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Abortion is a Luxury We Can Do Without

Prepared by: Esther Williams
Date: June 25, 2012


My thesis statement “Abortion is a luxury that we can do without” is very true. Some have said that abortion is a good way to control overpopulation. This argument tends to be a little over dramatic. It would be far less costly to not only the individual but also the country to simply wear a condom. Surveys show that the age which has the highest rate of abortion is between 20 – 24 years. This tells me that in most cases they are not children and more often than not abortion is being used as a convenient way to get rid of an inconvenience and rarely is abortion because of a need.

The discussion on abortion has been taking place for many years and despite the many laws passed this topic has touched the very core of many persons’ beliefs and concerns. Many believe that a fetus is a human and as such the taking of like is potentially murder while others believe that a fetus in not yet a human. The various laws that have been passed placing some restrictions on abortionists have been met with resistance. There are a number of options now available to persons that would result in no pregnancies in the first place that I find it difficult to understand the necessity of abortion this wide scale that we now see in many economies.

The cost to healthcare and the various health risks both physically and psychologically that often result due to an abortion and the cost of the effects of an abortion on the productivity of a nation causes me to believe that the disadvantages of an abortion far outweigh the benefits. Therefore it is my belief that Abortion is a luxury that we can do without.

Psychological Effects of Abortion
• The Mental effects on women of abortion
• The mental effects on…...