ABED Mayor of Escondido ERNIE COWAN Former Mayor of Escondido Yes on P for freedom from Sacramento. ROSA E. RUIZ Board Member, Escondido Chamber of Commerce LANI LUTAR President, San Diego County Taxpayers Association

LINDA BAILEY Treasurer, San Diego North Economic Development Corporation


N SD 188-056

WE THE PEOPLE of the City of Escondido declare our intent to restore to our community the historic principles of self governance inherent in the doctrine of home-rule. Sincerely committed to the belief that local government has the closest affinity to the people governed and firm in the conviction that the economic and fiscal independence of our local government will better serve and promote the health, safety and welfare of all of the citizens of Escondido, we do hereby exercise the express right granted by the Constitution of the State of California to enact and adopt this Charter for the City of Escondido.

Article 1 Municipal Affairs Section 100. Municipal Affairs Each of the responsibilities of governance set forth and described in this Charter, and as established by the Constitutional, statutory and judicially defined law of the State of California, is hereby declared to be a municipal affair or concern, the performance of which is unique to the benefit of the citizens of the City of Escondido. Section 101. Powers The City shall have all powers that a City can have under the Constitution and laws of the State of California as fully and completely as though they were specifically enumerated in this Charter. The enumeration in this Charter of any particular power, duty or procedure shall not be held to be exclusive of, or any limitation or restriction upon, this general grant of power. Section 102. Incorporation and Succession The City shall continue to be a municipal corporation known as the City of Escondido. The boundaries of the City of Escondido shall continue as now established until changed in the manner authorized by law. The City shall remain vested with and shall continue to own, have, possess, control and enjoy all property rights and rights of action of every nature and description owned, had, possessed, controlled or enjoyed by it at the time this Charter takes effect, and is hereby declared to be the successor of same. It shall be subject to all debts, obligations and liabilities, which exist against the City at the time this Charter takes effect. All lawful ordinances, resolutions, rules and regulations, or portions thereof, in force at the time this Charter takes effect and not in conflict with or inconsistent herewith, are hereby continued in force until the same have been duly repealed, amended, changed or superseded by proper authority.

Article 2 Form of Government Section 200. Form of Government This municipal government established by this Charter shall be known as the "Council-Manager" form of government. The City Council will establish the policy of the City and the City Manager will carry out that policy.


N SD 188-057

Article 3 Elected Officers Section 300. Enumeration and Term The elected officers of the City shall consist of: A City Council composed of five members who are registered voters of the City, four to be residents of their respective Districts and nominated and elected only by the residents of their respective Districts. The fifth shall be nominated and elected from the City at large and shall hold the office of Mayor. Other elected officer(s) of the City shall be: A City Treasurer with duties, responsibilities and compensation as provided by Ordinance of the City Council. All of the elected officers shall serve for a term of four years following their election. The terms of all elected officers shall commence upon installation and each shall serve until the officer's successor is elected and installed. Section 301. Districts For the purpose of electing the members of the Council, excepting the Mayor, the City shall be divided into four Districts. The City Council shall, by ordinance, establish four Districts that shall be used for the elections of Council members, excepting the Mayor. Said Districts shall be in compliance with applicable laws. The ordinance establishing the boundaries of the Districts shall be adopted on or before December 31, 2013. Section 302. Redistricting District boundaries shall be altered when necessary as shown by the most recent federal decennial census, or by more current data certified by the City Council as sufficiently reliable and detailed to serve as a basis for district boundary alteration, or by annexation or consolidation of territory. Section 303. Eligibility An elected officer of the City shall be a resident, United States citizen and voter in the City. In addition, every Council member or candidate shall be and remain a qualified voter in the District from which the Council member or candidate is nominated, as required by the California Elections Code. No change in the boundary or location of any district shall abolish or terminate the term of office of any Council member prior to expiration of the term of office for which the member was elected, notwithstanding any other provision of this Section. Each Council member will, during the duration of the member's term, represent the District from which the member was elected. Section 304. Vacancies A vacancy in any elective office, from whatever cause, shall be filled by appointment by the City Council, such appointee to hold office for the remainder of any unexpired term, and until a successor is elected and installed. In the event the City Council shall fail to fill a vacancy by appointment within thirty days after such office is declared vacant, it shall cause an election to be held to fill such vacancy. Section 305. Invalidation of California Voting Rights Act Upon the invalidation or repeal of the California Voting Rights Act (California Elections Code §§ 14025-32) by a court of competent jurisdiction or the California State Legislature, the City Council shall adopt an ordinance setting forth the process and schedule for returning to an at-large method of election.


