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Walker- Winkle Mills, Ltd

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Walker- Winkle Mills, Ltd
1. Summary:
Walker-Winkle Mills, Ltd (WWM) is a Canadian company that product line includes such items cake mixes, pudding, pie filling, pancakes, prepared foods, and frozen dinner. Because of the poor performance of some of the company’s product in the Quebec’s market. Valerie Boudreau, the marketing manager of the company, is being urged to approve the creation of a separate marketing plan for Quebec.
2. Evaluate Walker- Winkle Mills, Ltd.’s present strategy
Valerie Boudreau is marketing manager of WWM, which deals with pre-packaged foods. It has several of product lines and has successfully introduced at least six new products every year in the last five years. WWM is popular in its high-quality products and has a good brand image in the market. Boudreau followed good strategy so that the company’s market share has increased steadily every year. She also efficiently coordinates all phases of the food business and WWM has successfully introduced at least six new product every year in the last five years. Boudreau conducts a regular meeting with her product managers it is easy to identify, if any, changes in the market and can know what problems need to solve. Each manager has the freedom to make suggestions and even to suggest major changes which enable Boudreau address what is going on with WWM.
Valerie Boudreau focused on increasing company product’s line without any fail. But from the past two years, total sales in Quebec market began to lag. One of the product managers, Jackie Provence, conducted evidence to explain the situation. In her opinion, Provence felt the current marketing approach to the Quebec should be reevaluated because an appropriate marketing plan may responsible for the sales slow down. All managers keep insisting Boudreau to change existing plan for Quebec. It showed that WWM didn’t understand Quebec's…...

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