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Walt Whitman Poetry Analysis

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"The two giants of 19th-century American poetry who played the greatest role in redefining modern verse are Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson" (Burt). Both poets Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman are considered as the founders of today’s modern American poetry that are tried to revalue the poetry of the last century. Sooner or later, but they succeeded. They put the keystone of the modern American poetry which drifted in the breeze. The poetry has been redefined in a way to be able to get to the modern society's cultural level. The modern poetry becomes more discreet and it uses the topics of everyday life spiced with emotions. The emotions of the human being began to depict a higher quality. By the poets, so to speak, the mankind adjusts to …show more content…
’’The Song of myself’’ is a full of purpose to describe the main roles of individual in the American society. He wants to show the full values of love, the pure apprehension of the work of art and the nature of the individual in general. For him is a purpose of finding the answer to the reason of our existence. His poetic technique that he uses as the first person is a revolutionary movement, a conversion of the poetry existed before. A new way of self-expression, that is, criticizing the old traditions. His new perspective of life tries to change not only the poetry of this era but maybe he is the intended to change even the American attitude.
‘’I celebrate myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. I loafe and invite my Soul, I lean and loafe at my ease . . . . observing a spear of summer grass.’’
These lines prove that the poet wants to affect directly to the readers mind in the first person which is at the same time formal, straightforward, playful.
‘’Because I could not stop for Death –He kindly stopped for me –The Carriage held but just. Ourselves –And Immortality. We slowly drove – He knew no haste , And I had put away, My labor and my leisure too, For His Civility –’’
Dickinson shows in the lines above that she isn’t afraid of the Death, on the contrary, she is very familiar with

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