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The Buzz on Wal-Mart
Wal-mart is a store where millions of people love to shop. You see commercials all over the T.V that advertise their many low prices, their many holiday accessories, and their “save time, save money” deal. Wal-mart is loved by many shoppers around the world including me. You would think that Wal-mart had it all together behind the scenes, but there are so many controversies that Wal-mart is up against, that if it gets too out of hand it might just make Wal-mart the least store shopped.
The reason why Wal-mart is so popular is because of their low prices and most of all their convenience. Wal-mart is very convenient, whether its clothes, food, foot wear, technology, things for the home, entertainment, or things for your car, Wal-mart supplies it. Another reason being as to why Wal-mart is convenient is because they have stores set up everywhere you turn around. In the state of Kentucky alone, there are Wal-mart stores located in almost every county. Wal-mart has been a life saver for most people because many of the people that go to Wal-mart have a family, and with Wal-mart’s low prices and great deals on certain things, they make shopping easier for an individual of the working class.
I have been a shopper of Wal-mart for about 7 years in counting and I love shopping there. If it is not every day, it is every other day that I am there getting things that I need, things that I want, or simply just browsing around the store. I came to realize how much time a person (especially me and my mother) can spend in Wal-mart. If my mother and I are with each other,
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we can spend about an hour and a half’s time walking around and admiring different things. I believe that…...