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Ch. 2 Review Questions
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1. A telephone's transmitter converts sound waves into electrical waves. The receiver converts electrical waves into sound waves. The standard telephone is a transducer that converts sound waves to electrical waves. 2. Modern phones use a miniature loudspeaker.
At the center of a paper or plastic diaphragm is a coil of wire.
This coil is suspended by the diaphragm or cone, into a circular slot formed by a permanent magnet. The current containing the audio is passed through the coil, which is then repelled and attracted by the magnet, causing the diaphragm to move and moving air as it does so. Early receivers used a thin steel plate as a diaphragm. The coil was wrapped around a laminated core and placed very close behind the plate. As the current passed through the coil it attracted the diaphragm, causing air to move and sound produced. 3. Transmitter – Source that produces a signal, such as a telephone transmitter or an optical laser., Receiver – Device that receives the signal., Dial Pad – A touchtone pad that has 12 buttons, each of which generates a specific tone when pressed. It’s used to dial the called party digits and send them to the serving central office., Switch Hook – Part of the telephone that is used to open the circuit when the handset is returned to the cradle or to close the circuit when the handset is picked up off the cradle., and Ringer – Notifies the called party that a call is coming in and should be answered. 4. RJ-11 modular jack, RJ-11 modular jack on the wall, protector block on the outside of the house, to the lugs in the protector box were it terminates, the termination forms a bridge between the house and the outside plant telephone wire. A drop wire connects the block to the nearest telephone pole termination point. The main distribution frame at the central office which has...

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