N SD 188-058

Section 306. Prior Laws This Article shall supersede all other provisions of the laws of the City of Escondido pertaining to the office of City Treasurer, all of which shall be of no further force and effect. Article 4 Fiscal Matters Section 400. Economic and Community Development The City shall encourage, support, and promote economic development and community development in the City. Section 401. Public Works Contracts The City is exempt from the provisions of all California statutes regulating public contracting and purchasing except as provided by ordinance or by agreement approved by the City Council. The City shall establish all standards, procedures, rules or regulations to regulate all aspects of the bidding, award and performance of any public works contract, including but not limited to, the compensation rates to be paid for the performance of such work. Section 402. Prevailing Wage No City contract shall require payment of the prevailing wage schedule unless: the prevailing wage is legally required, and constitutionally permitted to be imposed, by federal or state grants pursuant to federal or state law; or the project is considered by the City Council not to be a municipal affair of the City; or payment of the prevailing wage schedule is authorized by resolution of the City Council. Payment of the prevailing wage schedule, if authorized hereunder, shall use the pertinent rates published by the State of California. Section 403. Fair and Open Competition The City will promote fair and open competition for all City construction projects so that all contractors and workers, whether union or non-union, are treated equally in the bidding and awarding of City construction contracts. Section 404. Definition of Public Works For purposes of this Article, the term "public works" means: (1) A building, road, street, sewer, storm drain, water system, irrigation system, reclamation project, redevelopment project, or other facility owned or to be owned or to be contracted for by the City of Escondido or the Escondido Community Development Commission, that is paid for in whole or in part with tax revenue paid by residents of the City of Escondido; or (2) Any other construction service or nonconstruction service. Section 405. Voluntary Employee Political Contributions Unless otherwise required by law, neither the City, nor its agents, shall deduct from the wages, earnings or compensation of any City employee any political contributions unless the employee has first presented, and the City has received, a signed written authorization of such deductions, which authorization must be renewed annually and may be revoked by the employee at any time by giving written notice of such revocation to the City. Article 5 Revenue Retention Section 500. Reductions Prohibited Revenues raised and collected by the City shall not be subject to subtraction, retention, attachment, withdrawal or any other form of involuntary reduction by any other level of government. Section 501. Mandates Limited No person whether elected or appointed, acting on behalf of the City, shall be required to perform any function which is mandated by any other level of government, unless and until funds sufficient for the performance of such function are provided by said mandating authority. PR-09F0-29
N SD 188-059

Article 6 General Laws Section 600. General Law Powers In addition to the power and authority granted by the terms of this Charter and the Constitution of the State of California, the City shall have the power and authority to adopt, make, exercise and enforce all legislation, laws, and regulations and to take all actions and to exercise any and all rights, powers, and privileges heretofore or hereafter established, granted or prescribed by any law of the State of California or by any other lawful authority. In the event of any conflict between the provisions of this Charter and the provisions of the general laws of the State of California, the provisions of this Charter shall control. Section 601. Council Member Compensation Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, the salary of the Mayor and the Council Members will continue to be set pursuant to California Government Code sections 36516 and 36516.1 where the formula considers city population and state law. Article 7 Interpretation Section 700. Construction and Interpretation The language contained in this Charter is intended to be permissive rather than exclusive or limiting and shall be liberally and broadly construed in favor of the exercise by the City of its power to govern with respect to any matter which is a municipal affair. Section 701. Severability If any provision of this Charter should be held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law. Article 8 Amendment Section 800. Amendment to Charter, revised or repealed This Charter, and any of its provisions, may be amended by a majority vote of the electors voting on the question. Amendment or repeal may be proposed by initiative or by the governing body. AUTHENTICATION AND CERTIFICATION Authenticated and certified to be a true copy by Mayor Sam Abed and City Clerk Diane Halverson. Date of Municipal Election: November 6, 2012 Sam Abed, Mayor ATTEST: Diane Halverson, City Clerk


N SD 188-060

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FP-05-17 N SD 188-061

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FP-05-04 N SD 188-062

Be the Solution to Stormwater Pollution
Never dump anything into the stormdrain Sweep patios, walkways & driveways Maintain your home irrigation system to prevent runoff Pick up and properly dispose of pet waste – at home and during walks Place extinguished cigarette butts in trash cans or bins with lids Recycle or properly dispose of waste
For more information, call 1-888-THINK BLUE (1-888-844-6525) Or visit our website at

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FP-05-09 N SD 188-063


N SD 188-064

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