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Huntsville Plant Project

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Huntsville Plant Project
The Huntsville Plant Project deadline of June, 30, 2012 set by the board of directors will not meet the deadline. According to my finding, it will not meet the deadline because one of my resources, Manufacturing Engineers is over allocated. The option of reschedule task resources next available time might be open to ensure this deadline is met. When placed in a situation as this there are several things that should be kept in mind to ensure the project will be ready to meet its deadline on time. One suggestion I considered is to meet with all the project team members to ensure that they are aware of the projects objectives and their own role in the project. In doing this it will elevate any misunderstandings and uncertainties so that any of the other tasks will not be over allocated as the manufacturing engineers are. With this in mind each team member will monitor the task usage and the number of hours for work on the scheduled details. Another option is to hire more resources to reduce the time that the manufacturing engineers were allocated. These resources would be well trained in handling the equipment to make sure there is no time delay in finishing the task that was assigned. In a situation like this I would have to reevaluate all tasks of this project.
Key tools such as risk management, scope management, proactive communication and issue management should be utilized to ensure that a project deadline is met. Careful consideration and observation of these key tools is a measure that should be implemented to prevent a project from being delayed. Risk management process of identifying and lower risks will greatly improve the projects chances of meeting deadline. Proactive communication performed regularly and accurately among project team members…...

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