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Walmart Success in China?

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Case Study: Wal-Mart Stores “Every Day Low Prices” In China
Webster University

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Webster University

Wal-Mart Stores “Every Day Low Prices” In China
  First opened in Shenzhen on August 12, 1996 As of December 2007
  

94 stores in 51 cities Employs 43,000+ associates Serves around 5 million customers per week

  

   

Transition from rural US to metro/urban in China Competitive analysis a core value of the company  Shopping 1,500 items and price matching them through “Special Buy” Analysis Major pressure from the Chinese regional governments to centralize in high growth regions  About-face by Chinese govt. on Shanghai is of interest  Has major implications on Wal-Mart’s ability to provide infrastructure for stores Supply Chain Challenges Abound Tier 1 cities include Beijing – Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou Tier 2 cities include Chengdu, Nanjing, Chongqing, & Wuhan Tier 3 cities include Changzho, Jinhua, Mianyang

Webster University

Wal-Mart Stores “Every Day Low Prices” In China
7,058 Units 1.9 Million Associates 23 offices sourcing from 70 countries

UK 340 Units Canada 292 Units

Japan 393 Units

US 4,103 Units
Mexico 943 Units Central America 433 Units

China 86 Units Trust-Mart 101 Units India JV –Aug 2007

Puerto Rico 54 Units

Brazil 297 Units

Argentina 16 Units Webster University

Wal-Mart Stores “Every Day Low Prices” In China

Webster University

Wal-Mart Stores “Every Day Low Prices” In China
China Sales In billion US dollars
$400 $350 $300
$256 $285 $230 $344 $312

$250 $200 $150 $100 $50 $0






Webster University

Wal-Mart Stores “Every Day Low Prices” In China

Webster University

Wal-Mart Stores “Every Day Low Prices” In China

Webster University

Wal-Mart Stores “Every Day Low Prices” In...

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