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It all began in 1962, Sam Walton opened his first Wal-Mart store in Rogers, Arkansas. This was when grocery stores were becoming popular and he wanted to take a different spin on the idea. He followed behind Kmart and Target. Today Walmart has over 8500 stores in 55 different countries and employees over 1.4 million people. Walmart has set a precedent that others have tried to follow, but have not been as successful. Walmart has built its empire on the “one stop and shop.” Walmart offers everything from groceries to clothes, cell phone service, tires, oil changes, and even gas at discount prices. Walmart’s organizational structure has been successful and is still growing. It is evident in the amount of revenue generated each year, their marketing strategy, and the number of new stores they open yearly.
Walmart vs. Target vs. Kmart Walmart’s structure consists of a board of directors and below the directors is the senior management. This type of structure is vertical. The board consist of 15 members, including the head chairperson Sam Walton and Mike Duke the CEO. The committee also has inside directors. Target is another store that also has vertical structure with a board of directors. Kmart is on a smaller scale due to recent financial and restructuring of their organization.
Target is also a discount store, but they offer a different spin. They are more focused on the style. Target’s corporate strategy is one that has changed little over the years: to provide high-quality, stylishly designed items plus all the essentials for life, displayed in a clean, organized and welcoming environment; “The one-of-a-kind experience comes that comes from our department store roots and ongoing commitment to great prices and stylish innovations” (Adeyemo, 2008). Target’s size is most beneficial because they can cater their services and products to change with…...

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